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Importance of Product Description to Increase the Conversion Rate !

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Selling your product online can be tough because the user can not directly interact with the product. All he interacts with, is the content on your product page.

Based on that, he makes his decision; whether or not he is going to buy your product. Your product description is the one thing where you get a chance to communicate and interact with your customer – which means a product description gives you an opportunity to convert the lead – if you do it the right way. Hence, if you want to use your product description to take your conversion rate up, you are at the right post. By the end of this post, you will learn what exactly is a product description, how to make your product description conversion focused, and things to avoid while writing a product description.

What is product description?

A piece of content that describes a product is called the product description. But today’s ecommerce scenario requires a product description to be more conversion focused than informative.

If you believe just writing the features of your product is going to drive conversion, you couldn’t be more wrong. You can choose to hire product description writers or you can learn to write good product descriptions yourself. Whatever you decide to do, just don’t fill the product page with product features – because it doesn’t work!

How product description helps drive conversion:

By making the customer aware of the benefits

A product description tells the reader the benefits that your product offers. Sometimes the product description writers make the mistake of focusing too much on the features. What they should do instead is, emphasize how these features actually benefit the user.

By telling the user how a product solves his/her problem

A product description also tells the reader how your product solves your customer’s problem and what it can do to make your customers life easier.

How important is product description in driving conversions:

According to a research by One Space, 87% of the customers think that the product content (which, in most cases is product description) is “very important” while making a purchase.

Before knowing how a good product description can help you, it is important to know how a bad one can harm you:

  • False or confusing product description can cause an increase in returns.
  • If your product description is insufficient or confusing, 87% of the customers would never return to your store.

A conversion focused product description:

A product description must include the necessary information about the product. But that’s not all. If you want your product description to convert, you have to make sure that your product description has the following.

High quality images of product:

Images are powerful, which means, you have to be careful when posting images on the product page. Make sure that the images are high quality and clearly show the product from all angles.

Must answer the basic questions an average customer might have:

If you are selling clothing, make sure to include the exact measurements of the item. Similarly, depending on what your customer might want to know, include all the necessary information.

Must address your customer’s problem:

A product description surely describes the product but a conversion focused description emphasizes on the problem that your product solves.

Must be persuasive:

There is a difference between a description written to drive sales and description aimed to inform the reader about the product. Of course if your aim is to convert, then you have to make your product description persuasive and convincing.

Must be personalized:

Write your product description using the language that your ideal buyer understands. Use words like, “you” and “your” to better connect with the reader and keep the tone conversational.

Things to avoid

Now that you know what you have to do, you must also be aware of things that you must avoid while writing your product description.

Don’t make false claims:

While writing product description, you must assure the reader that your product solves his/her problem but while doing so, make sure not to go overboard and make false claims. If you exaggerate the solution and make your product appear better than it actually is, it will tarnish your brand image.

Don’t make it too long:

When you are writing a product description to convert, you must keep it short. Do not include all the technical details about your product. Instead, include only the details that are necessary and will keep the product description engaging.

Don’t make it product focused:

A product description will definitely be focused on the product. Right? Wrong! A conversion focused product description is not all about the product. Instead of writing the whole page on the qualities of the product, you should focus on connecting with the audience. How do you do that? By simply telling them how this particular product makes their lives easier.

Example of a conversion-focused product description:

Driving conversion becomes easier, if:

When it comes to converting leads, there are a few thing, other than the product description that can work in your favor.

  • The product you are selling is already popular.
  • The platform on which you are listing the product is trusted.
  • The product you are listing is a convenience product.

Final words:

If you want to sell your products online, you have to make sure you are writing your product descriptions the right way. If you don’t have professional ecommerce product description writers share this post with whoever writes your content for the product pages, so that they can learn how to write good conversion-focused product description, and take your conversion rate to the level you want.

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