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6 Amazing Mobile Apps Developed Using Flutter Framework !

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Development tools that run across platforms are gaining popularity with the community of developers. Blocks reused for UI & ability to use code across platforms are a few reasons for the popularity of cross-platform development. One of the most sought-after frameworks to develop mobile apps is Flutter from Google. With Flutter on rise, there is fierce competition in the market. Everyone is looking to hire Flutter app developers from India, Washington, California and more.

Introduction to Flutter

The main thing to be aware of about Flutter is that it’s a user-friendly solution to develop cross-platform apps. It is possible to create a Flutter app in one go and cross-compile them for different platforms with Flutter. Developers are excited to work with Flutter due to the comprehensive documentation. Moreover, the most recent version of Flutter is stable along with new advanced features.

The other benefits of Flutter framework are:

  • Being able to see changes in advance.
  • Highly-performing performance applications.
  • Working with less-resource-intensive designs.

For maximum benefits of Flutter, you must hire best Flutter app developers Washington and California. You can even opt to hire Flutter app developers from India and around.

Google developed the open-source framework in the year 2015. The Flutter framework is a cross-platform application. It means it is possible to create apps using the same codebase and run across various platforms. Furthermore, the flutter framework functions as the main platform for Fuchsia, the emerging Google operating system.

Flutter, as with other cross-platform options, has gained popularity among developers. Why is this? It’s because it’s an easy-to use SDK. It allows you to quickly build an application and run the app on Android or iOS. In addition, it’s constantly enhanced.

Additional applications built using Flutter can benefit from the support of the native developers. However, developers who are solely focused on developing only one platform won’t require additional assistance.

Flutter Framework

The Flutter framework consists of:

  • Dart is the programming language used as the base.
  • Flutter Engine to serve as the layer that renders.
  • Foundation Library, for providing the basic courses and functions of the application. 

6 Top Apps With the Flutter Framework

In its capacity as a feature-rich and innovative SDK, Flutter aided in the development of a variety of modern apps. Flutter’s features will accelerate the development of any application.

Developers who haven’t yet tried Flutter are often amazed by what other developers have created using it.

The way Flutter can make it easier and more efficient the process of developing mobile apps for all users. Here are the top 6 apps with the Flutter Framework. For maximum efficiency, you must hire top Flutter app developers.

1. Google Ads

A single of the unique applications created on Flutter is Flutter’s Google Ads app. It’s an internet-based advertising platform. It allows users to show their advertisements including product features, videos & more.

Google Ads are brilliantly built using Flutter. It’s easy to use and allows clients to manage and monitor the performance of their advertisements.

Google has the brains of Flutter along with Google Ads, there are many interlinking energy sources. It makes the experience worth it. Flutter’s technical expertise has been effectively utilized in this application.

2. Reflectly

Reflectly is an AI-enabled lifestyle app that encourages users to create their own journals. It asks users every day to make sense of their lives as they record their fears. Even it records  anxieties, and negative thoughts.

It allows users to keep track of their psychological health. The app assists in collecting all information regarding mental health and ways to improve it.

Originally, it was built using React Native. It didn’t perform like expected. The response system prior to this was not able to handle & manage the complex structure. This was the reason behind the switch to Flutter that provides the full native performance, with low crashes down rates.

For Flutter implementation, you must look to hire Flutter app developers at low cost in California. As California is a tech hub, you can get Flutter app developers California easily.

3. Postmuse

Instagram is set to become an alternative to Facebook. It’s not an exaggeration. It is just the way things are. In addition with the number of new businesses, professional Instagram accounts are inevitable. Here, Post Muse is able to help.

Instagram allows you to look at the photos, modify them, and even create multiple Instagram images. If you don’t see anything that you are happy with, then PostMuse ensures that it is protected. The application built with flutter will also assist in recommending the best image. Also, you can ensure that your marketing on social networks will appear authentic.

4. Pairing

Pairing is a social dating application that is among the most simple and intuitive examples of Flutter apps. It is much more feasible to meet people through Pairing. Matches and links are made through the community of the users in real life.

The process of creating apps using Flutter is like native production. For example, if you develop an Android or iOS app, it could require a lot of interactions with both platforms. However, Flutter permits developers to build optimized apps for both platforms with identical resource codes.

In addition Flutter’s Instant Run feature is a plus. If you alter the code, the system will be updated automatically.

5. Xianyu

Alibaba is the Chinese multinational eCommerce company that operates the world’s biggest eCommerce platform. It has incorporated the potential of Flutter to create the shopping portal. Flutter has helped Alibaba develop something that was fast and smooth, simple to use. So, they created Xianyu.

Xianyu is used by over 50 million people regularly to purchase & sell billions of items across a variety of categories. It made it easier for consumers to connect to make the selling and buying process much more natural.

6. Hamilton

Hamilton is a well-known and award-winning Broadway musical. The app was developed with Flutter. It was specifically designed for the fans of the Broadway group to inform them of the latest news and events.

The app comes with an option for karaoke users who would like to sing along to their favourite songs. Also, it features a traditional quiz game, & access to a range of Hamilton game types, and exclusive slideshows and videos. Both platforms have a great user interface.

Last Say!

If someone plans to create an app, all advantages and disadvantages of Flutter app development process must be considered. After reviewing the various advantages, features and limitations that come with Flutter, we are able to decide for Flutter.

An effective method can be devised by looking up your system’s requirements. It’s still to be determined if Flutter will win developers of mobile apps over or not. However, if you have Flutter or you’ve made your choice to use it, it is recommended to automate the process of building the app. Keep check of its testing, and distribution of your application with specific CI/CD tools designed for Flutter installed.

For best app development through Flutter, look to hire top Flutter app developers & make your app a booming business.

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