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Fixing Microsoft Outlook Not Responding Windows 10 Error

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Did you receive a Microsoft Outlook not responding error? Is Outlook stuck on the screen that merely states Outlook freezing? Or does Outlook 365 not responding when opening the calendar or delivering an e-mail message?

Microsoft Outlook is among the top-rated email program solutions currently available. It facilitates user’s choices to manage their emails, contacts, calendars, and tasks effectively.

But may, while dealing with Outlook users, issues like MS Outlook is answering Home windows 10 or Outlook keeps not responding. Well, Take it easy! Within this technical blog, there is a complete means to fix fix Microsoft Outlook stops responding error.

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Signs and symptoms of Outlook Keeps Freezing

When users wish to open personal files or send an e-mail message in Microsoft Outlook 2010 or on other versions, Outlook keeps hanging, or else you get the following error message:

“Microsoft Outlook isn’t responding”

Microsoft Outlook isn’t responding on Home windows

Outlook keeps freezing

Exactly why is My Outlook Account Not Responding?

  • There are many possible causes of Outlook some thing by doing this. A number of them are highlighted below:
  • It’s possible to not have access to installed the most recent updates.
  • Outlook may be focusing on another process.
  • It loads some exterior content, like images within an email message.
  • A pre-installed add-was disturbing MS Outlook.
  • Because of the increment from the Outlook mailbox size.
  • There’s possible that the AppData folder is redirected to some network path.
  • Microsoft Outlook not responding due to the corruption from the Office program.
  • The likelihood of anti-virus program installation are outdated.
  • Outlook not opening processing because of your user account corruption.

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Sometimes, another program is conflicted with Outlook.

Fundamental essentials different reasons for obtaining the Outlook unresponsive error. Now, consider the potential methods so as from quickest to solve the problem.

Best Strategies to Fix Microsoft Outlook Not Responding Issue

Here, we discover the different strategies to resolve this Home windows covering common dll isn’t responding Outlook, thus implement the steps properly:

Technique 1: Securely stops Outlook in situation of product hang

In some instances, there can be possible that Outlook doesn’t turn off around the first attempt. Additionally, by trying to stop this program multiple occasions, it may produce a hanging trouble in the system. Therefore, you need to launch the job Manager and opt with Outlook to finish their process.

Technique 2: Open Outlook in Safe Mode

If Outlook isn’t responding or Microsoft Outlook has eliminate Home windows 10, then close Outlook and begin it in safe mode, then finish it and begin it to repair the problem.

Step One: First of all, Close Outlook.

Step Two: Start the Outlook in safe mode according to your related Home windows:

Home windows 10:- Select Start, type Outlook.exe /safe, and click on the Enter button.

Home windows 8:- In the Apps menu, select Run, type Outlook /safe, after which pick OK.

Home windows 7:- Select Start, as well as in looking programs and files box, type Outlook /safe, striking the Enter button.

Step Three: Next, close MS Outlook after which open it up in normal mode.

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Technique 3: Fix Outlook keeps not Responding Error By Disabling Add-ins

Step One: To begin with, Exit the Outlook.

Step Two: Here, open a Run dialog box by clicking Win R on Home windows 10, 8.1. Furthermore, to spread out the run dialog box on Home windows 7, click on the Start, enter Run within the search engine, after which select Run.

Step Three: Within the opening box, enter Outlook /safe, after which click OK.

Step Four: Now, when the issue will get fixed, select choices on the File menu. Next, tap the Add-Ins option.

Step Five: Here, choose the COM Add-ins in the drop-lower, after which click Go.

Step Six: Now, tap on Obvious all of the checkboxes within the list, after which choose the OK button.

Step 7: Finally, you should checkOruncheck the Add-ins one to another to locate which add-was causing Microsoft Outlook not responding error.

Technique 4: Stops other memory-using application

Nowadays, Microsoft Outlook will get more complicated and memory-using applications. Due to this, sometimes users face freezing or hanging difficulties with Outlook. Thus, which should stop all of the memory-using programs before opening Outlook on their own local machine. To-Do-So, open the job Manager and right-click the program & choose the Finish task option.

Technique 5: Repair Your Outlook Documents

There possibility of PST file corruption that could causing this Outlook not responding error. We have to repair PST file to repair this problem. Microsoft ‘office’ offers an inbuilt repair tool referred to as SCANPST to correct or restore the Outlook documents(PST and OST) if corrupted or broken. To initiate the repairing procedure for the PST file, first of all close the Outlook program.

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There is a Outlook 2019, 2016 of Office 365 only at that destination path: C:Program FilesMicrosoft Officerootoffice16

Outlook 2019 & 2016, it’s located here-

32 bit:- C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice15

64 bit:- C:Program Files (x86) Microsoft OfficeOffice15

After running the scanpst repair tool, you’ll find a choice Create a backup from the scanned file before repairing select it.

Step One: Now, click the Browse button to include the Outlook computer file.

Step Two: Then choose the Start choice to begin the checking procedure for added files.

Step Three: Next, click on the Repair button to begin the repair process.

Step Four: Wait until the operation is running and you’ll obtain a popup displaying Repair Complete.

Technique 6: By Disabling the Anti-Virus Program

There’s possible our system can’t differentiate between your anti-virus program and add-ins. Due to this, sometimes Microsoft Outlook not responding perfectly.

Within this scenario, it’s possible to need to update anti-virus timely. In addition, you may also solve this freezing or hanging issue by disabling the anti-virus program.

Technique 7: Repair Your Microsoft Office Suite

After performing the above mentioned-pointed out steps, if you’re not in a position to fix this problem, go finished the steps below to correct your workplace program.

Step One: Open the User interface and choose the Programs>> Program featuring option.

Step Two: Here, choose the Microsoft ‘office’ suite program and click on the modification.

Step Three: A brand new dialog box popup in your screen: Choose the appropriate repair option according to your alternatives.

Technique 8: Fix Outlook not Responding Issue Using Solution

If no above techniques can deal with the Outlook keeps freezing issue, then go for Outlook PST Repair Tool to recuperate the Outlook documents(PST). The tool is efficiently made to repair the Outlook PST files with no loss of data.

download free PST repair toolIt is competent enough to revive all OST files products like emails, calendars, contacts, tasks in the broken PST files. Furthermore, there’s no quality limitation of PST files to recuperate.

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Within this write-up, we’ve discussed the various manual strategies to fix this Outlook not responding issue. Additionally, if you’re facing any error while dealing with the standard method, go finished Expert Means to fix repair the corrupted Outlook PST files. Thank you for studying this short article. I think you’ll thought it was useful.

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