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10 Knowledge That Every Digital Marketing Professional Should Know:

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Every year, Digital Marketing becomes more important for many companies, as it helps them find potential customers and make their brand known.

For this reason, companies have the need to hire professionals specialized in this field, who must be competent and gather the necessary knowledge to face new challenges.

Here is a list that, according to our experience, is the 10 basic knowledge that every Digital Marketing professional should know.

1. Office Suite:

Having knowledge of Microsoft Office will help you a lot to handle efficiently and effectively all kinds of statistical tables, spreadsheets, as well as the data obtained from the different tools you use to monitor your website.

In addition, with the correct handling of the Microsoft Word processor, you will be able to write and report more quickly and easily.

Likewise, the Excel tool will be of great help to the Web Analyst, since it will allow them to more easily manage the numerical data obtained from Google Analytics, such as bounce rate, a number of pages visited, duration of visits, etc. In this way, you will be able to considerably increase your productivity.

2. Photoshop

Another of the tools that we also consider you should know is Adobe Photoshop, this because almost all web pages, blogs and fan page handle visual content, such as cover images, featured images, reference photos, screenshots, etc.

For example, if you are the Content Manager of a company it is very likely that you are in constant communication with graphic designers. Therefore, you will have to know the technical terms that they use, such as blur, transparencies, styles, effects, layers or masks.

All this will allow you to have more fluid and fast communication with the design area in the digital marketing agencies where you are.

3. Writing:

“Creative and quality writing” is of utmost importance to Digital Marketing professionals. Therefore, it is essential that you know the different writing techniques for good and error-free writing, thus avoiding that your image as a professional is affected by a misspelt word or a misspelling.

In addition to that, it will be very useful for written communication with your clients or work staff of the digital agency.

4. You must be creative:

And like any good lover of innovative things that make a difference in the online world, you must be “creative”. For this, it is necessary that you learn and apply some techniques to bring out your creative side.

So, every time you feel like your ideas are gone, you can use these techniques to reawaken your creative side. Without a doubt, one of the most challenging aspects that every professional face.

5. Technology lover:

“Being a technology lover”, more than a knowledge, is a quality that we have considered convenient to be part of this list, this because we consider that in this career it is very important.

For this, we advise you to always be informed about the latest technological advances in the world, reviewing technology news and new inventions, such as for example, smartphones, mobile applications, iPhone, Android, among others.

You can also read the best trivia questions to increase your knowledge about various subjects.

6. Social Network Fever:

Without a doubt, a digital marketing professional has to be a Community Manager and become addicted to social media.

For example, you will need to know how to create social profiles, promote services, interact with users, and respond to fans in real-time, find measurement tools and statistics for Facebook.

7. Knowledge of HTML and CSS:

Another knowledge that we consider essential is “basic programming”, mainly in HTML, CSS, PHP and CMS.

CMS (Content Management System) will help you manage the content of your website or blog, allowing you to create, edit and publish all kinds of audiovisual content in an orderly and correct way.

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is the open-source language that, at present, is the most used for the development of web pages.

Similarly, you should know HTML (hypertext markup language), which is used to define the structure of the pages.

This works in conjunction with CSS styles (Cascading Style Sheets), which is used to create the presentation of the HTML document, where you can add colors, lines, fonts, margins, background images, positioning and much more.

8. Photography:

We consider that knowing about photography is more than anything an additional plus since it is related to the advertising visual field, an aspect that is also linked to digital marketing.

For example, if a client in the tourism sector asks you to create a website with original photos of the city to promote their tourist packages, then it would be a point in your favor to know a little about professional photography, to give them some recommendations about of the correct exposure, frames or the best photographic compositions.

9. Adobe Illustrator:

In the case of digital illustration, it is extra knowledge that will help you make a difference from the rest of the professionals in digital marketing.

By having Adobe Illustrator knowledge you will know what are vector graphics, gradient, illustration styles, typographic effects, etc.

This knowledge would be important if your client were a designer and asks you to manage their Facebook profile.

10. Connoisseur of the audiovisual arts:

And as a final recommendation, we believe that being a constant connoisseur of the audiovisual arts is also of utmost importance. In other words, being a lover of design, cinema, music, plastic arts, painting, photography and drawing.

Always remember that the best secret is to consume a lot of advertising and, above all, follow the big brands.

Although it is true, these are just some of the much knowledge that a Digital Marketing professional should know, we have wanted to contribute in some way the most important points that allow you to get a general idea of digital marketing

On the other hand, if you are interested in deepening your knowledge in the digital field, you can enroll in a Diploma in Digital Marketing or check out easy trivia questions and answers. Here you will learn to develop SEO content, Google AdWords campaigns, Social Media management and more.

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