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Solutions to fix Quickbooks error code 80029c4a !

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Are you also facing QuickBooks Error 80029c4a in your software? And you don’t have any idea how to troubleshoot these errors? Don’t worry, in this article we discuss how to fix this QuickBooks Error 80029c4a but do you know about how this error occurred on your computer? So firstly, we will discuss the causes and symptoms of QuickBooks Error code 80029c4a.

Solutions to fix Quickbooks error code 80029c4a

QuickBooks Error Code 80029c4a

QuickBooks Error 80029c4a is a common error that is mentioned by many QuickBooks users in the past few times. This error appears on your screen when QuickBooks DLL files allow multiple programs to have the same functionality. This DLL error is common when the system is set up or using any specific program. The main reason behind this QuickBooks 2015 Error code 80029c4a is DLL files.

Whenever QuickBooks Error 80029c4a occurs then an error message will pop up on your computer screen like :

“Problem: there was an unexpected error reported when trying to run QuickBooks with a company file.”

“Error Code: 80029c4a. Description: Error loading type library/ DLL”

And when you click on the OK button then another message will pop up on your screen which says: “QuickBooks couldn’t load a system component. Restarting your computer might solve the problem. Error type: 80029c4a – can’t load dynamic link library (DLL)”

Causes of QuickBooks Error 80029c4a

  • QuickBooks Desktop system files will be corrupted.
  • The QuickBooks application file will be not able to install or may be damaged.
  • From the QuickBooks-related software modification, the window registry entry can be corrupted.
  • QuickBooks-related program files or any window file system the malware or virus will be damaged or corrupted.
  • Installation of QuickBooks software might be incomplete.
  • If the window startup or shutdown or installation of a window operating system is taking place.
  • When the components of QuickBooks do not start properly.

Symptoms of QuickBooks Error 80029c4a

  • When the system starts freezing frequently.
  • If the active program window crashes then you can identify it.
  • Error code message appears on your system.
  • When the system responds to keyboard input sluggishly.
  • Error code messages occur during the program installation.

Methods to solve QuickBooks Error 80029c4a

There are the following methods that troubleshoot your error issue from your software. Just follow all the steps correctly, if one method didn’t work then try another method:-

Method 1- QuickBooks Desktop Update

  • Firstly, move to the File menu and click on the close company or log off.
  • Make sure that you are using the system as Admin.
  • Check that there is no company file open.
  • Now, go to the Help menu and choose Update QuickBooks.
  • After that, select the Options tab and click on Mark all option then save it.
  • Now, click on Update now then reset update, and then hit on the get update option.
  • Then you will receive an update notification.
  • Press and hold Alt+F4 or Esc and close the QuickBooks system.
  • After that open QuickBooks desktop and click on Yes.
  • At last, reboot your system.

Method 2- reboot.bat file Run

  • Close the QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Click on the QuickBooks desktop icon and click on the properties option.
  • Select the open file location.
  • Now, click on the reboot.bat file and choose the Run as Admin option.
  • Wait till the black window vanishes with scroll file names on a screen.
  • After that, restart your computer.
  • Verify whether this error is still there or not.

Method 3- Repair QuickBooks Desktop

  • Check for a system that is not in the network.
  • Now, launch QuickBooks and find the license and product number from the About option.
  • Go to the control panel and then click on installed programs.
  • Search for QuickBooks and select it then click on uninstall.
  • From the uninstall dialogue box select the repair and then Next.

Method 4- Security software Update

  • Firstly, update the antivirus and security system to the latest version.
  • As per your manual add the program exceptions.
  • At last, reopen your QuickBooks.

Method 5- Clean Install QuickBooks Desktop

  • Firstly, collect all the QuickBooks product information.
  • Now, download the installer of a particular version of QuickBooks.
  • Then you have the License number, which can be spot on the original packaging or the purchase confirmation mail.
  • Wrote down the product year and version.
  • Now, uninstall the QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Open the window start menu, then go to the control panel and open it.
  • Select the program and features option or uninstall option.
  • After that, select the version of QuickBooks.
  • Now, click on uninstall/change option and then remove.
  • Tap on Next and carry out the prompt.
  • At last, you have to reinstall the QuickBooks desktop.

Method 6- Run Window System File Checker

  • Firstly, go to the Start tab and on the search bar type command.
  • Now, press Ctrl+Shift together and tap on enter.
  • When the permission dialogue box occurs then click on Yes.
  • After that, enter SFC/scannow and click on the Enter key.
  • Now, wait until the system file checker completes their scanning for QuickBooks 2015 error code 80029c4a.
  • At last, follow the on-screen prompts.

Winding Up!

In this article, we discuss how to troubleshoot QuickBooks error code 80029c4a. I hope this article will be helpful for you and all your issues will be resolved by following all the steps correctly. If you have any other issue then visit our other articles also.

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