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Madamw Reviews (Nov 2021) Is This A Legit Store?

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What’s Madamw.lt?

It’s an website representing the MadamW store located in Lithuania. The shop deals with furniture, bathroom, lighting, kitchen, décor, mattresses, and bed linens products. You will find bathtubs, appliances, chandeliers plus much more.

Goods are lavish and marvelous. There’s a choice to determine the products in the purchase section. But you must understand that it is really an website of the offline store. Discover more relating to this within the Is Madamw Legit section.

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Specifications of Madamw.lt

URL: http://madamw.lt/

Category: do it yourself products website

Domain age: five years, 6 several weeks and 27 days 28/04/2016.

Current email address: info@madamw.lt

Phone number: 370 616 00034, 37046254936

Company address: Kestucio g. 34 Vilnius, LT – 08112 and Lietuvininku A.4, Klaipeda, LT – 92232

Payment methods recognized: payment methods aren’t relevant with this website.

Return and exchange policy: case a catalogue website for that MadamW store, and for that reason, no coverage is pointed out online

Refund guarantee: not given

Shipment policy: not given

Social networking icons present: Instagram and Facebook

Pros of Madamw.lt

Luxurious products

The website name now has wrinkles

Cons of Madamw.lt

Mixed reviews received on social networking

No details about these products

No e-commerce website

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Is Madamw Legit?

Domain age: five years, 6 several weeks and 27 days 28/04/2016

Domain Expiry: 29/04/2022

Trust score: 80/100

Trust Rank: 55.6/100

Alexa rank: not assigned

Owner’s information: not revealed

Customer policies: not pointed out

Testimonials: mixed comments are found

Social networking links: Facebook and Instagram account links receive

There’s no choice to put the make an online purchase, so we think that clients are needed to go to the shop physically to buy the products. This site isn’t for shopping online purposes, and therefore, no policies or product details are given onto it. Customers can see it as a catalogue/sales brochure website.

Madamw Reviews in the Users

Testimonials are an important facet of an internet site that indicate its authenticity. For the today’s website, we found numerous testimonials on their own Facebook page. Nevertheless, these comments are just ratings without any feedback.

Have you got any information or comment relating to this website offering interior design products plus much more? Comment lower. Also, become familiar with about Charge Card Scams to beware.


Within the Madamw Reviews, we discovered this site. It’s poorly laid and possesses no specific information associated with the organization or its products. There aren’t any policies or perhaps an about us section. So, this site isn’t for shopping online.

However, you may go to the showroom physically and may make your decision decision. Furthermore, you might research by yourself furthermore this store for that positive outcome.

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