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Orthodontic treatment offers a variety of facilities through which you can remake your teeth or change them entirely.

Even there are different orthodontics available that you can choose as per your preference and make your teeth distinct and well-versed.

Similarly, when it comes to braces, you have to think at least twice about opting for any kind based on your oral health and your convenience.

Many people prefer having ceramic braces in contrast to metal braces because of the convenience and its clear look. But what else do these ceramic braces do? Do you have any idea? If yes, It’s ok, and if not, you can read this article to know more about ceramic braces.

What are ceramic braces?

Like traditional braces, ceramic braces are also orthodontic tools that help your teeth to get aligned. It helps fix many issues like Misaligned jaw, Overcrowded teeth, Misaligned bite, Periodontal problems, Mishapened teeth, the gap between the teeth, and all the other problems caused by poor oral hygiene. Ceramic braces are also called clear braces. The brackets of the ceramic braces are made up of polycrystalline alumina which easily gets blended with your teeth and matches your teeth color as well. To get the best braces suggestions and treatment visit the best dental clinic near you.

What is the cost of ceramic braces?

Not all dental clinic provides you with the exact costs and the same quality, right? They differ based on various factors. Similarly, they differ in their costs too. However, on average, the cost of the ceramic braces in Chennai may cost around 35,000-50,000, whereas, all over India, it may cost you about 55,000 – 85,000; as said before, the price depends upon various factors.

Who are the candidates for ceramic braces?

Not everyone is suitable and can opt for ceramic braces. To be the right candidate for ceramic braces, you must possess the following qualities.

  • Whether you are an adult or a teen, you must have a mature jaw for having ceramic braces.
  • Similar to metal braces, ceramic braces also treat problems like crooked teeth, crowded teeth, overbites, underbites, and more. So you cannot expect them to work more than your expectations.
  • The ceramic braces and the metal braces both are similar braces that treat the same issue.

Mention some benefits and side effects of ceramic braces?

Let’s see both sides of these braces to make sure whether it is suitable for you or not.


  • The primary benefit of ceramic braces is that it gets blends with your teeth quickly. Unlike the metal braces, it does not provide you with an unpleasant appearance. The brackets are made up of tooth-colored materials, making the braces less visible when seen from distance.
  • It is said that ceramic braces tend to move teeth faster than metal braces. The ceramic braces take around 18-36 months to correct your teeth; the metal braces need more time.
  • The ceramic braces also provide color options in which you can select your favorite color.
  • Many people say that ceramic braces are less painful when compared to metal braces as they are not so harsh and made up of teeth-friendly material, unlike metal braces.
  • They are more comfortable than metal braces.

Side effects:

  • One of the main side effects of ceramic braces is that they are costly than metal braces. As they provide more options than the metal braces, they even cost more than the metal braces.
  • Whatever braces it might be, nothing can beat the durability of the metal braces; even the ceramic braces are less durable than the metal braces.
  • Many people have noticed that ceramic braces stain more easily than metal braces. So it is recommended that people who wear ceramic braces take less of beverages like Red wine, Cola, Coffee to make them last longer.
  • The ceramic braces are made up of delicate materials than metal braces, which are more prone to brittle.

So these are some pros and cons of ceramic braces. Analyze both before opting for the ceramic braces.

Frequently Asked Questions on Ceramic Braces cost in Chennai:

Are ceramic braces painful?

Many people say ceramic braces are painful than metal braces. But in actual the metal braces should be more painful. However, the patient should report with their dentist if they notice any unusual pain in their teeth with the braces.

What are the suitable foods with ceramic braces?

Regular foods like vegetables, fish, and potatoes are not harmful to the ceramic braces, but still, certain foods need to be avoided with ceramic braces. While wearing the braces, it is suggested to eat meat and steaks with a fork so that you’ll eat small bites and there is very little chance for the food left in your mouth.

Which is the best age for braces?

Usually, there is no specific age. Whenever you feel that you need braces, you can get them. But as you may have heard, ‘Prevention is better than cure’ it will be best if you get it as early as possible when you feel you need it. The best age for braces would be around 11-15 years of age.

Why do the teeth turn yellow behind the braces?

The reason behind the yellowish appearance of the teeth after wearing the braces is the plaque buildup. You can clean it by using mouthwash and by brushing your teeth with a suitable mouthwash and brush.

I hope you find the article helpful. Kindly share your suggestions and views with regards to this article. Stay connected to read more blogs. See you soon shortly with the following article.

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