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Brief of Videogamecz.com:

Videogamecz.com is really a commercial website selling popular and-finish gaming systems, mods and accessories. It’s below products on its catalogue:

  • Pleasure-Disadvantage and Controllers
  • Nintendo 3Ds and 2Ds
  • Nintendo 3Ds and 2Ds Accessories
  • Nintendo 3Ds Systems
  • Nintendo Switch Games
  • Nintendo Switch Accessories
  • Nintendo Switch Systems
  • Ps 4
  • Ps 5
  • Ps and Xbox Accessories
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X and S
  • Oculus Quest 2

Videogamecz.com premiered on 21st December, right before Christmas and 2012. It provides products in a whopping 70% discount that is a trick employed for online scams. It’s thought to check Is Videogamecz Legit? Videogamecz.com is really a single-page website becoming a menu for browsing gaming products but it didn’t provide any space for indicating policies and feedback.

The Characteristics of Videogamecz.com:

Buy game titles at: https://videogamecz.com.

Links to Social networking: There aren’t any links for social networking on Videogamecz.com

Cost: starts from $4.99.

Street Address: 1026 West Marietta Street NorthWest, Atlanta, GA-30318. However, the Videogamecz store wasn’t located on the map.

Conditions and terms: not pointed out.

Testimonials and blogs: not facilitated.

Online privacy policy: not specified.

Telephone number: not given.

Store locator: Videogamecz Reviews determined that Videogamecz doesn’t have any physical stores within the U . s . States.

Delivery, Shipping, and Tracking, Returns and Refund Guarantee: Videogamecz.com didn’t mention any policies online. However, approximately delivery date is offered around the product page.

Current email address: support@Videogamecz.com.

Mode of Payment: Videogamecz.com provides money on delivery facility additionally to payments via Stripe, Master Card, PayPal and VISA. The instalments are drawn in $ $ $ $.

Owner’s details: The data concerning the owner isn’t revealed online.

Newsletters: Videogamecz.com facilitates enrolling your current email address to get newsletters.

Pros to check on Is Videogamecz Legit:

Videogamecz.com includes a high-finish web site design with notifications about recent purchases made, current views from the product, searching and filtering options,

The detailed description of product is supplied on Videogamecz.com,

As much as 70% discount is offered on games and accessories offered on Videogamecz.com

Cons of Videogamecz.com:

Irrelevant image illustration around the product page,

No choice for customer rating, feedback and blogs,

No details about policies, conditions and terms is supplied on Videogamecz.com.

Is Videogamecz.com Legitimate?

Videogamecz.com Creation: 21st December 2021 at 06:47:48 PM.

Videogamecz.com Age: the web site is 2 days old.

Videogamecz.com Expiry: 21st December 2022 at 06:47:48 PM.

Videogamecz Reviews on Trust Index: Videogamecz.com acquired a dreadful trust rating of just onePercent.

Alexa ranking: Videogamecz.com acquired an undesirable Alexa ranking of ZERO.

Native land: The COO for Videogamecz.com is Iceland.

Status of Blacklisting: Presently, Videogamecz.com isn’t blacklisted.

Suspicious Websites Closeness: Videogamecz.com is recognized as suspicious if this scored 27/100 about this profile.

Connection Security: Videogamecz.com uses HTTPS protocol to deliver the data. But, HTTPS doesn’t imply security because it depends upon additional factors too.

Hr person: No direct reason for contact was handed by Videogamecz.com.

Social relations: The Videogamecz Reviews determined that Videogamecz isn’t present on social networking sites.

Owner’s contact information: The contact details from the owner isn’t provided.

Customers Videogamecz.com Reviews:

There are lots of reviews published on reviewing sites showing Videogamecz.com like a scam. On the couple of reviewing sites like Reddit, you have stated Videogamecz.com to become a scam. A relevant video review online also shows that Videogamecz.com might be a potential scam. There aren’t any product (or) testimonials present on Videogamecz.com, internet, social networking sites, etc. Hence, before purchasing games and accessories, please find out about PayPal Scams.

Conclusion on Videogamecz.com:

Videogamecz Reviews concludes that Videogamecz.com isn’t legitimate because of zero Alexa ranking, terrible trust index, poor website reviews, street address found here is not matching location around the maps Videogamecz.com is really a lately launched website and expires the coming year. We don’t recommend Videogamecz.com because of security reasons. We advise caution on Charge Card Scams as Videogamecz.com takes charge card payments.

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