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Nas Net Worth 2021, Record, Salary, Biography, Career, and Wiki

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What’s Nas’ Net worth?

Net Worth:$70 Million


Born:September 14, 1973

Country of Origin:Usa

Supply of Wealth:Professional Rapper

Last Updated:2021


Nas is definitely an American rapper, rap record producer, entrepreneur, and actor. He’s offered over 25 million records worldwide coupled with 8 albums consecutively be certified platinum.

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Nas has their own record label, owns a FILA sneaker store, and can serve as affiliate writer of Mass Appeal magazine.

By 2021, Nas’ Net worth is roughly $70 million.

Early Existence

Nas was created Nasir bin Olu Dara Johnson, around the 14th September, 1973, in Brooklyn, New You are able to. His mother would be a postal service worker, and the father is really a jazz and blues music performer.

When Nas would be a child, his family gone to live in the Lengthy Island City neighborhood of Queens. His neighbor influenced his initial curiosity about rap by playing him records.

His parents divorced in 1985, and that he dropped from school following the eighth grade, but started playing the trumpet and writing their own rhymes.


Nas was initially recording music like a teen as “Kid Wave”, with the aid of his neighbor to become his DJ.

Within the late 80’s, Nas met track of Large Professor, and visits it studio. Nas frequently used it studio to create, but none of them of his work done there is ever released.

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In early 90’s, Nas was signed to Columbia records, and the debut album was launched in 1994. It had been awarded best album of 1994 through the Source, and the prosperity of the album sparked more hits from Nas.

Nas continued to produce a lot more albums through the years, as well as in 2001 his dispute with Jay-Z hit the press. Using the pair each firing diss tracks at each other.

Nas has offered over 25 million records worldwide, that is an amazing achievement so that as of 2021, Nas’ Net worth is $70 million, making them among the wealthiest rappers on the planet.


Here are the best popular features of Nas’ career:

  • Illmatic (1994)
  • It Had Been Written (1996)
  • I Am… (1999)
  • Stillmatic (2001)
  • God’s Boy (2002)
  • Street’s Disciple (2004)
  • Untitled (2008)
  • Distant Relatives (2010)
  • Existence is nice (2012)

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Favorite Quotes from Nas

Nas Quotes 1

“You have to maintain your vision obvious, Cause merely a coward resides in fear” – Nas

Nas Quotes 2

“The craziest things already became of me, so either you will be poking fun at me or you’re laughing beside me, ha” – Nas

Nas Quotes 3

“Born Alone, Die Alone, no crew to help keep my crown or throne” – Nas

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Nas Quotes 4

“Don’t ever give up yourself. Keep pushing since the change of pads is exactly what life’s about. You’ve always reached stick to whatever you’re into since your day will come. Your entire day is destined. Should you leave behind that, may it be from fear or if you’re just quitting. The finest crime is fear and providing up.” – Nas

Nas Quotes 5

“There would be a side of me that understood I would alter the game, however i didn’t know the number of people would respect it.” – Nas

Nas Quotes 6

“Every time I recieve within the studio, Personally i think like I wanna have a great time. My fun isn’t doing the simple work. My fun does what’s me.” – Nas


Nas is both a proficient rapper and entrepreneur, using the diversification of his career strengthening his earnings.

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