World Yoga Day 2021 – Narendra Modi’s personal yoga and fitness specialist

On Global Working day of Yoga exercises, PM Modi’s personalized yoga specialist provides a glance into his routine

On Global Yoga Day time, we talk with Excellent Minister Narendra Modi’s personalized yoga and fitness specialist, HR Nagendra, to arrive at know him as being a ‘yogi’.

Do you know that there isn’t a single day when he doesn’t take out the time for yoga, or that he is dedicated to the avartan dhyan practice, although it is widely known that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has brought the art of yoga into the spotlight.

On Overseas Yoga exercises Day time, we exclusively speak with PM’s personalized yoga and fitness advisor, HR Nagendra, because he reveals a peek at Modi’s commitment towards the old practice, contacting him a ‘devoted Yoga exercises Sadhaka’.

“It’s quite heartening to note that Modi ji is a devoted Yoga Sadhaka he and himself routinely practices yoga despite possessing this sort of busy schedule. Avartan Dhyan or cyclic meditation, that i experienced conceptualised years back, is certainly one exercise that he or she religiously adheres to every day,” Nagendra tells us.

The key on this meditation is to activate your body, then strong rest of your mind and body.

If he’s travelling around the world, he never fails to dedicate some time to his yoga routine,” mentions Nagendra, lauding Modi for leading the proposal to make July 21 as International Day of Yoga, which the United Nation’s General Assembly accepted in 2014, “Modi ji’s dedication towards yoga is so high that even.

“he’s also focused on strengthening the mind to achieve a state of holistic health and well-being”, even though nagendra further reveals that Modi’s fondness for yoga is not just limited to the practice of asanas that strengthen physical health.

In reality, yoga takes on a very important part to help people find a way to health and well being from the times during the Covid-19 situation.

“The pandemic has given us the opportunity to stay at home, work with family members relations and spend more time with them. However, this quarantine or isolation has also impacted the mind negatively. Therefore, it’s vital for people like us to apply and introduce yoga and fitness at home to help handle intellectual troubles such as anxiety and depression,” offers Nagendra, the Chancellor, S-VYASA, Director, Native indian Yoga exercise Organization.

He shows everyone to include “Bhakti Yoga, Jnana Yoga and fitness and Karma Yoga, Pranayama, relaxation and Kriyas techniques” to their lifestyle for holistic lifestyle.