Google repairs Android mobile app crashing issue with Chrome, WebView revisions

Android software was mysteriously crashing for numerous customers across the globe given that past due Monday. Google has now fixed the issue by rolling out quick updates to both Chrome and Android System WebView, however.

Some Android software had been mysteriously crashing for customers around the world. Before Google was alerted of the issue, the problem began on Monday afternoon and lasted for hours. The software crashing ended up as a result of bug within the Android Method WebView factor that is available on all Android devices.

Google was speedy to acknowledge and work with the matter. “We are aware of a problem with WebView triggering some applications on Android to accident for many customers,” Google stated in an sooner declaration for the Verge. “We are now trying to totally authenticate the scale plus a resolve is within improvement,” the corporation included.

The problem influenced numerous Android software. In our evaluating, software like Amazon and also Google’s own Gmail software commenced crashing as soon as they have been opened up, without having accident records exhibited. Uninstalling and reinstalling the apps did actually not solve the challenge.

Just after, many folks on online forums advised the most recent Android Process WebView revise was allowing the collisions which uninstalling changes on the similar by heading into your phone’s settings could get rid of the challenge. Take a look at tweet by Samsung Assist US listed below that suggested this non permanent resolve.

Google has considering that fixed the challenge

“We have fixed the challenge with WebView that brought on some applications on Android to collision for some users. Bringing up-to-date Android Method WebView and Google Chrome via Google Engage in really should now take care of the challenge,” Google mentioned in a document.

The crashing software trouble can now just be solved by updating the Android Program Webview application from the Enjoy Keep to variation 89..4389.105. Right after this can be done, consumers also must up-date Google Chrome on the most up-to-date type. Both of these actions need to end the mobile app collisions with instantaneous influence