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Review About Searching for a JunkYard to sell your Junk Car!

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US Car Junker

 Sometimes you feel that your car is now damaged and it is not in a condition to drive it more. In this situation, you think to repair it or selling it. If you can repair then sometimes it is too much cost. So, it is better to sell your car to US Car Junker and get instant cash. 

US car junker is the best platform to get your old car and pay you a handsome amount. The procedures are very simple and easy. You can easily sell your car on this platform. This is a US-based company. They will also provide you online car selling service. 

If you are not in a position or have no time to go physically. You can apply online and they will visit your location. You can easily search the junkyard near your residence and sell your car.

What is US Car Junker

It is an online platform that provides you the facility to sell your old cars at a good price. You will get easy access to this US car Junker website. The procedure to sell your car is also very easy and simple.

This platform is good for those people who live in a big city. And it is a difficult thing to find junk yards in a big city. You can simply go to the official website of the US Car Junker and search by entering your city zip code. You will get to the nearest junkyard and sell your car there or contact them.

US Car junker has a professional team. Which are deals with you. They know all the requirements and how to deal with the customer in a good way. One of the best things is that when they take your damaged car and during the shipment if any problem occurs. They will consider by them. All the processes are free of cost.


A junkyard is a place where you will find old, damaged cars. The cars will be brought for recycled or selling. If they find car parts that can recycle or repair they can do that and if not then sold them. 

The remaining parts of the car are crushed and disposed of. The parts which are in good condition sell to those people who have to need these spare parts in their automobiles. By melting these parts someone makes them into new parts and then sells them.

How to Sell your Car at Junkyard

It is very simple and easy to sell your car on US Car Junker. You just need to go to the official website and do 3 easy steps and sell your car.

Step 1: Get a Quote

First, you need to visit the official website and click on “Get My Offer”. After that enter all the details of your car. You can also see there a contact number. You can also apply through this contact number and give the detail.

Step 2: Get the offer

After reading or listening to all your detail they will offer you a price. Now, you can make a schedule with them and give any suitable time.

Step 3: check and give the cash

When you set a time and schedule with them. They will visit you and check your car. If everything is ok then they will give you payment or transfer into your account.

Types of Junkyard

There are the following types of junkyards.

Scrap Car Yards

In this type of junkyard, they will accept all the types of cars which sell by the people. They will recycle the car and use their parts which are good in condition.

Salvage Yard

In this type of yard, they will accept a car that is damaged by an accident or another way. Some of these cars can be repaired and driven again. Some parts of these cars are sold to the people who want to buy them.

Wrecking Yards

In these types of yards, the cars which parts can sell and the remaining parts can be sold as scrap metal.

Does a Junkyard Buy a Car?

Yes, you can sell your junk car. They will accept but there are different conditions and it also depends on the condition of your car.

Who they Acquir the Car

Two types of sellers who want to sell their cars are the following.

General Public

The general public is used to selling their damaged, wrinkled junk in the junkyard. This is the most common type who sell their cars.

Other businesses

Some businesses can also sell their junk cars in junkyards. They can sell also the parts and other scrap metals.

Condition for selling the cars

There are the following conditions under which you can sell the car. So it is dependent on the junk yards whether they will accept your junk cars or not.

 Junk cars

Most of the junkyards just want to accept your cars as scrap metal. They will not consider whether the engine condition is good or not. They just buy due to the metal.

Wrecked Cars

In this condition the junkyards see the condition of the engine and other usable parts, if they find that they are damaged then they will not buy your car.

Damaged Cars

Likewise, the damaged car will also see the condition of the engine and the other parts of the car. If they find the parts are too damaged then they will not buy your car.

Additionally, If you want to sell your junk car and you will find junkyards near to you. Then you need to search for it by using your internet and then call them and give all the details of your car. After that, they will inspect your car and give you an amount in return.

Reason to Choose the US Car Junker as JunkYard

There are the following reasons that you are choosing the US Car Junker to sell your car which is the following.

Quick and Easy Process

The process is very simple and easy to sell your car on US Car Junker. You just need to visit the official website to get my offer or call on the given number and give all the detail. They will visit you and pay you the amount.

Get the Instant Quote

If you are in a great hurry then they will give you an instant offer. As you give all the information they will give you the offer. Now it is up to you whether you will accept the offer or not.

Free of Cost Service

All the services which they will give you are free of cost. You will pay nothing. You just give your all information they’ll visit you, gives the payment and take the junk car.

Final Verdict

If you have a damaged car then you want to sell it and get a good amount. There are different junkyards that will accept your junk cars but the US Car Junker is one of the best options for you to sell your damaged cars.

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