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Sybrand Engelbrecht Net Worth in 2023 How Rich is Sybrand Engelbrecht Now?

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Sybrand Engelbrecht Net Worth 2023

Sybrand Engelbrecht, the renowned South African Cricketer, boasts an impressive net worth of $5 million as of 2023. Born on September 15, 1988, in Johannesburg, South Africa, his journey in the world of cricket is nothing short of remarkable. In this article, we will delve into the life and career of Sybrand Engelbrecht, from his early beginnings to his current status as an international cricket sensation.

Name Sybrand Engelbrecht
Net Worth( 2023) $5 Million Dollars
Profession South African Cricketer
Date of Birth 15 September 1988
Age 35 years old
Height 180 cm (5 Feet 11 Inches)
Birthplace Johannesburg, South Africa
Nationality South African

Who is Sybrand Engelbrecht?

Sybrand Engelbrecht’s cricketing journey began at the tender age of 19 when he made his first-class debut for Northerns in October 2007. Despite his youth, he displayed exceptional promise, paving the way for a remarkable career ahead. Engelbrecht later played for the Cape Cobras over several seasons and even represented the South Africa Under-19 team, securing the World Cup title in 2008.

As a cricketer, Engelbrecht is a right-handed all-rounder with a distinctive style. His elegant batting technique allows him to strike the ball to all corners of the field, while his versatility extends to his bowling skills, excelling in both off-spin and right-arm medium pace.

However, despite his undeniable talent, Engelbrecht faced challenges in establishing himself as a regular in the South African national team. In 2019, he made a pivotal decision by relocating to the Netherlands to play club cricket, opening up a new chapter in his career.

This transition marked a turning point for Engelbrecht. After a few years in the Netherlands, he qualified to represent the Netherlands national cricket team in 2023, earning a spot in the squad for the 2023 Cricket World Cup. His move not only added a unique dimension to his career but also brought his experience and passion for the sport to the Netherlands team.

Real Name Sybrand Abraham Engelbrecht
Date of birth 15 September 1988
Age 35 years old
Height 180 cm (5 Feet 11 Inches)
Birth Place Johannesburg, South Africa
Gender Male
Profession South African Cricketer
Religion Christianity
Nationality South African
Eye Colour Green
Hair Colour Blonde
Zodiac Sign Virgo

Sybrand Engelbrecht’s Impact

Beyond his on-field contributions, Sybrand Engelbrecht is known for his athleticism and entertaining style of play. He has also ventured into the role of a popular commentator and analyst, demonstrating his in-depth understanding of the game. Engelbrecht’s career exemplifies the global nature of cricket, showcasing diverse paths cricketers can take to success.

How old is Sybrand Engelbrecht?

Born on September 15, 1988, in Johannesburg, South Africa, Sybrand Engelbrecht is currently 35 years old. Despite the passage of time, his passion for cricket remains undiminished, making him a prominent figure in the cricketing world.

Engelbrecht’s journey in cricket began at an early age in the cricket-loving nation of South Africa. Over the years, he has honed his skills and contributed significantly to the national cricket team, serving as a role model for aspiring cricketers in his homeland and beyond.

How tall is Sybrand Engelbrecht?

Standing tall at 180 cm (equivalent to 5 feet 11 inches), Sybrand Engelbrecht is among the taller cricketers in the sport. His height provides him with a distinct physical advantage on the field, enabling him to generate bounce while bowling and reach for powerful shots while batting. This makes him a versatile player capable of adapting to various playing conditions and strategies.

Sybrand Engelbrecht’s Nationality

Sybrand Engelbrecht proudly represents South African nationality. Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, on September 15, 1988, he has been a valuable ambassador for South African cricket on the global stage, upholding the spirit of the game.

South Africa boasts a rich cricketing tradition, and Engelbrecht’s journey from a young cricketer in Johannesburg to a prominent international player exemplifies the nation’s cricketing heritage.

Sybrand Engelbrecht’s Career

Sybrand Engelbrecht’s career is marked by versatility and excellence. He has represented the Cape Cobras in domestic cricket and the Netherlands national team at the international level. Here is a breakdown of his career milestones:

Early Years (1988-2007):

Born on September 15, 1988, in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Made his first-class debut for Northerns at the age of 19 in October 2007, showcasing his talent.

Impressed with both his batting and fielding skills while representing the South Africa Under-19 team at the 2008 World Cup.

Cape Cobras Debut (2009-2014):

Played his senior debut for the Cape Cobras in 2009, gradually becoming a regular in the team.

Played a pivotal role in the Cobras’ Champions League T20 victory in 2014, defending 11 runs in a Super Over.

Bowling Action Issue (2015-2016):

Faced a setback in 2015 when cited for a suspected illegal bowling action, leading to a bowling suspension.

Underwent remedial work and had his action cleared in 2016.

Consistent Performer (Recent Years):

In recent years, Engelbrecht has been a consistent performer for the Cape Cobras, achieving numerous centuries and five-wicket hauls, contributing to several trophy wins.

Netherlands National Team (2023):

Qualified to play for the Netherlands national team in 2023 based on residency grounds.

Made his debut for the Netherlands A squad against Guernsey in July and later made his full international debut in a T20I match against Scotland in August.

Notable Achievements:

Awarded the South Africa Under-19 Player of the Year in 2008.

Played a crucial role in the Cape Cobras’ Champions League T20 victory in 2014.

Named the Cape Cobras Player of the Year in 2019.

Qualifying for the Netherlands national team in 2023 and making his international debut marked a significant milestone in his career.

Future Prospects:

Sybrand Engelbrecht, with his versatile skills as a batsman, bowler, and exceptional fielder, holds the potential to be a valuable asset to the Netherlands national team. His leadership qualities and extensive experience make him a promising candidate for a successful international career, contributing to the team’s aspirations in the years to come.

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1. What is Sybrand Engelbrecht’s net worth in 2023?

Sybrand Engelbrecht’s net worth in 2023 is estimated to be $5 million.

2. Where was Sybrand Engelbrecht born?

Sybrand Engelbrecht was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, on September 15, 1988.

3. What is Sybrand Engelbrecht’s height?

Sybrand Engelbrecht stands at a height of 180 cm (5 feet 11 inches).

4. Which teams has Sybrand Engelbrecht represented in cricket?

Sybrand Engelbrecht has represented the Cape Cobras in domestic cricket and the Netherlands national team at the international level.

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