Tarek El Moussa Net Worth 2021 Biography, Career, Height, and Assets

What is Tarek El Moussa’s net worth?

Net Worth: $10 Million
Age: 39
Born: August 21, 1981
Country of Origin: United States of America
Source of Wealth: Entrepreneur
Last Updated: 2021


By 2021, Tarek El Moussa’s internet worth is roughly $ten million.

Tarek El Moussa is indeed a estate investor and tv personality and that he is better noted for being among the hosts from the Tv show ‘Flip or Flop’.

His ex-wife, Christina El Moussa is another property shark. The pair has tried renovating and finding homes and in addition they run the ‘Tarek and Christina: The El Moussa Group’.

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Early Existence

Tarek El Moussa was created around the 21st of August, 1981, in California.

He was created to some Moroccan father. In ’09, she got married to Christina El Moussa, and also the couple has two children, Taylor and Brayden. In 2016, the pair got divorced.


At age 21, Tarek El Moussa earned his property license. He and the ex-wife started flipping homes in Oc as well as in 2011, they recorded an audition tape which was delivered to HGTV. The year after, HFTV signed the pair having a weekly program.

They located ‘Flip and Flop’ and also the first episode aired around the 16th of April, in 2013. Additionally they operate a property agency named ‘The El Moussa Group’ in California.

California is among the greatest property foreclosure rates within the U . s . States. Their first profit was acquired by purchasing a good investment house in Santa Ana for 115 1000 dollars and selling it for that profit of thirty-four 1000 dollars.

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Tarek, Christina, and Pete De Best split the cash and ongoing to switch houses. They also have expanded their real estate investment business into Arizona and Nevada.

By 2021, Tarek El Moussa’s internet worth is $ten million.


Here are the most useful popular features of Tarek El Moussa’s career:

  1. The El Moussa Group
  2. Switch Or Flop (TV-Show, 2013-)
  3. Flipping 101 with Tarek El Moussa (TV-Show, 2020)

Favorite Quotes From Tarek El Moussa

“For most fans, I believe it’s not only a genuine estate show. We’ve been carrying this out for such a long time. Individuals have viewed kids born, individuals have viewed us raise kids, they viewed us get divorced, they are fully aware us. They’ve been following our way of life for nearly ten years. They think like they’re part of it, making sense.” – Tarek El Moussa

“We had our greatest project of year-within the 5,000-square-feet house so we spent greater than $300,000 around the remodel. Bigger projects, bigger budgets, bigger design, more profit: It’s likely to be a great season.” – Tarek El Moussa

“I’m so grateful in my existence. I’m healthier than I’ve have you been. I survived cancer two times. My divorce almost wiped out me as well as for 5 or 6 many years of my existence, I had been a very sick guy now, I’m just grateful to reside and become alive and beat cancer and thrive.” – Tarek El Moussa

“We’ve been spending considerable time together…and we simply have a lot fun. In the end the hardships that I’ve experienced, and there are plenty of good and the bad in existence, sometimes getting fun is prefer medicine.” – Tarek El Moussa

2 Success Training From Tarek El Moussa

Now you know about Tarek El Moussa’s internet worth, and just how he achieved success let’s check out a few of the training we are able to study from him:

1. Get Began

The key of having ahead gets began.

2. Be Strong

Hard days are what cause you to more powerful.


Tarek El Moussa is definitely an American reality television star and realtor who’s most widely known for his HGTV show ‘Flip or Flop’. El Moussa is renowned for his success at buying homes at auctions, renovating, and selling them for any profit.

By 2021, Tarek El Moussa’s internet worth is believed to become roughly $ten million.