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Best Ways to Switch Sound Output Device in Windows 11

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Home windows 11 enables you to alter the default seem output device in the quick settings panel. Helpful when you wish to rapidly switch out of your headphone to speaker and the other way around. But there’s several-way switch involving the audio devices.

In addition to the quick settings panel, you are able to alter the seem output device from Home windows Settings panel the classic Seem User interface. In the following paragraphs, we demonstrate the numerous methods to alter the seem output devices in Home windows 11.

1. Switch Audio Device While using Quick Settings Panel

The simplest way to alter the seem output system is through the Home windows 11 quick settings panel. Here’s how you can swap between audio devices in Home windows 11 utilizing the same.

Make certain the audio devices you need to use are linked to your computer.

quick settings panel home windows 11

Next, click on the quick settings panel icon towards the bottom left corner. It offers your Ethernet, Volume, and Battery control icons.

switch audio device in home windows 11

Once the panel appears, click on the right arrow icon in the finish from the volume slider. This can mention all of the audio devices linked to your computer.

Click any device to create it as being the seem output device.

2. Switch Seem Output Devices via Volume Mixer

Volume mixer in Home windows 11 enables you to manage your volume levels, input, and output devices, in addition to configure volume levels for various apps installed on your computer.

To create the Output device using volume mixer:

Right-click the Volume icon within the quick settings panel.

open volume mixer taskbar home windows 11

Next, click Open volume mixer in the context menu. You may also open the amount mixer from Settings > Seem > Volume mixer.

Within the Volume mixer window, click on the drop-lower for Output tool and choose the audio device you need to use.

select output device seem volume mixer

Furthermore, you may also select your input tool and set the amount level for multimedia apps that you’re presently using.

3. Alter the Seem Output Device While using Settings Panel

If you would like additional control within the output tool and its qualities, it can be done in Home windows Settings. Aside from swapping the output devices, you may also control volume, change output settings, enable or disable enhance audio and select your spatial seem technology.

Adopt these measures to modify your seem output device in Home windows Settings:

Press Win I to spread out Settings.

Within the System tab, click Seem.

seem settings panel home windows 11

The Seem panel lists all of the audio devices linked to your computer and may play seem. Click the device you need to set as the Output device.

To configure the output device for that advanced features discussed above, click on the right arrow icon for that output device to see its Qualities.

set default out device seem home windows 11

Here, you are able to alter the audio quality, format, and much more for that device. You are able to set and employ your seem device like a default device for audio and communications.

4. Set Default Seem Output Device Using Xbox Game Bar

xbox game bar home windows 11 audio window

Xbox Game Bar is really a built-in customizable game overlay on Home windows 11 and 10 computers. You have access to it using the Win G shortcut. It offers a superior immediate access to game capture tools, performance statistics, and audio controls.

You may also use Xbox Game Bar to modify your default audio device during game play or else. Here’s how to get it done.

Press the Win G combo in your keyboard to produce the Xbox Game Bar overlay.

Within the Audio window, open this mixture tab.

Click on the drop-lower for Home windows Default Output and choose your headphone or speaker.

Press the Esc answer to exit the overlay. The alterations made through the Game Bar overlay are applied system-wide.

5. Switch Audio Output Device Using SoundSwitch

SoundSwitch is really a third-party volume control application for Home windows. It enables you to switch involving the audio output devices in the Taskbar. You may also utilize it to gain access to the classic volume mixer and seem user interface in Home windows.

However, why is SoundSwitch so interesting is it enables you to setup custom volume control hotkeys in Home windows 11. You are able to assign multiple keyboard shortcuts to various seem output devices and switch between your devices instantly.

Adopt these measures to assign hotkeys for your default playback devices in Home windows using SoundSwitch:

Visit the SoundSwitch page and download the most recent installer. Then, run the installer and finish cellular phone.

To assign a hotkey, you have to connect to the SoundSwitch settings. So, click on the up arrow icon within the taskbar to grow system tray.

soundswitch settings

Right-click the SoundSwitch icon (headphone icon) and choose Settings.

Within the Playback tab, select your default playback device.

Next, open the Profiles tab.

Here, click on the Add button to produce a new profile for the output device.

soundswitch add new profile

Within the Add Profile window, type a reputation for that profile.

Next, choose the Also switch default device option.

Click on the drop-lower for Playback and choose the seem output device that you wish to set the hotkey.

SoundSwitch create new profile

Click the Hotkey field and press the hotkey you need to use. For instance, if you wish to use Ctrl M to change towards the default audio device, press Ctrl M to assign it as being the hotkey.

Click Save to include the profile.

Repeat the steps to include hotkeys for other devices.

To get rid of profiles, open SoundSwitch settings and then click the Profiles tab. Next, choose the profile you need to remove and click on Delete.

Download: SoundSwitch (Free)

6. Set Default Seem Output Device using Seem User Interface


You should use the classic Seem user interface to create a default audio device in Home windows 11. Helpful if you are using one audio output device greater than another and like to help keep it as being your default device for the apps.

To create a default output device in Home windows 11:

Press Win R to spread out Run.

Type control mmsys.cpl sounds and click on Alright to open the Seem user interface.

Next, open the Playback tab.

Right-click the device that you would like to create as default and choose Set as Default Device.

Click Apply and Alright to save the alterations.

Quickly Switch Between Audio Output Devices in Home windows 11

In Home windows 10, you can switch between different playback devices having a right-click the volume icon. However, Home windows 11, in the mission to simplify things, made the procedure a little tricky.

Now you should utilize the fast settings panel and connect to the volume settings to change between your devices. If you discover the procedure bit laborious, think about using the SoundSwitch application to swap your playback devices having a hotkey.

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