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Documents are an inevitable part of our day-to-day life. With the advanced technology, now it is easily possible to merge all the documents into one single file.

The Portable Document Format (PDF) is the most commonly used format for the document.PDF documents can be text or image-based and can be shared irrespective of the platform. Unlike a Word document, which requires Microsoft Word to open, a merge PDF document opens in a web browser.

You can easily share PDF documents with friends or colleagues, as you don’t have to worry about any specific application to open the file. The content and the format remain intact. But what if you have multiple files to be shared.

Merge PDF is merging multiple PDF files into a single file. By doing this the files are organized, and easy to locate and access. If multiple documents have to be sent, you will have to open each document, check the content and format. By merging the PDF files, you can easily get the documents in a single file and can easily be shared.

Even though most of the email services provide the option of attaching multiple files to any platform, sometimes it is set to one single file limit. For example, if you have to email a resume, cover letter, certificates, recommendation letter, you need to attach each file and cross verify the documents uploaded and check the format and order. Why spend so much time when you can easily merge the files and send them across as a single file.

How to merge PDF files online

  1. Select the files or drag and drop the files. The files to be uploaded can be selected from any location, either from the computer or from cloud storage.
  2. Check the files uploaded and rearrange or add more pages if needed.
  3. Once uploaded, click on the Merge button.
  4. The merged document is ready for download.

Merge PDF files offline

If you are worried about the safety and the security of the files uploaded online, do not worry, as you can easily merge files offline.

You do not need an internet connection for combining the files. Several apps are available for download with features that help the merging of documents quickly and easily. As PDF files may contain sensitive data, uploading files online might turn risky. Apps are available for both desktop and android Smartphone.

Manage Documents for Large Projects

Large projects have multiple teams, different types of reports, tasks, and many documents to be managed. Individual teams are also required to report or update on daily status, tasks completed, and so on. How can you manage to handle this? Searching and finding the right document and making it readily available is not an easy-to-do task.

The best solution is to merge the files of a single project to a big file that is available for the team. If the documents are structured and sorted in a bigger PDF file on basis of data, team, work, it will reduce the number of necessary files, and accessing the file will be easy.

With all the files in one hand, you can easily prepare presentations or send them across via email, without having to search for the file.

Save time in printing

When you have numerous documents to be printed, you have to open each document and give a print request. You need to do a thorough check to ensure all the documents are printed. There are chances you might miss out on some documents.

Get over this hassle by merging the documents into a single file with a few clicks and get the document printed.

Better organized

If there are multiple files of a project scattered in your system, be it in folder, drives, or cloud storage, how will you be able to locate the necessary files. Merge the documents to a single file so that all your files are placed in a single file, and when required just select the single file. There is no worry of documents getting missed or misplaced.

Less use of storage space

As said above, if multiple files are scattered in the computer, the storage space for the files increases. Instead, if the files are merged into a single file, only less storage space is used.

Sharing is much easier

Be it professional or personal, sharing the file is much easier than merging PDF. The merged file can easily be sent across via email. If the document to be sent contains many files, sending them as merged file reduces the number of attachments, size, and delivery time.

Cloud storage like Google Drive and Drop Box are mostly used by individuals or teams to share files. Merged files can

be uploaded or downloaded at a much faster speed than individual files.

Compatibility with all operating systems and device 

Compatibility issue is a serious concern when working on different types of documents and different platforms. The good news with merged PDF files is that it is compatible with any device and all operating systems.

More with the merge PDF documents 

  • Creating a portfolio or resume

Very helpful in creating a portfolio or resume, as there would be multiple documents or image files to be added. A resume or portfolio is the first impression you give to the person looking into them. People working in the field of art can make their work looks visually appealing and eye-catching.

  • For Presentations

You can easily make a presentation by referring to a single merged file instead of going through multiple files. This is very much useful for the host as well as the participants to refer to the slides and the files when needed.

  • Keep your Records safe

Personal records are very important and have to be kept safe. Physical records might get lost, missed, damaged during shifting, or due to any natural disaster. To be on the safer side, by having a PDF copy of all the vital documents, you have the information in hand for reference.

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