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Menchie’s Frosty Yogurt is known for frozen cakes and yogurts. But when you explore their stores, you need to understand their most up-to-date navigation. So in this post, let’s have a look at their latest menu.

Menchie’s Frosty Natural yoghurts is recognized for its level of quality and modern food selection. Their menu contains low-excess fat, gluten-100 % free, no glucose integrated and dairy food-free of charge frosty treat alternatives. They also have vegan choices like Darkish Dark chocolate Mousse made using Almond Milk. They are also very reasonable mainly because they ask you for $.51 per oz.

But Menchie’s Frozen Fat free yogurt list is not the only thing I will say to you outlined in this article. I am going to also reveal to you the franchising data, contact details additionally, the healthy breaking down with the goods produce relating to the Menchie’s Frozen Natural yoghurts food selection. Before knowing all this, let’s check out some history about Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt.

Menchie’s Frosty Natural yoghurts is undoubtedly an Us iced natural yogurt chain that is established by Adam and Danna Caldwell in May very well 1971. The primary hold of Menchie’s Iced Fat free yogurt was popped in Los Angeles. The brand is known for its iced yogurts.

Menchies Frozen Natural yogurt Food selection Price levels

Menchie’s Frosty Yogurt selection benefits a wide range of iced yogurts. This includes typical, non-extra fat, vegetarian, and gluten-free of charge freezing yogurts. You could have all these particular yogurts utilizing your preferred toppings.

Their freezing yogurts exist in a number of flavours, for example typical vanilla, herbs, many and fruits additional. You could also produce your own personal frosty natural yoghurts at Menchie’s. There are plenty of of flavors and toppings to pick from.

The explanation of why their iced yogurts are incredibly favorite is because of the top-high quality things that Menchie’s use within their natural yogurt. The Menchie’s Iced Low fat yogurt list price is also really low-priced since they ask you for $.51 every ounce.

So without waiting more, let’s check out the latest Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt menu with prices.

Frozen Yogurt

Large Yogurt $11.99
Medium Yogurt $8.99
Small Yogurt $5.99

Pre-Packed Frozen Yogurt

Extra Small Pre-Packed Frozen Yogurt (4oz) $2.99
Pre-Packed Frozen Yogurt(Up to 32 oz) $8.99

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Frozen Yogurt Cakes

8″ Round Happy Birthday Cake(Vanilla) $34.95


Bottled Water $2.00


Gatorade $2.99