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10 Best Sites to Send Free Text Messages !

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Despite the fact that users are gradually leaving SMS texts with other types of texting, SMS texts have how to use them.

But are you aware that you can text someone out of your computer? Indeed, many texting websites allow you to send free SMS messages. Many don’t actually have a registration process.

Here are the most useful sites to transmit free texts to mobile phones.

1. TextEm

TextEm enables you to send free texts, but you need to on line. Even though some people may choose to send a note anonymously, getting a free account brings some notable benefits.

For instance, you are able to curate a summary of commonly used contacts and-with respect to the recipient’s carrier-get replies back to your TextEm inbox. When the carrier doesn’t support responses to TextEm, you are able to setup email replies rather.

Greater than 100 carriers in the US and Canada are supported. If you want to send a note to some number outdoors The United States, it’s not the service for you personally.

TextEm doesn’t support bulk messaging you can’t send exactly the same message to many figures simultaneously. Don’t be concerned, a few of the other services we’ll go through will have the feature.

2. SendSMSnow

SendSMSnow is yet another free SMS service that needs you to definitely on line before you send messages.

When you make a free account, you will get a phonebook of contacts, add profile pictures, and receive replies for your messages inside your personal inbox.

SendSMSnow will also support group messaging, though it’s not free. For each message you signal, you’ll be billed one cent for each user within the group. For instance, just one SMS delivered to a 20-person group would cost $.20.

Theoretically, the service works together with mobile phone figures worldwide. We’ve not a way to ensure the claims, however, you can reasonably expect most United States and European carriers to become supported.

The amount of figures in messages is limited to 130.

3. OpenTextingOnline

OpenTextingOnline is really a texting website that allows you to send free SMS messages online without creating a free account.

It really works with carriers within 50 countries. The majority of The United States and also the Eu is included, but also are a few less-common locations like India, Nepal, Panama, and Nz. Just remember that not every the carriers out of all countries are supported. For additional exotic locations, you will probably find just one or two that actually work.

You should use OpenTextingOnline to connect pictures, videos, and audio happy to your SMS. It is a feature that’s quite rare among free SMS services.

Because you don’t need to create a free account, you can’t receive replies for your messages. The utmost quantity of figures per message is 140.

4. txtDrop

txtDrop is really a well-established name in the realm of free SMS online. It has been operational since 2013, and based on its very own statistics, has effectively delivered almost 25 million messages for the reason that time.

You don’t have to on line, but you could get replies inside your email inbox should you want.

txtDrop can also be unique for the reason that it provides a macOS widget. Should you do the installation, you’ll be able to transmit messages from your Mac desktop without requiring to go to the state site. And when you take an internet site, you will find a widget you should use in your page.

The service only enables you to send free messages towards the US and Canada. Areas aren’t supported.

5. Send Anonymous SMS

A different way to send free texts online without any registration would be to mind to transmit Anonymous SMS.

As suggested by its name, the service requires no personal information to ensure that you to definitely send a totally free text. So, if you wish to prank someone, fire off a fast message, or simply make use of a plan to anonymously contact people, this particular service may be the answer.

Unlike another free SMS sites we have pointed out, you are able to theoretically spoof a telephone number that’ll show alternatively person’s screen once they get the message. It’s unclear how that will work, but it is worth a go if you are attempting to accomplish a prank. Just make certain you remain around the right side from the law.

Send Anonymous SMS has no more than 145 figures and supports greater than 80 different regions.

6. TextEmNow

Another service we love to is TextEmNow. The primary reason why it’s worth recommending is due to the site’s greater character count. Unlike most free SMS sites-that have a restriction close to 150 figures-TextEmNow enables you to write messages which are as much as 300 figures lengthy.

The site’s developers also claim they don’t log any IP addresses. We can not say be it true, but the rest of the texting sites we’ve discussed clearly say they are doing log IPs (for junk e-mail/abuse monitoring), so TextEmNow’s approach is really a refreshing change.

Technically, you should use TextEmNow to text any mobile number on the planet, but because we have seen elsewhere, location-specific limitations may apply.

7. Globfone

Globfone enables you to send local, national, and worldwide texts free of charge from your pc.

Doing this is a straightforward five-step process there’s no reason to on line. Just add some person’s name, choose the country code, go into the number, type your message, striking the send button.

Sadly, you can’t use Globfone to get replies in order to attach other kinds of content like videos and pictures.

8. Textport

Textport enables you to receive and send messages to/from the US-based mobile number. MMS messages will also be supported on an inbound and outbound basis.

You may choose to transmit the content from the number in La, New You are able to, Houston, Chicago, or Miami, with respect to the region of the recipient. MMS and emojis are supported, and you may send as much as three messages per session. You may also get an limitless quantity of replies.

9. AFreeSMS

AFreeSMS is definitely an worldwide SMS service which you can use free of charge. It states be among the quickest free SMS services on the planet, but because before, we’ve not a way to ensure individuals claims.

An entire listing of global countries is provided within the drop-lower list, but it’s unclear if the service comes with an agreement with network providers out of all locales.

Each message is restricted to 160 figures.


The ultimate entry on the list is SENDaTEXT. It enables you to send a totally free SMS from your computer as well as your smartphone, which makes it quite unique in the realm of free SMS services.

It’s also among the couple of free SMS apps that allows you to place telephone calls free of charge through the same web interface. Replies are supported.

The greatest problem with the services are the type limit-you’re limited to 120.

Take a look at our article around the best apps to create free telephone calls if you’d like more details. A few of the apps have limitless SMS abilities if you’re linked to a Wi-Fi network.

Delivering Free Texts From the Computer

In conclusion, yes, you are able to text someone out of your computer free of charge. However the service suited for you depends upon a couple of factors:

  • Where’s the recipient based?
  • Must you have the ability to receive replies?
  • Is anonymity a vital feature?
  • Would you like to make use of a privacy-conscious service?
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