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Spadtox Reviews {2022 Updated} Is This A Legitimate Website?

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About Spadtox Website:

Spadtox is definitely an shopping online store that are responsible for merely a single SpaDtox Feet Detox Massager product. There’s two units with tub and without tub to select from based on your preferred option. The website offers totally free and states deliver promptly.

The merchandise is definitely an ionic detox feet health spa treatment with advanced technology, based on site details. half an hour of daily massage is enough. Product discounts are suspicious, and you will find Spadtox Reviews within the site.

The website claims the feet massager is better to alleviate feet discomfort, increase energy, detox impurities, strengthen immunity, assist in sleep problems, extract oil, toxins, and fats, and take away cellular debris. However the product cost looks low as there’s a 50% discount offer.

Look into the Specifications:

Website Type: The website handles just one product, and also the tub is optional.


Payment Methods: American Express, Uncover, PayPal, McAfee Secure, Master Card.

Contact Address: Not given

Phone Number: Unavailable but pointed out operating time 10 AM -5 PM

Products Cost: Dollars.

Website Link:

Spadtox Reviews: Present within the site

Shipping: No shipping duration pointed out. Free delivery with zero shipping cost.

Return and Refund: No return and refund pointed out within the site.

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Social Networking: No accounts are detected.

And you will find reviews that are positive available within the website. However, before speaking about internet reviews, look into the benefits and drawbacks.


  • Valid HTTPS connection found.
  • Email ID is supplied, which fits the website name.
  • 50% discount on the product.
  • Secure mode of payment.
  • Free delivery.


  • The company trust ranking from the website is low, only 58.8.
  • No social networking presence.
  • No business details.
  • Fake Spadtox Reviews within the site.
  • No contact address and telephone number.
  • Gmail ID appears like a totally free domain email.
  • Submissions are plagiarized

New site.

No shipping, return or refund is pointed out.

Only OnePercent trust score.

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Is Hanger Boutique Legit?

After discussing the benefits and drawbacks, you may be thinking, may be the site legit or scam? Let’s highlight authenticity points.

Website Age: The website was registered on 16th November 2021. Hence it’s under six several weeks old.

Trust Score: The company trust rank of 58.8, and also the trust score is extremely bad, only onePercent.

Social networking: No social networking presence, that is a negative sign.

Reviews: There are just positive Spadtox Reviews on-site having a five-star rating.

Contact Information: No contact address, and also the number is suspicious.

Alexa ranking: Rated low #2,927,192, is dependant on traffic engagement in the last 3 months.

Content Quality: Copied content and you will find spelling mistakes.

Company Information: Lack of owner name and year of multinational.

Email Id: Free domain email id which can’t be reliable.

Return and Refund: No return and refund guarantee is pointed out, and there’s no shipping duration.

After checking points, now your doubts are obvious. However, prior to the conclusion, we have to know first concerning the site’s reviews.

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Spadtox Reviews:

Testimonials create a website completely genuine by supplying feedback on their own experience. But we wondered about studying the reviews within the site as all of the comments are

positive, having a five-star rating. There’s something fishy because the verified Id from the customers is missing.

After thorough research, we couldn’t look for a single customer review from the web. There aren’t any genuine reviews because the website is new and beware because it was registered for just twelve months. Be alert! This is often a consequence of an interior reviewing system.

Also, understand how to Get A Refund from PayPal If Scammed.


After thorough research on Spadtox Reviews, we are able to conclude the website is a gimmick and also the method is fake once we haven’t found the product on every other website. So, be careful before shopping here, and try to look into the Authenticity Checkpoints.

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