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Sci-Fi Movies You Should Watch With Your Children

Sci-Fi Movies You Should Watch With Your Children

The science fiction was born in 1902 with George Melies on the trip to the moon, a projection that showed the arrival of the man to the satellite and whose photomontage shocked the audience. A story that gave rise, over the years, to a theme based on journeys through space, displacement through time and even friendships with aliens. The other way to give rise to these movies is online easy trivia questions and answers websites. If at home you are one of those who enjoy this type of cinema, don't miss this selection with the best science fiction movies to watch with your children. 1. Blade Runner 2049: The film is set 30 years after the first film, Blade Runner. The protagonist is Agent K, a replicant hunter who belongs to the Los Angeles police. On his mission, he will discover an im...
8  Street Foods in Weddings at Kolkata

8 Street Foods in Weddings at Kolkata

Despite the differences in culture and community. India is United by food. Especially when it is Kolkata street food. Differences in financial backgrounds do not affect the demand of street foods in Kolkata.  The best caterers in Kolkata know how to place the right food at the right place, but most of the time it is the street foods. Today, we are here to disclose the mostly consumed street foods at any Kolkata Wedding. Puchka : When it comes to street foods especially in Kolkata, the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind is puchka.It is a must try. The puri is stuffed with mashed potatoes with some spices, pudina with pickled water and the typical flavour of kolkata makes it one of the best street foods. Weddings nowadays are incomplete if there is no puchka centre. Some of...