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Chipmunks Test Positive for the Bubonic Plague in Lake Tahoe, Shutting Down Some Area Attractions

Indications of the bubonic plague have hit California. The 2009 week, chipmunks within the South Lake Tahoe area tested positive for that disease, the Tahoe Daily Tribune reported. A spokesperson for El Dorado County told the paper the mammals had not had any connection with humans. Like a precautionary measure, Taylor Creek Customer Center and Kiva Beach - including their parking areas - is going to be closed off through Sitting., August. 7, for "plague treatment," based on an indication on the barrier. The U.S. Forest Service uses a vector control approach to treat the location, the Connected Press reported. Areas are anticipated to reopen through the weekend. As the term "plague" is better noted for the deaths of huge numbers of people throughout the Dark Ages, it retains a name i...