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ThopTV App Download latest version for PC (Windows and Mac)

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If you love streaming video from the PC & Mobile, you probably have heard of the ThopTV application. It’s the one-stop-shop for all your favorite movies and web series as well as sports. It lets you stream films and shows of different genres. The greatest feature of this application is that it gives you streaming services for free.

ThopTV for PC

ThopTV App Download

ThopTV provides streaming service and that the programming you watch is not licensed, you cannot get this app on Google Play Store or Apple Store to download and install. But, you don’t have to worry however, since there are several ways to download the ThopTV application to Windows as well as Mac versions. I’ve provided an apk for installation on mobile devices too. The app was created by a Malaysian developer ThopTV.

Before you know how to download this application first, you need to understand the features of this app and why it is growing in popularity. One of the main reasons behind the success of this app is that you are able to access any content that you would like to view. The app lets you view any show or video in the format you prefer. It gives you the cinema experience. It lets you watch any movie in the evening and then grab popcorns for the ultimate experience of going to the movies with your loved ones or family. It’s one of the top apps you can download for free to keep yourself entertained.

ThopTV feature application

In addition to movies and web-based television shows, viewers can also watch games like football and cricket games live for free. It is possible to learn ahead of time about the games so that you don’t be left out.

  • Watch 2020 Live for free. Other applications are paid. So to view these, you must purchase the subscription.
  • It lets you access more than 3,000 films of various genres. It won’t let you become bored.
  • It also provides an extensive selection of music channels, meaning you can listen to unlimited offline and online music.
  • It has over five thousand TV channels, including national, local and international which means you can catch any TV show you enjoy.
  • You can also access content in this app while traveling with your phone. But, the app generally is compatible with the PC version, whether Windows as well as the Mac version.
  • You can look up any of the films or TV shows searching using the bar. The app also has an option to receive push notifications. If you enable it you’ll be notified on new versions.
  • You can stream all movies and shows with English subtitles, which means it is not a matter of the country you’re from. If you can master the English language, you will be able to enjoy all content.
  • The app will permit you to create a dashboard where you can store all of your web-based films, series and songs to be able to have them available at any time.

How do I download the ThopTV application on your PC Windows Version

Since there isn’t an official ThopTV application available in the Play Store as well as the Apple Store You will need to install an Android Emulator called Blue Stacks to download the app to your computer. These steps are compatible with Windows every version 7 8, 10, (64-bit 32 bit, 64 bit). These are the steps to take into consideration:

  1. Visit Blue Stacks official site to download the Blue Stack Emulator. Blue Stack Emulator
  2. Following the download (File size will be 600 MB in the case of installation) you must follow the suggested steps in order to set it up. It’s as easy the same way as downloading and installs other software.
  3. After the installation has been completed you can install the ThopTV APK
  4. You can download ThopTV APK here on Internet (Due the copyright concerns, we can’t offer apk download)
  5. If the link above does not working, download the apk on other websites.
  6. If you log in using your Google account, you’ll be directed to the Blue Stack homepage. Then move and drop ThopTV application Apk file on the page, or click on the 3 dots to install.
  7. Next step, click on the installation tab. Sometimes, it will start automatically.
  8. After the installation is complete, click on the icon of the app. Then you can stream any web series, movie or TV series on your personal computer.
  9. If you are having issues with installation, check out this vist ThopTV for pc

How do I download the ThopTV application on PC or Mac? Mac Version

Even if you’re not a Mac user, you will need to install an emulator before you download the app.

  1. Install the Blue Stacks emulator. You could also make use of Nox emulator to download the Blue Stacks app. Nox emulator in order to install the application when you are running the most recent Mac version.
  2. Log in, look for the ThopTV APK or download the form below link, and then download the application. Even if you’re downloading it via the Nox emulator these steps are exactly the identical.
  3. Follow all steps step-by-step during the installation process and then keep waiting until it’s done.
  4. Once you have completed your installation, visit the Blue Stacks homepage and look for the app and then begin enjoying the streaming videos.

How do I download and install the ThopTV application for Mobile

The majority of Android customers download apps from Google Play Store. However, ThopTV is not available on Google’s Play Store & Apple store however you can still use the app with the help of APK trick.

  • Then, go to settings and enable “unknown source” first. Then, go to setting and turn on the “unknown source” option or disable unfamiliar Apps for installation.
  • Download ThopTV APK from various sources available on the Internet.
  • Once downloaded, launch the APK application from your notification area or from other sources depending on the mobile to begin the installation process.
  • Click on the Install button.
  • Be patient till the process of installation is completed.
  • Once the installation is completed after which you are able to start the application.

If you enjoy streaming video and would like to stream it for free of cost, then you must download the ThopTV application. No matter if you’re on the ThopTV for PC or a Mac you must follow the steps above. Be cautious about your personal information. It is not for everyone to be completely secure, particularly in the case of running it on your smartphone. It will ask users to grant it permission access to images, videos and even contacts. It won’t function in the event that you don’t grant permission. And if you do grant permission, you may expose your personal information to risk. If you’re using this application using either your PC or Mac ensure that your Google accounts are secure and safe.

If you aren’t interested in downloading a costly application, you should choose an unpaid version since paid apps require access to your personal data. If you’re looking to stream content, you don’t require loans for those on benefits to pay for monthly subscriptions. You can access hundreds of movies, shows and sports games via the ThopTV app for free.

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