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Johnny Knoxville Net Worth 2021 Biography, Career, Height, and Assets

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What is Johnny Knoxville’s net worth?

Net Worth: $75 Million
Age: 49
Born: March 11, 1971
Country of Origin: United States of America
Source of Wealth: Professional Actor
Last Updated: 2021


By 2021, Johnny Knoxville’s internet worth is believed to become roughly $75 million.

Johnny Knoxville is definitely an American actor, film producer, screenwriter, comedian and stunt artist from Knoxville. He’s best referred to as a co-creator and star from the MTV reality stunt show ‘Jackass’, which aired for 3 seasons from 2000-2002.

Early Existence

Philip John Clapp was created around the eleventh of March, 1971, in Knoxville. Clapp may be the boy of Lemoyne and Philip Clapp. His father, a vehicle salesperson played practical jokes on his family which impacted little Johnny.

He visited South Youthful Senior High School and graduated in 1989. He would be a good student coupled with earned a scholarship to go to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.


Knoxville battled a great deal in the early career. Good acting jobs were tricky to find and that he made an appearance in commercials so that as an additional. Also, he began writing article suggestions to magazines to be able to earn additional money.

Once while thinking about suggestions for articles he developed the idea of testing self-defense devices on themself. This concept was well-loved by Shaun Tremaine from the skateboarding publication ‘Big Brother’ who advised Johnny to videotape this concept for tales.

Tremaine demonstrated this video to his director friend Spike Jonze who made the decision to produce a series according to this. Jonze, together with Tremaine and Johnny would function as the manager producers with this show.

The trio signed an offer with MTV and ‘Jackass’ was created. The truth show which featured people performing harmful stunts and pranks ran around the funnel from 2000 till 2002.

A DVD ‘Jackass 2.5’ was launched in 2007. It contained never witnessed before stunts, deleted scenes, photos in the cast.

The 3rd film within the Jackass film series, ‘Jackass 3D’ was in 2010.

By 2021, Johnny Knoxville’s internet worth is $75 million.


Here are the best popular features of Johnny Knoxville’s career:

  1. Jackass 3D (Movie, 2010)
  2. Action Point (Movie, 2018)

Favorite Quotes from Johnny Knoxville

“You will easily notice it’s good should you light it along with a blue flame pops up which means it’s good moonshine also it perform you decide to go blind.” – Johnny Knoxville

“My parents stated which i was nine several weeks old and would throw myself from the crib to the floor constantly. Every time they left the area after putting me in they’d hear a large bump and I’d be on the ground again.” – Johnny Knoxville

“People think by challenging me they’re likely to show they’re tough. But I am not tough. Decent drinker. Not this type of bad kisser. Although not an excellent fighter.” – Johnny Knoxville

“I can count eight within my phone at this time – eight different doctors, all for various areas of my body system. I’ve specialists.” – Johnny Knoxville

“Suffering can get you great footage. I do not learn about nearer to God. Although there has been occasions when I’ve endured enough where I believe I would actually cover to satisfy him.” – Johnny Knoxville

3 Training from Johnny Knoxville and Jackass

Now you know about Johhny Knoxville’s internet worth, and just how he achieved success let’s check out a few of the training we are able to study from him:

1. Its Not Necessary A Large Budget

The Jackass crew produces its movies on the minuscule budget over a typical feature film and contains simply no effect on the entertainment worth of the ultimate product.

This really is even truer online, where often the videos which go “viral,” have little if any budget whatsoever in it.

2. There’s Strength In Figures

The main factor to the prosperity of Jackass is it involves a crew of men doing the stunts and not simply one person.

Your competition between your guys drives these to do bigger and stuff compared to what they would by themselves. Second, it enables the crowd for connecting with various people from the Jackass crew and accentuates their individual characteristics.

3. Make It Simple, Stupid

People like stuff that are really simple to understand plus they prefer to share and discuss stuff that are really simple to explain. Jackass is these two things.

Its not necessary a university degree to “get” a Jackass movie so you don’t must have seen other things the Jackass mankind has completed to appreciate their latest masterpiece.


Johnny Knoxville is definitely an actor who redefined reality television entertainment using the show ‘Jackass’. The prosperity of the series ensured the stuntman cum comedian got observed and it was soon asked to do in other shows.

By 2021, Johnny Knoxville’s internet worth is believed to become roughly $75 million.

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