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Drop Ceiling vs Drywall: Which is best?

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Drywall ceilings and Drop ceilings are the most preferred of the ceilings options out there by most homeowners. Drop ceilings are most commonly used in institutions and in offices. However, they are perfect for homes too.

Drywall ceilings are quite a favorite due to their smooth finishes and pleasing appearance. Making a decision between a Drop Ceiling and a Drywall Ceiling is a really hard choice. Therefore, one has to carefully analyze the cons and pros of each one so as to make an informed decision.

carefully analyze the cons and pros

Resource: https://homegardenguides.com/drywall/cost-to-replace-drop-ceiling-with-drywall/

Drop Ceiling versus Drywall Ceiling 

When it comes to choosing between a drop ceiling or a drywall ceiling, there are a variety of factors to consider so as to make an informed decision when selecting between the two. These factors are critical when it comes to choosing between the two ceilings types because sometimes it’s a matter of convenience as opposed to decor and vice versa. 

Factors to consider when choosing between a Drop Ceiling and a Drywall Ceiling

1. Easy installation and Accessibility 

Without assistance from professionals, one can easily install a Drop Ceiling as a DIY project. Even to install drop ceiling projector mounts, this is the right choice and not complicated. More so, it takes a very short time to complete compared with other ceiling options. Additionally, one still has easy access to their wiring, vent systems, and plumbing.

On the other hand, installing Drywall Ceilings is much harder. This is due to the weight of the panels which require the assistance of two or more people. More so, extra maintenance services are required. For example, painting, priming, and sanding.

2. Aesthetics 

Drywall ceilings have a reputation in the market as being the most beautiful models. This is according to most homeowners.

On the other hand, drop ceilings have a bad reputation mostly because many people are not aware they come with many tile options.

3. Maintenance 

Drywall and drop ceilings have relatively easy maintenance demands. Drop ceilings are the easiest to replace and maintain due to accessibility. However, they are easily vulnerable to damage, due to mold and water. 

Drywall ceilings are easy to maintain as they require occasional repainting or repairs.

4. Sound insulation 

When it comes to sound insulation, drop ceilings are the best. When you want to minimize sound coming from a room, drop ceilings are better than drywall ceilings. This is because drop ceilings have a higher acoustic rating than drywall ceilings. Thus they are more effective in reducing noise transfer between different rooms.

There exist expensive soundproof drywall ceilings. However, this is not a priority for most people due to the cost. They thus prefer Drop ceilings as regular drywall can’t contain noise transfer.

Pros and cons of  Drywall Ceilings versus Drop Ceilings 

Let’s explore some major pros and cons of drywall and drop ceilings so as to get a better picture of what to prefer.

Pros of Drop Ceilings 

  1. Easy accessibility after installation.
  2. Ductworks, wires, and imperfections are well concealed.
  3. Have a much better sound insulation
  4. It is easy to do DIY repairs 

Cons of Drop Ceilings 

  1. It is not strong as compared with other options
  2. It deteriorates in quality easily
  3. Creates a diminished height and space impression 

Pros of Drywall Ceilings 

  1. Sturdy and strong structure
  2. Cost friendly installation as compared to a drop ceiling
  3. Great aesthetics due to many finish choices 

Cons of Drywall Ceilings 

  1. It is hard to access AC units, plumbing, and electrical installations
  2. Difficult to do repairs. For example, water damage may prove expensive and harder to fix.
  3. More time consuming to fix screw pops
  4. Complex, robust, and dirty installation 

Drywall ceiling or Drop ceiling by room 

Let’s have a discussion on which ceiling type is the best option for different room types.

Living Room

Many people don’t give even the least consideration to having their living room have a drop ceiling. On the contrary, both drywall and a dropped ceiling can have an amazing appeal to your living room.

Bed Room

Since bedrooms are places to unwind and relax, they are personal and one can keep them simple rather than make a statement. Drywall ceilings are a great choice when it comes to bedrooms. This is because they aren’t hard to keep simple and neutral for the most desired relaxing environment.

Though it is not very common, it doesn’t mean that drop ceilings can’t be installed in the bedroom.


It is common to see garages with unfinished ceilings. It is also very common to see garages with drywall ceilings. This is because of the reduced cost of drywall ceilings and the ability to provide a good foundation in case one needs to add on to it other ceiling types.

However, both drop ceilings and drywall ceilings work well in a garage. Infact, drop ceilings are a good choice for garages. Since garages don’t require a fancy ceiling, with a simple tile, it becomes easy and affordable to install a drop ceiling. More so, it gives you access to the plumbing and the wires.

It is however good to note that if you want to create extra space for storage, drop ceilings are not sturdy and thus cannot hold much weight.


You can have a drywall ceiling or a drop ceiling for your basement just like in a garage. There are a lot of discussions on whether to install a drywall ceiling or a drop ceiling in your garage. All the same, it always comes down to the personal preference of the homeowner.

Typically, basements have drop ceilings. This is because of the ease of access to HVAC systems, wirings, plumbings, and other installations that may require maintenance, repair, and quick access. More so, if you have converted your garage to a movie room, a drywall ceiling suppresses the noise. 


In general, dropped ceilings are normally selected for garages and basements for ease of access they allow for wiring and plumbing.

Drywall and drop ceilings are generally used for their appeal and look. Since both of them are capable of bringing out a good appeal, it is really a matter of personal preference.

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