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Sweetie Prepared Ham is recognized for providing the world’s ideal ham. Their food selection has many options from buffet to catering to food for 1. On this page, I will discuss the newest selection of darling prepared ham to you individuals.

Sweetie Prepared Ham offers among the best hams, and so they offer you huge assortment of hams for one to pick. Their navigation has salads, hams and desserts handcrafted snacks, food catering menus, a and buffets many more. Their menus prices from $5 to $20. So, you can have a decent meal on a budget.

This had been simply a simple writeup on the menu which you could arrive there. Now let’s see their comprehensive navigation, nutritious info about their food selection, details, franchisee information and facts as well as social websites take on web links. Let’s know about their history first, before seeing the menu.

Honey Prepared Ham can be described as list foodstuff brand name based in the States. That it was built by Harry J. Hoenselaar in 1957. The initial Bee honey Baked Ham retail outlet was established in Detroit, Michigan. In past times 5 generations, the manufacturer has been able to wide open 200 service-possessed retailers and 200 business cities throughout the USA.

Honey Baked Ham Food selection with Prices

As I have told you above, Honey Baked Ham is known for providing the world’s best ham. In addition to that, the Sweetie Cooked Ham navigation comes with snacks, turkey, treats, salads, more and soups.

They have options for buffets and catering. In buffets, they have got VIP Buffet, Sandwich Building contractor Buffet, Unique Meat Tray. In encased lunches, they have already sandwich containers, greens cardboard boxes, buffet salads.

Honey Baked Ham has become a legacy that families all over the country turn to the place in order to buy ham for their Christmas meals, for birthday parties and more.

Here are a few the latest Darling Cooked List with price ranges.

Honey Baked Ham

Bone-In Half Ham $8.39
Bone-In Quarter Ham $9.49
By The Slice $14.49

Honey Baked Boneless Ham

Half Boneless Ham $10.99
Whole Boneless Ham $10.99

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Pork & Beef

BBQ Pork Roast $19.99
BBQ Baby Back Ribs $19.99
Beef Pot Roast $29.99

Meat Salads

Ham Salad $8.49
Chicken Salad $8.49

Honey Baked Turkey Breast

Smoked or Roasted Turkey Breast $10.49
By The Slice $14.49
Whole Turkey $49.99


Sweet Glaze or Peppered N/A

Heat & Serve Sides

Maple Sweet Potato Souffle $8.99
Double Cheddar Macaroni & Cheese $8.99
Green Bean Casserole $8.99
Cheesy Potatoes Au Gratin $8.99
Tuscan-Style Broccoli $8.99
Loaded Smashed Potatoes $8.99
Country Cornbread Stuffing $8.99
Creamy Russet Mashed Potatoes $8.99
Baked Cinnamon Apples $8.99
Roasted Turkey Gravy $8.99

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Deli Sides

Smashed Potato Salad $6.99
Broccoli Bacon Bliss $6.99


Carrot Cake $21.99
NY Style Cheesecake N/A
NY Style Cheesecake Sampler $21.99
Cinnamon Walnut Coffee Cake $17.99
Blueberry Coffee Cake $17.99
Southern Pecan Pie $10.99
Apple Caramel Walnut Pie $10.99
Triple Chocolate Cake $21.99
Red Velvet Cake $21.99
Coconut Cake $21.99
Chocolate Rum Cake N/A
Vanilla Rum Cake $24.99
Pumpkin Pie $10.99

Lunch Menu

Handcrafted Sandwiches

Ham Classic $6.69
Turkey Classic $6.69
Tavern Club $7.19
Turkey Bacon Ranch $7.19
BBQ Smoked Stacker $7.19
Ham Salad $6.69
Chicken Salad $6.69
Roasted Tomato & Cheddar $7.19

Choose Any Two

1/2 Sandwich, 1/2 Salad, Or Cup of Soup $8.49

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Soup & Salad

Ham & Bean Soup $3.99
Roasted Turkey Noodle Soup $4.99
Cobb Salad $8.99 (FULL)
$5.99 (HALF)
Garden Salad $6.59 (FULL)
$4.59 (HALF)

Deli Sides

Deep River Kettle Chips $1.49
Smashed Potato Salad $1.99
Broccoli Bacon Bliss $1.99


Iced Tea $1.59
Bottled Water $1.79
Coca-Cola Beverages $1.39


Assorted Cookies $1.49

Catering Menu

HoneyBaked Buffets

Vip Buffet $9.49/PP
Supreme Sandwich Tray $8.29/PP
Sandwich Builder Buffet $7.69/PP
Signature Meat Tray $5.99/PP


Signature Meat & Cheese Tray $59.99 (Medium)
$79.99 (Large)
Fresh Veggie Tray $44.99
Fresh Fruit Tray $44.99

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Boxed Lunches

Sandwich Box

[Ham Classic, Turkey Classic, Roasted Tomato & Cheddar, Ham Salad, Chicken Salad]
[Tavern Club, The Honeybaked, BBQ Smoked Stacker, Turkey Bacon Ranch]

Salad Box

Cobb Salad $9.99
Cobb Salad (Veggie) $9.49
Garden Salad $7.49

Meat Salads

Ham Salad $8.49
Chicken Salad $8.49

Buffet Salads

Cobb Salad $42.99
Cobb Salad (Veggie) $37.99
Garden Salad $32.99


Smashed Potato Salad $6.99/LB
Broccoli Bacon Bliss $6.99/LB

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Iced Tea $7.99
Lemonade $7.99


Cookie Temptation Tray
[2 Dozen]
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