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Dcfandome Com {Oct 2021} Find Full Legitimacy Information!

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It is a web-based comic website exclusively showing comics quantity of famous superheroes created by Warner Bros Entertainment Limited (WBEL). Electricity can be a subsidiary of WBEL, which was established five years ago on 17/May/2016. Geoff Johns and Jon Berg founded Electricity. Presently, Walter Hamada could be the President, and Chantal Nong could be the v . p . of Electricity.

Electricity creates films and television series based on Electricity comics. They’d produced films on Question Lady, Aquaman, Shazam, Joker, Zack Snyder, the Batman, the Flash, Batgirl, Supergirl, Blue Beetle, Static Shock, Superman, Hourman as well as the famous Justice League Of America Of The Usa, which featured Ironman, Hulk, and a lot of other figures.

Dcfandome com targets the prospective audience on the web that like to check out anime versions from the superheroes, Electricity is rolling out a web site Dcfandome. The site is brief, getting a website covering a lot of the content. All of those other links round the pages are appropriate for policies, cookies, terms, etc.

The homepage has become the main menu featuring:

  • User login and registration
  • WBEL films
  • Articles on various superheroes
  • News connected with Electricity
  • Latest products in Electricity store
  • Web-based Electricity comics
  • Exclusive installs
  • An option to showcase your art
  • Faq’s, etc.
  • Specifications of Dcfandome com:
  • Phone number – not given
  • Address – not given
  • Email Address Contact Information – not given
  • Hr person – not given

Website Type – Webcomics

Address of Website –

Terms – not given. Rather, it redirects users to

Privacy – not given. Rather, it redirects users to


Dcfandome might be utilized anytime on the web to determine the newest news on Electricity, read web-based comics, find out about your favourite superheroes, do painting, upload figures you’d created, etc.


There’s hardly any to go over the disadvantage to the net site but,

Dcfandome does not showcase full films which is Television show


Dcfandome com Age – 28/May/2020 16:31:30, 16 several days old

WEBSITE EXPIRY – 22/SEP/2022 16:31:30

Website TRUST Score – 60% (average)

Linking to Social Media – Provided. Twitter – @DCComics, Facebook – @electricity, YouTube – DCEntertainmentTV, Instagram – Electricity comics

Recognition – 127992 (Great)

Business proprietor – Warner Bros

Owner Contact Details – not given


The reviews on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram are positive, and supporters comprehend the efforts. However, there isn’t any reviews on other reliable sources for instance reddit, Pinterest.

Final Verdict:

Dcfandome can be a legitimate website by getting a typical trust score. Dcfandome com is existing from extended time . There is no security issues (or) threats using this website. However, due to the 60% trust score, the site is suggested for skilled users only. Though Warner Bros had registered this website, they do not endorse it directly as Electricity can be a subsidiary of WBEL.

Do you want to find out more about Electricity ? Inform us your ideas about Dcfandome.

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