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Solved: Troubleshoot the “OST file too large” error in Outlook

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Your blog demonstrates by pointing out OST files, why OST files become oversized displaying a mistake “OST file too large” and also the possible manual and automatic techniques to resolve this problem.

Microsoft Outlook is among the excellent and many used email clients around the world due to its prolonged security and consumer experience. As users begin to improve their email communication, the mailbox data of MS Outlook continue growing also it grows heavily in dimensions.

Both OST and PST files are essential for Outlook users because they contain crucial data from the mailbox. Here, the files that are in talks are OST files i.e. Offline Storage Table files which continue augmenting in volume as large information is being added continuously towards the mailbox.

In UNICODE OST format, the quality limit can move up to 50 GB tossing an Outlook ost file too large error. However, in ANSI format, files can extend as much as 2 GB. There’s additionally a scenario when you delete the e-mail file, size won’t reduce by deleted volume because free spaces get acquired by white-colored spaces.

OST File- A Summary

Offline Storage File is really a replica from the Microsoft Exchange mailbox. It’s stored around the finish-user system when cached exchange mode is enabled. OST means Offline Storage Table. OST files store everything in offline mode and whenever Outlook undergoes online mode, all the details will get updated online. The server will get synced instantly in a regular interval of your time.

With the aid of OST files, users could work even just in offline mode. It may also help to operate once the network connection around the server is extremely slow and weak.

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Exactly why is the Outlook ost file too large error Occur?

Offline Storage File contains entire mailbox data that has been gathering as your user account continues to be produced. From then, no data continues to be deleted and OST files have grown to be oversized displaying this specific error. The Outlook ost file too large provides the components for example:

Hidden products.

Mailbox products like emails, contacts, journals, occasions, to-do lists, etc.


Shared folders connected by having an additional mailbox or Exchange account.

Issues caused in Outlook because of ost file too large

There are several oissues that arise in Outlook for this reason ost file is simply too large error for example:

Users aren’t able to add data within the existing Exchange Server emails.

Glitches and pauses in Outlook.

Outlook OST emails document becomes inaccessible or ost file not opened up.

Error during synchronization

Cannot repair synchronization issues between MS Exchange server and OST file.

Fixing Outlook .ost file too big Error by reduction of its size

Because the Outlook .ost files get stacked up with a consistent gathering of mailbox data, it might be huge in dimensions and starts creating errors and problems. It might be an essential task to repair these errors to guarantee the proper functioning from the mailboxes and systems.

Also, using the oversized Outlook email file, Outlook becomes inaccessible and could corrupt the whole data of OST and PST. So, let’s explore the methods to repair these kinds of issues and resolve the mistake OST file too big.

Techniques to Resolve Outlook OST too big Error

Compacting Outlook mailbox data by reduction of OST quality

How big the Outlook Emails (.ost) could be reduced while using inbuilt Outlook utility. Stick to the below steps to compact the Outlook email file and resolve ost file too big error.

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Delete OST file products that you simply believe are not needed later on any longer.

Now, open the folder-list view and then click the folder list icon at the base from the navigation table. Alternatively, this can be done using ctrl 6 keys.

Click the File tab within the Outlook menu bar. Visit Account settings and choose Account settings.

Click Documents within the menu bar. Choose the computer file you need to compact and then click settings.

Now, a brand new dialog box is going to be opened up. Click Advanced Tab after which on Outlook Computer File Settings.

Within the new dialog box of Outlook computer file settings, click Compact Occasionally OK.

Disabling all of the Add-ins enabled

There can be possible that Add-ins disrupt the standard functioning of MS Outlook. So, disabling them wouldn’t be an awful idea. Stick to the below steps for disabling add-ins and solve ost file issue efficiently.

Open the Outlook. Visit the File menu. In the options, click Add-ins.

Within the Manage choice of Add-by which is at the end, choose the COM Add-ins striking Go.

Deselect the Add-ins that aren’t being used and click on OK.

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Auto Archiving large OST file data

Archiving may well be a good option as it can help to handle mailbox data and lower Outlook computer file size limit. For this reason, space occupied by OST(s) around the server is going to be removed and likelihood of error outlook .ost file too big could be minimized.

In Outlook, click the File tab after which cleanup tools. Choose the mailbox cleanup option.

Now, you’re supplied with two options:

Slowly move the older mailbox products for an archive folder by clicking the car Archive option.

Click Empty for deleting products in deleted products folder.

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An Automatic Approach to Fix Outlook .ost File too big Error

The above mentioned-described manual methods may be helpful to lessen quality limits but they are extended and tiresome. These techniques might work with quite a few users however for others, it might not work. Also, if there’s large corruption within the Outlook files, there’s a bad risk of data loss.

Even though you delete OST files, again they might be corrupted. So, users should convert the OST data to PST format to avoid further corruption of mailbox data. So, to prevent each one of these situations, it’s suggested to utilize a third-party OST to PST Ripper tools tool to beat this error.

Final Words

In the above discussion, it’s obvious that by utilizing manual methods we are able to lessen the Outlook mailbox size limit. But, the operation is quite extended, time-consuming, and ought to be done with utmost care. Otherwise, it can lead to the ost data corruption in Outlook.

To avoid this type of scenario, users may use OST to PST ripper tools tool to effectively convert the OST data into PST extendable. It is among the authentic and reliable solutions for that conversion of OST to PST. Hence, by utilizing OST to PST ripper tools, we are able to resolve the “OST file too large” error

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