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Why is Microsoft Outlook not Archiving Correctly?

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If you’re thinking, exactly why is my outlook not auto-archiving? Then stay in this article. Here, there is a complete means to fix fix this Microsoft Outlook not archiving issue.

Outlook is an excellent business email solution tailor-designed for organization communication needs. It enables users to handle and share their information, contacts, tasks, and calendar to schedule conferences effortlessly. Additionally, Outlook offers an auto Archive being an option that transfers your message instantly in the current folder towards the archive folder path. It plays an important role in handling the server space of the Outlook and keeps the server secure and fast.

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Generally, MS Outlook users don’t face any errors like Outlook archive no longer working while using the these functions. But, in some instances, the Outlook archive folder is missing, and also the auto-archive doesn’t option doesn’t work or something like that is wrong with Outlook file. Thus, users require a complete method to fix this problem. Now, let’s browse the solution why Microsoft Outlook not archiving properly.

Most Practical Way to repair Outlook Doesn’t Archive Some Emails Folder

If in position archive not showing in Outlook and you’re not able to archive emails in Outlook, stick to the given solution steps properly:

Method 1: Make Alternation in Auto archive Setting

While applying these steps, you are able to configure the car archive of Outlook at different levels:

Outlook 2007

Step One: Open Outlook and sign in using the needed credentials.

Step Two: Now, visit the tool menu section.

Step Three: Here, select options and then click others.

Step Four: Lastly, tap around the Auto Archive Settings option and alter the settings.

Outlook not Archiving this year / 2013 / 2016 / 2019 Edition

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Step One: Start the Outlook on your computer.

Step Two: Within the opening dashboard, click the File option.

Step Three: Then in the menu select Options.

Step Four: Choose the Advanced button in the drop-lower of options.

Step Five: Here, choose the Auto archive setting making the needed changes.

Furthermore, you need to make certain you have configured the settings, set the regularity of auto-archiving, and appearance the Run Auto Archive every single day is selected.

outlook archive no longer working

Note: – If you want to undergo with Per folder Auto Archive Settings, start using the steps pointed out:

Step One: To begin with, you need to choose the specific folder that you need to make changes.

Step Two: Then right-click it, and proceed to the Qualities option and choose the car Archive button.

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Method 2: Fix Outlook Archive Folder Missing In your area

Microsoft Office isn’t suitable for the PST file present in the network share. Thus, if you wish to archive that stored PST, then you definitely canrrrt do it.

For the reason that from the share restriction put on the network. Additionally, the archiving process may fail, or even the archive PST could get corrupted while it’s possible to perform any alterations in the network connection.

In case your archive folder of Outlook exists within the network share folder, then to repair the outlook archive no longer working issue alter the place to a nearby folder.

Method 3: Look into the Auto Archive Exclusions Option Once

In case your message or any other mailbox item will get excluded in the Auto Archive option, it will not be archived. However, you should check the status of the particular item by getting to the File option and undergo with qualities.

If you didn’t wish to Auto Archive this item then look into the checkbox selected for that item selected. Or, you are able to archive products by disabling them.

Method 4: Repair Outlook Auto Archive PST to solve Outlook not Archiving

Sometimes, the user’s Outlook archive folder will get corrupted or broken, these types of this, Microsoft Outlook auto-archive no longer working. Then you’ve to correct the file, as well as for this, you are able to undergo using the inbox repair tool. It is freed from cost-utility supplied by Outlook to repair the corruption issue of PST files.

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Step One: Run the Inbox Repair Utility (SCANPST). It’s found at the next path:

64-bit Home windows: C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice16.

64-bit Home windows: C:Program Files (x86) Microsoft OfficeOffice16.

64-bit Outlook: C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice16.

Step Two: Following the launching from the tool, click the Browse button to include archive PST.

Step Three: Now, click the Start button to initiate the checking procedure for selected PST files.

Step Four: Following the completing the checking process, tap around the Repair to start the archive PST repair process.

But may, due to PST quality or any other issue, the SCANPST tool doesn’t fix the corruption publication of the Outlook archive PST. Therefore, I suggest you to opt Outlook PST Repair Tool to repair Outlook not archiving issue. You have access to this repair utility came from here.

download PST repair tool

This advanced software programs are solely made to restore or recover the Outlook PST files data (emails, contacts, calendars, tasks) in the corrupted PST files. Furthermore, there’s no quality limitation from the selected PST and to be able to offer an easy-to-use Graphical user interface. Users can run it on all of the different versions of Home windows due to this wide compatibility.


Through this web site, we’ve discovered the car Archive feature of Outlook as well as their different factors to produce the Microsoft Outlook not archiving issue. The step-by-step procedure is described to solve online archives not showing in Outlook. Thank you for studying this short article. I think you’ll thought it was useful and employ your Outlook efficiently without facing any risk.

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