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How Much Does It Cost to Build an e-Learning App?

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The explosion within the relevance of e-Learning in the last 2 yrs has produced a requirement for several types of digital educational platforms. And also the much deeper the planet stepped in to the pandemic, the greater acute the requirement for them grew to become.

E-Learning giants for example Coursera, Udemy and Khan Academy were not enough any more – students, teachers, employees of numerous organizations and also the tiniest schoolchildren needed more complicated, or the other way around, simpler but effective methods to meet specific needs. In connection with this, the interest in specialized solutions elevated – college students needed their very own platforms that will have functions not the same as individuals of companies’ workers undergoing complementary professional education. Therefore, the developers faced a really serious challenge – to build up several versions of software for e-Learning, and in an exceedingly small amount of time investors have new possibilities, and startups – new suggestions for an as-yet-saturated market.

So, now you ask ,: precisely what it takes to produce a high-quality, working e-Learning platform, and just how much will it cost? To reply to this, we have to be aware of key technical and functional options that come with this sort of apps. Let’s join in.

3 amounts of an e-Learning application:

Remote e-Learning – fundamental platforms which permit students and teachers to speak through Internet (chats, online-tests, video-conferences).

Specific/Local e-Learning solutions – special educational software with data storage and share possibilities. Generally utilized in schools, universities and enterprises.

Learning management systems – advanced software with analytics, progress tracking, course creating, parent control along with other features.

Must-have technical options that come with an e-Learning application

User-Friendly Interface

High-quality UX-design


Multimedia content



Offline learning

Mobile/desktop an internet-basedOrtraditional versions sync



Must-have functionality options that come with an e-Learning application

Independent profiles for college students, teachers, managers and fogeys (for children’s apps)

System

Log-in System

Internal internet search engine and filters


Data hosting and storage

Progress tracking and analytics tools

Course-creating Tools

Payment system(s)




Interactive learning

Multilanguage interface

Must-have integrations of the e-Learning application

Social networking along with other key integrations (workplace local network, communities etc.)



In-application chat/forum



Must-have legal options that come with an e-Learning application

Data protection system

Anti-fraud protection

Current updated licenses

Internal anti-plagiarism system

The next phase in calculating the price of growth and development of the application is the price of talent hiring. Here is a listing of professionals you have to involve to build up a highly effective e-Learning application.

Project Manager

Team Leader



UI/UX Designer


iOS/Android Developer

Content creator

Front-finish and Back-finish Developer

Quality Assurance Tester

Business Analysts

AR/VR developers (advanced)

3D modelers (advanced)

System architects

Based on regardless if you are focusing on a fundamental or complex application features, the amount of specialists needed can differ. And when 1 project manager is sufficient in the two cases, other roles will need to operate in teams for all these specializations.

A typical cost/each hour of all these roles shows up within the table below:

Developers$25-45/h System architects$40-60/h

Designers$20-40/h 3D modeler$25-45/h

Quality Assurance$22-42/h Team Leader$40-60/h

Project Managers$20-50/h Business Analyst$22-42/h

The cost is decided by the position of the specialists and whether or not they work remotely or perhaps in-person too. For freelancers and full-time employees working per hour, you will have to estimate the expense and entire project in line with the complexity from the application you need to develop. If this sounds like an application with fundamental features, then it’s development will require the vast majority time compared to the situation of the advanced platform.

This list shows the amount of hrs and also the approximate costs needed to build up a specific function, correspondingly:

and Log-In – 60 $1800

Payment Integration – 80 $2400

Chat – 250 $7500

Push notifications – 40 $1200

In-Application Advertisements – 50 $1500

Offline Work – 150 $4500

Video streaming – 150 $4500

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The next phase in figuring out the price is to answer the issue: are you currently developing a credit card applicatoin on your own or modifying a current platform. You might simply need to give a couple of advanced features for an already well-functioning fundamental application.

Approximate costs:

On your own with a few advanced features – ~$70,000

Personalize a current application – ~$40,000

Finally, the final factor affecting the price of developing an e-Learning application would be the country where the project is launched where you hire specialists from. For instance, in Eastern Countries in europe, the cost is going to be less than in the united states or European countries.


Growth and development of an e-Learning platform, whether it is an application or perhaps a website, requires meticulous planning of sources, particularly budget and time. It’s worth to judge your abilities when it comes to whether you have to hire specialists and launch a task yourself within the organization, or if it seems sensible to make contact with e-Learning application development companies.

Prior to hiring specialists and launching a task, measure the risks and possible unforeseen costs that could arise throughout the project. By doing this, you are able to safeguard yourself from unnecessary costs and lack of team motivation.

Create an e-Learning application development strategy tailored towards the needs and requires of the customers, and try to concentrate on making certain the results satisfy the most of e-Learning application consumer needs in 2021 and beyond. And to get this done, explore the marketplace, understand competitors’ products and stick to the trends determined by new norms.

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