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Abigail Disney Net Worth 2021, Record, Salary, Biography, Career, and Wiki

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What’s Abigail Disney’s Net worth?

Net Worth:$120 Million


Born:The month of january 24, 1960

Country of Origin:Usa

Supply of Wealth:Professional Director

Last Updated:2021


By 2021, Abigail Disney’s Net worth is roughly $120 million.

Abigail E. Disney is definitely an American documentary filmmaker, philanthropist, and activist noted for her documentary films centered on social styles. She’s the manager Producer and Director from the Emmy-winning film ‘The Armor of Light’.

Early Existence

Abigail Disney was created around the 24th of The month of january, 1960, in California.

She’s the daughter of Patricia Ann and Roy E. Disney and daughter of Roy O. Disney, co-founding father of The Wally Disney Company together with her great uncle Wally Disney.

While going after her Ph.D., Disney trained British and American literature at Iona College and authored a dissertation around the role of romanticized violence in American existence.


She switched towards the family business of filmmaking having a documentary film, ‘Pray the Demon To Hell’, directed by Academy Award-nominated, Emmy-winning filmmaker Gini Reticker.

In 2007, she and Gini Reticker founded Fork Films, a brand new You are able to-based production company that seeks to reduce light, stimulate empathy, stir action and make peace. She’s obama and Chief executive officer, and Reticker may be the Chief Creative Officer.

Disney executive created ‘The Trials of Spring’ in 2015, a significant documentary event which includes a feature-length documentary, six short films, articles by award-winning journalists, as well as an ongoing robust social networking conversation about ladies and their unwavering pursuit of social justice and freedom.

Disney made her directorial debut with ‘The Armor of Light’, which follows pro-existence evangelical minister Rev. Take advantage of Schenck, Lucy McBath, mom of teen Jordan Davis, and John Michael Phillips.

By 2021, Abigail Disney’s Net worth is $120 million.


Here are the best popular features of Abigail Disney’s career:

Playground (Documentary, 2009)

Hateship Loveship (Movie, 2013

The Armor of sunshine (Documentary, 2015)

Favorite Quotes from Abigail Disney

“I’ve taken it from feminist buddies, and I’ve taken it from lefty buddies too. However that reassures me. When the right is attacking us and also the left is attacking us, that’s wherever you want to be.” – Abigail Disney

“My advice to female company directors isn’t to hang about until you are feeling much like your ideas happen to be pre-certified or before you think you’ve become some approval on their behalf. Then it’s far too late! Follow your gut. That’s difficult to do, but the only method to be original.” – Abigail Disney

“I worry that individuals will believe that I’ve done what I’ve done simply because I’ve access and sources. I really hope individuals will realize that I’m just like scared and lonely as other people!” – Abigail Disney

“My family achieved success not regardless of, but due to the American system of taxation. In the end, without reliable and safe roads there’d happen to be no Disneyland without high functioning legal systems along with a well-controlled business atmosphere, there could have been no copyright protection for Donald Duck.” – Abigail Disney

“Once we’ve got to understand one another, we’d such similar impulses. We had similarly, so we created a strong friendship. We’d talk on the telephone for hrs, philosophically and theologically, about many of these issues.” – Abigal Disney

3 Training from Abigail Disney

Now you know about Abigail Disney’s Net worth, and just how she achieved success let’s check out the best training we are able to study from her:

1. Everybody is Creative, and Creativeness isn’t a Solo Act

I was all children once. Automatically, this means that i was all creative once.

Because of the proper atmosphere, all of us are still. The finest mistake a leadership team could make is dedicating “creativity” to 1 department, i.e. “the creatives.” Everybody is creative.

2. Purposefully Experience Something Totally New in Alpha

Walk out the right path to interrupt your routine, but achieve this strategically by leveraging the strength of Alpha brain waves.

Finding yourself in a condition of Alpha increases creativeness, and that’s why your brilliant ideas come your way whenever you feel comfortable, for example while bathing, before bed, while meditating, exercising, etc.

3. Ask “Why?”

For those who have children or are ever around children (or were ever a young child), you realize a child’s favorite question: “Why?”

As well as their second favorite: “Why?” As well as their third: “Why?” The thing is that adults usually ask “Why?” a great deal under children.


Abigail Disney is definitely an American filmmaker and scholar who’s most widely known for that film”Pray the Demon To Hell”.

The film, which documented the lives of ladies in Liberia, is made with Emmy Award-winning director Gini Reticker. Disney received an Athena Film Festival Award on her remarkable utilization of film for telecomutting saves gas.

She would be a Lady of the season Honoree in the 2015 Women’s Image Network Awards.

By 2021, Abigail Disney’s Net worth is $120 million.

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