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Why Cyprus VPS should be your next web hosting choice?

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Businesses look for web hosting so that their website works at a good speed, can handle the
traffic effectively, and provide a great user experience to visitors. But when your business
grows and expands it might be possible that your web hosting does not deliver the kind of
result you want. At the initial stage, a business website can work well on shared hosting, but
your website may outgrow it after some time. If this is the case with you then VPS hosting
can be your next web hosting choice.
In this article, we’ll specifically talk about Cyprus VPS and how it is better than shared

Why Cyprus VPS should be your next web hosting choice

What is Cyprus VPS Hosting?

Cyprus VPS is a web hosting service in which virtualization technology divides one server
into multiple virtual servers. Each server is private because resources like CPU, Disk space,
RAM, etc are not shared with other users on the same physical server. Cyprus vps hosting is
excellent because of Cyprus’s geographic location, good internet infrastructure, and low risk
of natural disaster

How is Cyprus VPS Hosting better than Shared Hosting

Scalable and customizable

One of the major features of Cyprus vps is how customizable it is. Suppose you are planning
to expand your business or your business website is receiving huge traffic all you have to do
is tell your VPS Hosting provider what changes you need in your resources to meet the new

More secure than shared hosting

In Cyprus VPS Hosting you don’t have to worry about security. As you have a private server,
no other user or third party can have access to your data. With help of features such as root
access, you can make the environment of your server more secure by implementing
advanced security measures.

High uptime reliability

Downtime can seriously affect your business and website’s performance, which will have an
ultimate impact on your image and online presence. With VPS Hosting the chances of your
website facing downtime is very less because you have dedicated resources and your server
is private so your uptime will be maintained even if any other user on the same physical
server is facing any issue with speed.

You can have complete control over the server

Cyprus vps lets you have complete access to the server. As your Cyprus VPS server is
private you are free to install any application you want and update or add any software you
want for your website.

Not heavy on the pockets

When it comes down to the cost, VPS Hosting is expensive than shared hosting and less
costly than dedicated hosting, it lies somewhere in the middle. But the kind of features VPS
Hosting offers makes it cost-effective as you are only getting charged for the resources you
want and use.

Important points to consider before you buy a Cyprus VPS

Server hosting

To choose a suitable Cyprus VPS hosting provider you need to have clarity in terms of
your website’s needs and requirements.

Here are some of the thighs you need to pay attention to

– You cannot afford to lose customers to downtime. It has the most impact on the
workings of your website. So before you select your VPS Host make sure you check
the kind of uptime they provide.
– Select a VPS host that offers 24/7 customer support. So whenever your Cyprus VPS
server encounters any technical difficulty, it can be resolved immediately.
– Select a vps hosting provider that fulfills your need at the best price. Also, make sure
that the hosting provider you have selected has a money return guarantee so that if
you happen to not like the level of services they offer you can stop using the plan and
get back your money
– One major aspect of VPS is it offers two types of servers i.e. Managed and
Unmanaged VPS. So, if you want to switch to VPS hosting but lack the technical
expertise you can opt for managed VPS where everything related to the
management and monitoring of your server is done by the VPS hosting provider and
you can continue to enjoy VPS Hosting benefits without a worry, and if you have an
established business and have the proper technical expertise, then you can go for
unmanaged VPS.


To summarise, Cyprus VPS is an excellent web hosting choice for businesses who have
outgrown shared hosting, want more security, or don’t have the right budget to go for
Dedicated hosting. While you are in the process of selecting a suitable VPS hosting, see
carefully what kind of security, uptime, bandwidth they provide and at what price. You must
invest in a VPS hosting provider that benefits you in the long run and if any technical
difficulty occurs, it gets resolved instantly without affecting the website’s performance.

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