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How You Can Fix “Error Code 0x80070666”

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If you’re installing Visual C Redistributable and receive an error code 0x80070666, chances are that another C package has already been installed on your pc. Should you say you do not see one out of the Programs featuring within the User Interface, it doesn’t always mean that old version continues to be effectively removed.

In some instances, a wrongful uninstallation from the Visual C Redistributable packages removes it in the User Interface, but leaves traces on your pc, rendering other older versions to become not able to set up.

This publish discusses several methods you utilize to operate for this issue and effectively install the C Redistributable package from the version that you would like.

Error Code 0x80070666

The Microsoft Visual C Redistributable packages are Dynamic Link Library (DLL) files required to run software created using Microsoft Visual Studio. These frequently come preinstalled with software that requires them, but could frequently be missing, thus requiring to become by hand installed.

For the reason that situation, you might encounter a mistake message stating the next:

0x80070666 – Another form of the product has already been installed. Installing of this version cannot continue. To configure or take away the existing form of the product, use Add/Remove Programs around the User Interface.

Error 2

Error message

Obviously, it seems sensible to get rid of all of the Visual C Redistributable installations after which install the version that you would like. However, even that doesn’t work sometimes and users apparently feel the same issue again and again.

There might be several causes of this issue.

What Can Cause Error Code 0x80070666

After experiencing this error code ourselves and investigating it further, we’ve discovered several causes of the stated issue:

Also, a more modern form of Visual C Redistributable has already been installed on your computer. If you’re attempting to install Visual C 2015 on the top of 2017, then you’ll begin to see the error prompt as proven within the image above. However, you are able to install 2017 on the top of the older version.

The older Visual C Redistributable version didn’t uninstall properly and it has left out files hindering the brand new Visual C installation.

Home windows Update is concurrently attempting to install exactly the same Visual C Redistributable package, conflicting together with your manual installation attempt.

Let’s now demonstrate how you can repair the problem using several methods. Observe that there is no need that applying one of these simple will repair the problem. Therefore, we recommend that you simply implement many of these solutions within the given order unless of course your condition is resolved.

Uninstall All Visual C Versions

One method to repair the problem is just to delete all Visual C redistributable packages out of your computer, and continue to install the main one you’ll need. This often fixes the issue, because the later form of Visual C prevents the older version from being installed.

Carry out the following steps to uninstall the prior Visual C installations:

Open the Programs featuring page within the User Interface by keying in appwiz.cpl within the Run Command box.


Open Programs featuring within the User Interface

Here, right-click all the “Microsoft Visual C Redistributable” installations one at a time after which click Uninstall in the context menu.

  • Uninstall old Visual C installations
  • Uninstall old Visual C installations
  • If requested for any confirmation, click Yes.
  • Confirm your choice
  • Confirm your choice
  • Repeat steps 2 and three to uninstall all of the older versions of Visual C Redistributable packages until not one of them remain.
  • When each one is removed, restart the pc after which make an effort to reinstall the Visual C you had been initially attempting to install.
  • Cellular phone should certainly be effective. Otherwise, then still carry out the remaining methods.

Note that you could now reinstall the Visual C versions that you simply earlier removed, and shouldn’t have any trouble doing this. It is because the Visual C packages are only able to be installed from old to new, and never the other way around.

Install Pending Home windows Updates

Once we pointed out above, Home windows Update might be trying to install exactly the same Visual C version while you, which in turn causes an accident and therefore, the mistake prompt. For the reason that situation, you should check for just about any pending Home windows updates and set them up to find out if this resolves the issue.

Visit the following to check on for pending Home windows updates.

Settings application >> Home windows Update

  • Click Look for updates around the right.
  • look for updates Home windows 11
  • Look for pending updates
  • When the scan is finished, install any suggested updates by clicking the Download button near the update.
  • Once all updates are set up, restart your pc.
  • When the computer reboots, determine when the problem persists.

Run the Fix-It Tool

Microsoft has produced a fix-it tool, also referred to as “Program Install and Uninstall” Troubleshooter, you can use to trobleshoot and fix any software if it’s getting trouble installing or uninstalling.

Adopt these measures to solve the 0x80070666 error code with fix-it:

Download the “Program Install and Uninstall” troubleshooter out of this Microsoft page.

download 11

Download Fix-It

When downloaded, double-click the program to operate it.

The troubleshooting wizard will run. Around the first screen, click Advanced.

advanced 4

Click Advanced

Now, make sure this area alongside “Apply repairs automatically” is checked, then click Next.

apply repairs next 1

Apply repairs if detected

Now select Installing.


Click Installing

Around the next screen, choose the Visual C package you’re getting challenge with, after which click Next.

next 6

Select product

Now stick to the on-screen instructions to repair this program.

Repair the problem

Repair the problem

When the utility has run its course, close this program and restart your pc.

Because the computer restarts, determine should you can now install the preferred Visual C Redistributable package.

Repair Visual C

The context menu, which seems whenever you right-click a visible C package within the Programs featuring window within the User Interface, frequently includes a “Repair” or “Change” option, which enables you to definitely repair a corrupted Visual C installation.

However, this method may be missing once the corresponding files become corrupted. In this scenario, you may still make an effort to repair the Visual C package with such steps:

Download the Visual C Redistributable file.

Open Command Prompt with elevated legal rights.

Now improve your directory towards the place to the download Visual C installer while using following cmdlet.

Note: Replace Username using the username of the account.

CD /d C:UsersUsernameDownloads

Change directory

Change directory

Now paste the next cmdlet to operate the repair wizard.

vc_redist.x64.exe /uninstall

Launch repairing wizard

Launch repairing wizard

In the Wizard, click Repair.

Repair Visual C

Repair Visual C

The wizard will make an effort to repair Visual C Redistributable. Once it’s finished, click Restart.

Restart PC

Restart PC

Once the computer reboots, make an effort to reinstall the Visual C version that you simply desired to and appearance when the issue persists.

Closing Words

Fundamental essentials possible solutions that really try to fix the 0x80070666 error code while trying to install Microsoft Visual C Redistributable packages. Tell us which matches your needs within the comments section below.

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