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Checkers and Rally’s Menu With Prices | Checkers Restaurants Menu

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If you’ve come to this article, then you must be finding Checkers and Rally’s menu prices on the internet. This also guide provides you with the full Checkers and Rally’s menu making use of their fees.

Checkers and Rally’s food list has an array of extremely fast-diet alternate options. They offer chicken, fish and burgers hot dogs, boneless fries, wings and sides and carbonated drinks for the food selection.

Aside from the menu, furthermore you will acquire some important info pertaining to Checkers and Rally’s outlined in this article. But first, let’s read the Checkers and Rally’s navigation.

Checkers and Rally’s generate-in cafe is one of the widest food stuff chains in the us. Initially Assessments and Rally’s takes care of distinctive geographical spots in your United states, Checkers preparing the Southeast and Rally’s helping the Midwest.

But both of those brandnames merged in August 1999 and from then, the makes have close to 900 shops in 28 numerous state governments. Inspite of the merge, the Checkers term is employed in the Southeast as well as Northeast, when the Rally’s mention continues to be found in the Midwest.

Rally’s and Checkers Menu Fees

Checkers and Rally’s functions some conventional United states swiftly-food items like hamburgers, poultry sandwiches, and sausage. They are simply famous regarding their fries which can be nothing like any other rapidly-food cafe.

Checkers deals are similar as Rally’s selling prices as the two restaurants are almost the exact same except for the title. So, let’s check out their menu.

Combo Meals

Combo Meals Small Medium Large
Big Buford® $11.95 $13.50 $14.50
Smoky BBQ Bacon Buford Combo $13.50 $14.95 $16.50
Baconzilla!® $13.50 $14.95 $15.50
Cheese Champ® $12.95 $13.50 $14.95
Classic Mother Cruncher® Combo $9.95 $11.50 $12.50
BBQ Bacon Mother Cruncher® Combo $11.50 $12.50 $13.95
Chicken Bites Box Combo $6.95 $8.50 $9.50
Spicy Chicken Sandwich $9.95 $11.50 $12.95
Deep Sea Double® $10.95 $12.50 $13.50
Half-Pound Chicken Bites $10.95 $12.50 $13.50
Chili Dog $10.95 $10.95 $12.95

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Burgers Price
Big Buford® $8.50
Smoky BBQ Bacon Buford $9.50
Baconzilla!® $8.95
Cheese Champ® $7.50


Chicken Price
Classic Mother Cruncher® $5.50
Bacon BBQ Mother Cruncher® $6.95
Spicy Chicken Sandwich $5.95
Spicy Chicken Double $5.50
Chicken Bites & Fries Box $4.50
Half-Pound Chicken Bites and Fries $8.95


Fish Price
Deep Sea Double® $6.95
Crispy Fish Sandwich $4.95

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Hot Dogs

Hot Dogs Price
Chili Dog $4.50
Grilled Hot Dog $2.50

Boneless Wings

Boneless Wings Price
5 Piece Boneless Wings $5.50
10 Piece Boneless Wings $10.50
20 Piece Boneless Wings $18.95

Fries and Sides

Fries and Sides Price
Small Famous Seasoned Fries $3.50
Medium Famous Seasoned Fries $3.95
Large Famous Seasoned Fries $4.95
Fry Lover’s XL Famous Seasoned Fries $7.50
Fully Loaded Fries $6.50
Cheese Chili Cheese Fries® $6.50
4 Pc Fry-Seasoned Monsterella Stix $3.50
6 Pc Fry-Seasoned Monsterella Stix $4.95

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Sweet Side

Sweet Side Price
Small Classic Milkshakes $4.50
Medium Classic Milkshakes $5.50
Large Classic Milkshakes $6.50
Funnel Cake Fries $3.50
Cheesecake Sundae $4.95

Chill Stop

Chill Stop Regular Large
Slushies $3.95 $4.95
Fruity Freeze Slushies $4.95 $5.50

Soft Drinks

Soft Drinks Small Medium Large
Coca-Cola® $2.95 $3.95 $4.50
Diet Coke® $2.95 $3.95 $4.50
Sprite® $2.95 $3.95 $4.50
Barq’s ® Root Beer $2.95 $3.95 $4.50
Mr. Pibb® $2.95 $3.95 $4.50
Coca-Cola® Cherry $2.95 $3.95 $4.50
Minute Maid® Lemonade $2.95 $3.95 $4.50
Fanta® Strawberry $2.95 $3.95 $4.50
Hi-C® Flashin Fruit Punch® $2.95 $3.95 $4.50
Gold Peak® Southern Style Sweet Tea $2.95 $3.95 $4.50
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