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File Sharing App – How To Transfer Android Files Within Seconds

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Previously, the most common feature used for file transferring was Bluetooth. Anyone who tries to share large files via Bluetooth knows how time-consuming it can be. In the fast-paced world, no one wants to spend a lot of time sharing files at a slow pace. This game has changed dramatically with the introduction of the concept of a file sharing app.

How to Transfer Android Files Within Seconds

File sharing applications help in transferring files from one device to another within seconds. They can share a variety of files, like-

  • Documents
  • Audio files
  • Video files
  • Applications

A file-sharing app not only transfers large files within seconds but also can transfer files in bulk.

The following are some of the most common apps used for file sharing-


SHAREit is a prevalent name among file-sharing applications. It uses the network for file sharing from one device to another. It is a top-rated file sharing app as it is speedy and easy to use.

The following are some critical highlights of this application-

  • It does not tamper with the quality of the original file while sharing.
  • Easy to Use interface of the app.
  • App is available in 45+ languages & 200+ countries.
  • All kinds of video formats can be transferred.
  • It also allows one to explore trending digital content in HD quality videos.
  • It provides QR code scanning, which quickens the network establishment process between sender and receiver devices.
  • The transfer speed of this application is 20 MBPS which is approximately two hundred times faster than that of Bluetooth
  • It can share multiple files in a single go.
  • It works on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.
  • SHAREit’s Partnership Google has made the app sharing and downloading to be very secure and authentic.

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EasyShare is another popular app that facilitates easy file transfers across devices. The following are a few significant features of EasyShare-

  • It cannot use the mobile’s internet connection without prior permission.
  • The app supports a variety of languages other than English.
  • It allows for multiple file sharing across various devices.
  • It acts as a backup application for files installed.

Fast File Transfer

This application also allows for file transferring while the devices are offline. It is quick and easy to use. The speed of the file transfer is also commendable. The highlights of Fast File Transfer are:

  • It provides a single solution for all things related to data exchange.
  • It supports file transfers in ZIP formats.
  • It supports popular platforms and has a simple file sharing interface.
  • It has a Pro version that has more advanced benefits.
  • It uses very few resources of the device.


InShare is a sister application launched by InShot Inc. It can transfer files from one device to another at high speed. The following are the key features of this file-sharing application:

  • It can share files a hundred times faster than the speed of Bluetooth.
  • It allows sharing of large files with ease.
  • It can work offline and does not require an active internet connection.
  • It allows for sharing multiple files with a single activation tap.
  • It allows for bulk transfer of files.


Zapya is another speed paced file transferring application. It has the following features present in it-

  • It permits sharing across platforms like Android devices, iOS devices, etc.
  • It allows for transferring data from an old device to a new one.
  • It allows for multiple installations of applications.
  • Its user interface supports around twenty different languages.
  • Similar to SHAREit, it also has the option for accessing personalized QR codes that facilitate file sharing.

These apps reduce the time of file sharing by a vast margin. Moreover, sending files in bulk option allows for a seamless transfer of multiple files.

A file sharing app is a convenient platform for transferring files, big or small, within seconds. With the rapid changes in technology, the user interface of such applications is also becoming relatively simple to use.

With applications like SHAREit, users can now browse the new trends in the file-sharing applications themselves. They also make it easy to share the content that they come across while browsing through the apps.

Since many applications are available, one can select the appropriate file sharing app by assessing their needs. In addition, files can now be transferred without hassles, like a USB cable or a good internet connection.

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