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How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

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Hi, my name is Haroon Aftab and I am the founder of Bucks Profit.

Today I am going to show you how to make money with affiliate marketing.

With more and more companies turning to online marketing in a bid to increase their sales generation and client base; the need for such tools as affiliate marketing has never been stronger.

Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

Yet the process of becoming an affiliate is incredibly simple.

What is affiliate marketing?

In simple terms, affiliate marketing involves joining an affiliate program; basing your website around a particular business product/service; setting up links to their main website and turning the visitors you attract into buying clients.

Do all that and in a matter of minutes you could be earning a commission of up to £200.

Okay, so how do I get started?

Firstly, you need to find an affiliate program that best suits you. As we are writing this there are hundreds of affiliate programs online, so take your time to read through their material and pick a program filled with merchants you can easily promote. Once you find one that appeals to you, you then need to join.

How do I do that?

Whilst on the one hand some programs will require you to fill in an online application that enables merchants to assess the suitability of your website for their products; the vast majority work under a very different system.

Instead when you join them you will be offered access to numerous merchants and sales items that you can freely pick and add to your website.

Affiliate marketing – what does it entail?

One of the definite perks of entering into this niche is that it is inexpensive, easy to do and you can do it all from the comfort of your own home. It is truly a lucrative opportunity for any serious web publisher who is looking to increase their cash flow.

Admittedly building a website, getting it ranked on Google, building traffic and generating sales will take some time to begin with, but the potential cash flow you can generate from becoming an affiliate is well worth the time and effort.

ThinkAction, part of the Toluna group, is a premier affiliate network that is dedicated to helping you grow revenue and increase profitability by exclusively offering you competitively priced and high converting campaigns.

Committed to increasing your bottom line and providing you with top of the line support staff to help you accomplish your revenue generating goals.

This  leading affiliate network not only links top advertisers with publishers but exclusively offers both Toluna DOI and Opinion Surveys campaigns on an international level. Being the source of these two campaigns they offer the best payout for direct publishers.

The ThinkAction team can certainly pride themselves on fast payments, excellent customer service and offering a range of campaigns that are not only interesting for your traffic  but high converting. The team also works closely with you to optimise each campaign to ensure a mutually successful and profitable partnership is established. A truly positive experience.

Overall benefits of ThinkAction:

-Top payout

-No incremental investment to you

-Simple and quick implementation

-Quick payment

-The potential to earn over $100,000 a month

-Additional monthly affiliate incentives

-Easy to understand and up-to-date online reporting tool

-Easy monitoring of performance

-Virtually effortless maintenance

– Domestic and International offer opportunities

– Overall ThinkAction stands out in three key areas from any other network. Commitment to; Results, Service and Quality.

I invite you to find out more information about ThinkAction by checking out their site at or get in touch with them at for a personal consultation.


What is ClickBank?

ClickBank is a highly attractive program for product sellers and affiliates alike. ClickBank is a great market for digital products as it allows vendors to sell electronic products such as e-books and other media. It also allows affiliates to promote the products and make commissions in return. Presently, there are more than 100000 products at ClickBank, thus making it one of the largest online affiliate networks.

Most of the products which are marketed at ClickBank offer generous commissions and most of the time, you can receive more than 50% of what the sales price of the products are. This is one aspect of Clickbank in particular that makes the top affiliates make thousands of dollars per month. The products which are listed on the website are ranked in terms of their popularity so there are options available for you to find out the products which are the hottest sellers.

ClickBank, according to practically all of its affiliates, is a reputable company which sends in the commissions promptly after every couple of weeks. You can start earning money with ClickBank once you have a website of your own and the way you make money with Clickbank is to promote the products contained within the Clickbank marketplace.

Scour the Market

After signing up to ClickBank, you can take a brief look at the ClickBank marketplace and see the thousands of products which have been listed for you to promote. However, as a newbie, do not be in a hurry to choose products as you need to give yourself time to think how you are going to promote them effectively. Choosing what products to promote is crucial as you want to make the maximum returns in your business.

The best thing that you can do to find this out is to check out the product’s ‘gravity’ score. The gravity is in essence a measure of the number of affiliates who have sold the product in the last 8 weeks or so. If the number is a little higher, it is better. It is best to head for a gravity score that has a minimum score of 30. Other than the gravity factor, there are various other statistics which can be rated for every product and these involve the following:

  • Sale: This is the average amount which the affiliate makes for every sale taking into account aspects such as chargebacks and refunds etc.
  • Future Sales: This is the average amount of money which the affiliate is able to make from the recurring billing of the single sale once the initial purchase is over. It is all about recurring billing.
  • Total Sales: This is the total number of products sold. With the recurring billing products, this figure is equal to the average total of the initial sale along with all of the rebillings which is then divided by the number of initial sales.
  • Percentage Sale: This is the commission rate.
  • Percentage Refund: This is the percentage sales which had been referred by the affiliates.

