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4 Features to Look for in The Best Cervical Traction Device!

If you sit at a computer all day, your day-to-day posture could be wearing on your neck. In that slumped position over the keyboard, the vertebra in your neck, also known as your cervical spine, falls out of alignment and starts causing pain, pinched nerves, and other more serious problems. Cervical traction will help elongate your neck and get it back into the right curve, relieving the pain, pressure, and headaches that occur from misalignment. But how do you know the best cervical traction device for you? You can start with this list of four features to better understand your options, but first let’s go through what to expect from cervical traction. What does a cervical traction device do? A cervical traction device gently stretches your neck in a more thorough and targeted way ...