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VPS vs Dedicated Server: Which One Small Business Should You Utilize?

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If you own a small online business or you have just begun your web business and wish to make it grow, you must seek an ideal hosting solution. The two most popular and effective hosting solutions available in the market are VPS and dedicated servers. They have numerous differences as well as similar things to offer their users. Here you will get all the insights that you must know about VPS vs. dedicated server hosting. By the end of this guide, you will be able to comprehend which web hosting server can be the choice for your online business.It’s important to note that some website builders now feature built-in hosting features. Yes, even WordPress website builders. Elementor, for example, offers best in class cloud hosting for WordPress.

VPS vs Dedicated Server

What is a VPS?

VPS is an acronym that is being used for a virtual private server. Web hosting on a virtual private server is based on virtualization software. The hosting provider partitions the central physical server into multiple segments by using the software ‘Hypervisor.’ Further, these segments form virtual private servers that are devised to provide virtual, private, and secure environments for hosting purposes.

Although, in the VPS hosting, you share the physical server with many users just as one does in the shared server hosting. However, you get a separate and distinct hosting platform with the VPS. Further, your VPS functions independently from other virtual private servers residing on the same physical server. Moreover, VPS also comes at the country level such as Germany VPS that allows your business website to respond faster within your country side.

What is a dedicated server?

The dedicated server serves as the upgraded hosting version of the virtual private server. With the dedicated server hosting, you acquire the independent and private hosting environment just as you can get in the virtual private server hosting.

However, you obtain the entire physical server’s power and space with the dedicated server hosting. It becomes completely your choice whether you wish to share your dedicated server space with other users or not. Unlike VPS and shared server hosting, you get complete server functioning for your online business in the dedicated server hosting.

What are the key differences between VPS vs dedicated hosting?

Check out the table content and grab some key differences between VPS vs. Dedicated servers.


S. No.

Virtual Private Server Hosting

Dedicated Server Hosting

1. You acquire an independent and distinct portion of a physical server space to host your online business. You acquire the space of an entire physical server to host your online business.
2. Your VPS gets assigned with the required dedicated resources of the main server. You obtain the support of all the resources of the main server for your online business.
3. You can control how your virtual private server will operate with the support of the parent server. You can have control over how the complete parent server will operate and run for your web business.
4. The cost of VPS hosting is a bit more than shared server hosting but much lesser than dedicated server hosting. The cost of dedicated server hosting is considerably higher than dedicated server hosting.


Managed vs unmanaged VPS and dedicated servers

You can find the two different types of hosting services that can come with both virtual private server hosting and dedicated server hosting – Managed and Unmanaged hosting services. Continue reading to know more about both these hosting services.

Managed hosting service

In this type of hosting service, your hosting provider owns the responsibility of controlling and managing everything related to the server. You do not have to bother about the things such as core updates, server maintenance, software installation, etc.

The managed hosting service enables you to give more time to focus on growing your web business. Also, if you are a newbie or do not have much technical experience when it comes to web hosting, the managed hosting service can be your go-to choice.

Unmanaged hosting service

On the other side, an unmanaged hosting service enables you to have complete control over your server and take all the responsibilities related to it. You get the authority to manage and run your server the way you desire or required by your online business. If you wish to handle your server all on your own and have enough technical expertise, you can pick an unmanaged hosting service. Furthermore, the unmanaged hosting service is a bit cheaper than the managed hosting service.

VPS Hosting vs Cloud VPS hosting

With the VPS hosting service, many users get gobbled between traditional VPS hosting and cloud VPS hosting. Both the kinds of VPS hosting share the same fundamental principle, with a single major difference –

  • Traditional VPS hosting – With the traditional VPS hosting, you get the dedicated resources via a portion of a single physical server.
  • Cloud VPS hosting – With the cloud VPS hosting, you get the dedicated resources via multiple servers (the “cloud”).

In the current times, many web business owners are hoping towards cloud VPS hosting as it serves high flexibility in hosting an online business.

What are the pros and cons of VPS vs dedicated hosting?

Pros of Virtual Private Server Hosting

  • It comes at a feasible rate and at a low-cost than dedicated server hosting.
  • You can simply and swiftly scale up or upgrade your web resources and hosting services.

Cons of Virtual Private Server Hosting

  • You do not acquire complete control over your server’s physical hardware.

Pros of Dedicated Server Hosting

  • You obtain full control over the server’s software as well as physical hardware.
  • Your online business remains physically isolated from all the other accounts.

Cons of Dedicated Server Hosting

  • It can come at a highly expensive rate.
  • It can become relatively difficult to assess the resources you require precisely.

Should you Use a VPS or Dedicated Server?

After understanding details between VPS vs. dedicated server, by now, you must have got the clarity about which web hosting can be most suitable for your online business. Moreover, you must find a reliable and renowned web hosting company, no matter if you choose VPS hosting or dedicated server hosting. Your web hosting company must obtain the minimum following things –

  • 24/7 technical and customer support
  • SSL security and DDoS protection
  • Enterprise-grade infrastructure
  • 99% uptime network
  • Consistent and high network speed

Further, if affordability is your priority, picking VPS hosting will be a wise decision. And, later, you can switch to a dedicated server with the advancement of your online business. However, if your online business requires the entire server space and its resources, you can directly go for the dedicated server hosting. Now, if you are clear on which web hosting should you opt for then it’s the right time to switch your business online with Serverwala.They are one of the leading Web hosting companies that have been rated 4.9 stars by more than 3900+ trusted users.

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