The above information will give you a tiny insight into aspects that you need to look for when promoting Clickbank products..

Get Paid

ClickBank pays affiliate commissions every 2 weeks and one of the biggest reasons why people prefer ClickBank to other affiliate programs is because it offers great flexibility to its users.

Clickbank offers the choice of adjusting your own payment threshold that can be affixed to as low as $10. The payment is posted by check or you can go for a direct Bank deposit which is available to over 17 countries including the US. However to qualify for the direct check scheme usually, you need to have received 3 paper paychecks .This may be a little frustrating, but if you become a regular Clickbank affiliate, then you will be able to qualify in no time.

Furthermore it must be said that the commissions paid out at ClickBank are pretty high and many of them exceed 50%. In a nutshell, you are duly rewarded for your efforts and such margins can mean you earn nice paychecks. The payment and reporting methods of ClickBank helps speed up the payments and prevents fraud. Merchants cannot trick you of sales as ClickBank gives you the commission directly from the sale you’ve helped generate.

ClickBank is the Biggest Affiliate Program for Avid Moneymakers

If you are a more advanced Internet Marketer, then if you are looking for an affiliate website, you should try and get started with ClickBank. Clickbank is a marketplace for the e-book authors and companies for advertising their products and services. This means that you as a publisher are not required to set up complex referral scripts for affiliates and ways to manage the billing of your product. This is because Clickbank’s system for doing this is second to none.

Overall, Clickbank is by all means an excellent network for anyone who wishes to set off in affiliate marketing whether you are looking to promote or publish products online.

Underground Affiliate

It’s hard not to get excited about Underground Affiliate Secrets. I have not seen anything like this anywhere else on the Internet. What he’s offering is not just an e-book, but a lifetime membership to an entire internet marketing training course for how to become what’s called a “Super Affiliate”.

Below is a list on just a few of the courses and resources that you get access too:

– Step-by-step video tutorials

– E-books and marketing guides

– Step-by-step e-course on affiliate marketing

– High converting traffic methods

– Article marketing

– Review sites

– List building

– Blogging

– Marketing tips

– YouTube marketing

– Squidoo marketing

– AdWords marketing

What I like best about Underground Affiliate Secrets is that there are so many ways for you to earn money online. I only implemented three of the strategies whilst testing the product and all of them made a steady income. I’m definitely going to try more of the techniques in the near future too so I will keep you updated.

Using just three of the techniques explained in the course made me £237.00 in just one week.

Overall this definitely one of the best affiliate marketing courses online, getting started is easy no matter what your level of knowledge… Learning something new can be challenging, but Underground Super Affiliates have created a program that takes you by the hand and walks you through getting started!

They have taken all the “GuessWork” out of getting started with Internet Marketing by offering a complete step-by-step learning experience that you can work through at your own pace.

Top tips for affiliate success

As we mentioned before you cannot simply offer a website filled with advertisements. The best way to succeed in affiliate marketing is to tailor your website to your audience’s needs and to ensure there is enough content to get them to convert.

1. Choose a Market Niche

Weight loss pills, property courses, insurance… There are thousands of merchants on the internet looking to be represented. Now before you sign up to any, make sure you choose an area that peaks your interest; one that you will enjoy writing about and know you can turn into a profitable niche.

2. Create Powerful content

You’ve picked a niche, found the best affiliate program for you… now you need to write the content.

Your website is essentially a consumer resource, so the content you produce here needs to be what your readers want to see and read about. To achieve this try to include product reviews, gift guides and product advice to keep them interested and make your product appear more credible.

3. Track your progress

Most good affiliate programs will offer you the technology to effectively track your sales and ensure that you receive the commissions you deserve.

Another bonus of these detailed reports are their ability to help you keep track of which items are selling best and which are failing. With this data you can plan ahead, amend your product choices and build an affiliate marketing strategy that is guaranteed to keep your site growing successfully for many years to come.

Are there any other perks?

Many. The main being that affiliate marketing is hassle free.

Compared to most marketing niches, affiliate marketing is an expanding business with more companies wanting to join it in a bid to help increase their online exposure.

Yet as an affiliate, representing their products is more appealing than you can imagine.

Low Start-Up Costs: free to join, many affiliate programs will now provide you with a personalised website, plus content (articles, reviews, press releases) that you can re-write and put onto your site. The only expense you might come across is website hosting fees, which you can easily avoid if you have already got a website that you can modify.

Minimal Hassle: your sole job as an affiliate is to sell products/services. The stock, inventory, distribution and customer service involved in supporting this product is the responsibility of the merchant. Not yours.

Quick Results: easily the best feature about affiliate marketing is that it allows you to start earning money within a short space of time. With a little time and commitment to begin with, you can set up a simple website that will allow you to start selling your product within a matter of hours. Plus by also marketing your website through the utilisation of SEO (search engine optimisation), email marketing, blog posts and newsletters, you can increase your sites successes even further.

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