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In today’s tough job competition, graduates are not able to find potential job opportunities for themselves. It often gets on nerves when a student after graduation spends months searching for a good job but in the end, he is not able to find one.

There are a few solid questions that run in the minds of students once they graduate.
Including; “How long will it take for a student to land his dream job?”

“Do hiring managers expect applicants to have professional experience with a high academic background?”

“Are there any tried and tested ways for graduates to become employable?”

The fact is – in this era where graduates are sprouting with talents and skills, only a university degree is not enough. But to get a job that is offering tons of prospects, it has become a necessity for students to stay ahead of the professional game.

After going through an intense survey, we have concluded some of the factors that cause less employability. These factors include less experience, not having a good command of spoken English, a highly expected salary, and a lack of required skills.

The first thing you can do is consult wizardly writers who provide graduate CV writing service UK at reasonable rates. The next thing you can do is, go through this article to know about proven ways that will help you to increase your graduate employability.

10 Tips To Improve Graduate Employability

 To get rid of the increasing bar of youth unemployment, we have jotted down 10 points to keep in mind. These suggestions will not only support you by boosting your employability but you can also land your desired job vacancy right away.

1. Stay up to date

Employers aren’t only fishing employees with an A+ degree from renowned universities.
Instead, they are looking for candidates that can lead their corporate or organization towards a better path. Recruiters are looking for applicants who are blooming with innovative ideas, have a high spirit to work, have a better attitude towards coworkers, and can manage tasks in a specific time frame.

It will be perfect if you already have an idea of how to write emails, communicate with people face-to-face or online. So, you must stay up-to-date whether it is regarding the communication skills or other characteristics necessary for such tough tasks.

2. Align your CV to the job ad

When a position with specific requirements becomes vacant, often employers publish the same requirements for the vacant position. Make sure you write all the necessary details in your CV that go well according to the job position you are applying for.

3. Talk about your soft skills

In this era, businesses are demanding more soft skills. These soft skills include teamwork, time management, communication skills, and so on.

Start working on these skills if you do not have a command over these skills. Focus on your professional and personal weaknesses. Give it time and turn it into your power over time.

4. Get help from connections

As we have already emphasized how important it is to involve in extra-curricular activities. Now, all you have to do is pay attention to the contacts you have. Keep an eye on whether they are offering or recommending any job position.

You can also add people on LinkedIn. It will be perfect if you have a strong presence on LinkedIn. You can attract many recruiters and top employers.

5. Apply for Internships

Many of the corporates ask for experience, even if it is of one year.
Isn’t it ironic? You can not gain experience without a job and you can not get a job without experience!

But you can still apply for internships or you can simply gain experience from working as a freelancer.

6. Get a bit Extra

Take part in extra-curricular activities. It is as if you are gaining work experience. These activities prove that a student once had a life outside of the classroom. It matters a lot for recruiters to know whether an employer can interact with people or not.

Likewise, if you are pursuing your Bachelor’s degree in Mass communication – you can start writing for magazines or newspapers for your university.

7. Look for job opportunities

Searching for a job opening in a newspaper is becoming a grannie. Pick some new ways to search for jobs now.

You can go through social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or you can ask your friends to recommend a job to you.

8. Get more education

It is said that postgraduates have a higher chance to get their perfect job position.

Carefully search how long will it take to complete your education and get a more valued degree. Would your degree open doors of opportunities for you? If yes, go for it.

9. Pay attention to university’s career programs

Accoridng to the research from, the majority of universities provide a career counseling office or courses to assist students in their job hunting. The good news is that academic institutions are boosting students’ careers by providing advice based on graduate employability.

Some of these programs are job fairs, building a connection between students and alumni mentors, career consultations, and so on. Students are encouraged to take part in such events.

10 Get yourself prepared

Once you have checked all these tips, it is time for you to prepare for the interview call. This is your chance to show yourself who you are, so sell yourself well through your CV, cover letter, and interview! We are sure you can not miss this chance.

Go through the website of the company you are applying to. Understand their tone and work culture. Prepare well for the questions that you are expecting to be asked – and there you go!


Job hunting is quite daunting if you have no idea how to increase your graduate employability. Many students get tired after going through struggling efforts to get a job. That is the reason, we have listed above 10 of the most exceptional tips that you need to keep in your mind to elevate your employability right now. Go through these tips to make the most of them.

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