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Building a Successful On-Demand Delivery App: Cost and Tips

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The best on-demand apps have displayed organic growth over the recent years. Especially in the middlemost of the Covid-19 pandemic. And surprisingly, its success has remained intact even after the pandemic. Thus, the ever-increasing number of on-demand delivery apps is visible globally. Through which on-demand delivery app development companies play an essential role in giving life to these lucrative and leading-edge on-demand delivery apps.

On-Demand Delivery App

Speaking of on-demand-delivery increasing growth, a report by eMarketer suggests that the global eCommerce will reach $5 trillion in this year 2021. So grabbing just a chunk of this amount, you’ve to make the best on-demand delivery app in 2021.

In this blog, we’ll help you build a successful on-demand delivery app with practical tips and cost included. First, let’s take you through everything you should know about on-demand delivery apps. We are starting with the types of on-demand delivery apps.

On-demand Delivery App Types

B2B – Business to Business

This type of on-demand delivery app mainly focuses on providing services to only businesses to increase their customer reach – not to end customers. You can build such an app, facilitate many offline businesses, and help them have an online presence.

B2C – Business to Consumers

On the flip side, B2C does facilitate products and services directly to end-users. If you have access to a vast store to offer along with delivery capabilities, then this type of on-demand delivery app is for.

C2C – Consumers to Consumers

C2C on-demand delivery apps connect end-users to end-users. Its business examples include Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba. A platform where consumers sell to other consumers while having a slight cut for itself.

Moreover, you should consider only one type of on-demand delivery platform to build that more suits your desire and needs. After this, let’s explore key features of on-demand delivery apps to know precisely what functions you need to embed in your best on-demand app. Besides, features vary respectively to the type of on-demand delivery app you are building.

On-demand Delivery App Key Features

User App Features include:

Login Page

The very primary screen a user should see before exploring what it has to offer. On this page, the user has two possible tasks to carry out. Either sigh-in if they already have an account or sign-up if they don’t have a registered account.

User Profile

In the best on-demand apps, each user has a profile that depicts information related to them. On the profile page, they also can access their data and also enabled to edit them.


Every on-demand delivery has a landing page along with some trending services or products called Search. Perhaps it’s an essential part of any on-demand delivery app—the more intriguing and compelling the search page, the better.

Order Placement

After a user selects a compelling and needed service/product, the order placement page pops up for scheduling alone with order delivery place and payment methods to choose from. Smooth and easy order placement always works the best for an excellent user experience.


Users come across multiple payment options on the payment page, mostly picking from either “cash on delivery” or banking cards.

Geolocation Tracking

To have the best on-demand delivery app, you must integrate a geolocation tracking feature for user involvements and conveniences. Not to mention the best on-demand apps have this feature.


This in-app calling or messaging feature helps users connect with the service providers for product or order details. At the same time, this feature counts when you want an outstanding user experience from your on-demand delivery app.

Reviews and Ratings

This feature is essential or perhaps a must-have function to engage users more in your on-demand delivery app.  This feature lets the user commit and rate the product for other users to see. This feature, to a great extent, increases the credibility of your app.

Admin App Features Include:

Content Management

The feature where the admin can handle lots of stuff related to its on-demand delivery app. For instance, updating the content of a product or a service, updating the price, work hours, contact details, etc.

Order Management

It encompasses all the orders made along with their details, such as feedback, payment details, delivery details for the admin to see.

Delivery Workers App Features Include:

Personal Account

Delivery personnel can view their personal information, earnings, service details, and a few others through this feature.

In-app Calling/Messaging

This feature allows the delivery personnel to contact the end-user for delivery-related queries. Moreover, the in-app messaging/calling feature comes in very handy if they face any issue in the delivery process.

GPS Support

The GPS tracking feature helps the delivery workers to track the direction of the end-users delivery location in real-time. Not to mention this feature lets them know where to go precisely – without getting lost or wasting time.

Furthermore, to build the best and a successful on-demand delivery app, you must incorporate all these essential features we’ve discussed above into your app. The more you enhance these features, the better stand-out on-demand delivery app you’ll get.

How Much Cost Does it Takes to Develop an On-Demand Delivery App?

The cost of such app development mainly depends on the app development process itself. Therefore, one cannot put an exact figure to on-demand delivery app development. As it primarily depends on developers working hours.

To know for sure, you have to discuss all the on-demand delivery app requirements with an influential on-demand delivery app development company. That will guide you the best regarding the pricing. The bigger your project, the more money it will cost you. To give you a rough figure, that is from $5,000 to $30,000. Then again, it may vary on the scale of your project. Not to mention post-launch developments also get involved along with timely updates and much more.

Also, it would help if you consider building three solutions, and that’s how on-demand delivery services are working these days thru 3 apps. So let’s have a look at them.

  • Consumer
  • Admin
  • Deliver Personal

All of those which we discussed above. What I mean is, you have to build three different yet connected working apps for your on-demand delivery services, which perhaps cost: 3x for three apps.

Few Tips to Consider While Building Your On-Demand Delivery App

Without the right strategies in mind, you may face several issues to win over consumers and engrain high success. Therefore, we pulled together some practical tips for your on-demand delivery app to make it achieve the success you are looking for.

Although tempting clients in is pretty much easy at times, making them stick around for an extended period is the real hassle to deal with. However, to ensure that you have to explore myriad mysteries and tackle them.

Let’s Explore Top 2 Effective Tips While Building Your On-Demand Delivery App.

1 – Identify Your Target Audience

Assuming everyone will use your app and the services you’re offering is perhaps the biggest misconception you have. Provided that, you need to clearly understand who your target audiences are and what they need. Knowing so helps you a great deal to work around those needs and may help you build the best on-demand app, perhaps. And not just that, you have to research what kind of apps they like including app design and also services/products too.

Also, you need to analyze the targeted consumers’ data, including their demographics, behaviors, likes, and more relating fields, which help you devise something for them – especially something they most likely desire.

2 – Find High-yielding Service Providers

Don’t blindly choose businesses or service providers for your on-demand delivery app. These are the face of your service, and their product quality represents your service quality as well. Therefore, find the best and productive service providers to partner with.

Furthermore, partnering up with lucrative businesses is one of the most challenging aspects these services face. It’s necessary to partner with whom you feel a comprehensive mutual goal to achieve. Even though there are tons of businesses out there to associate with in the first place, choosing the best one is the real hassle. Above all, a co-dependent partnership is what you need for a long-term relationship.

Summing it up

To conclude, the high demand for on-demand delivery apps has generated many openings for people to build more of these apps with innovative features and bag plenty of money once they succeed. And hopefully, this blog has provided you necessary concepts and tips to build a successful on-demand delivery app.

Besides, the trend in these apps will remain undamaged with more potentially encompassed growth in the coming future, according to many statistics. People need luxuries and everything on their figure tips. On the bright side, on-demand delivery apps are one of the luxuries features of this digital world. It is why building such things will help boost people’s comforts and make you rich.

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