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10 Things you should know before starting your WordPress Blog

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So, you are planning to start a WordPress Blog. That’s amazing that you are amongst the few who dare to start blogging. Not only to earn money, but to share the information, expertise,  and knowledge with the audience.

starting your WordPress Blog

People will visit your blog, will read it, and also revisit it is something that every blogger wants.

But, this is only possible when you are following certain best practices. Blogging is a hard word that involves a lot of information collection, writing, image creating , and promoting it. For experienced bloggers who believe in getting this done- first time right will always find some ways, tips, and tricks to get the best results.

So, we have collated the list of a few important things you should do as a blogger

SEO or Optimize your Articles for Search Engine

This is one of the biggest problems with almost every new blogger. They write beautiful content but it is hardly optimized for search engines.

For search engines, you should have On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, and Technical Seo in place.

Off-Page SEO : aims at link building. You can submit your articles on social media and Web 2.0 platforms. Submit guest posts on relevant niches to get backlinks. Everyone knows about link building but not everyone is serious about it. The best way is to have manual and natural links targeting your site. Do not link to spam sites and low DA/PA website. 

On-Page SEO : aims at fixing the error on your page. Like proper Headings (H1, H2 Tags), small paragraphs and Images with Alt text, etc. Also, you need to have proper SEO title, Meta description of the content.

Suggestion –  Use Plugins like Yoast or RankMath. 

Technical SEO aims at fixing hygiene factors like User Experience. User experience is the utmost priority of every search engine today. You get relevant information to display on various websites, but not all of them are user friendly.

For this please focus on website speed, sitemap submission to Google, Proper Site navigation, and search box. 

Write a lengthy and detailed article

Gone are the days when a 500-word article used to rank. Today, if your article is not detailed, it will never rank.

If you will search on the top 10 articles shown as a result by Google, all of them will be detailed at least 1500 words plus. Most of the articles are now inching towards 3000-4000 words. What else? You should include images, charts, and infographics to provide the best user experience. If you are new blogger or planning to start a blog, you must consider this tip while writing your pillar articles

Use Social Media to Promote your Blog Posts

Only 1% of blogs get some traffic from Google. Almost every site stays in Google Sandbox for at least 3-4 months Google needs to understand your site better before displaying it in search results. What till then? You must use social media to promote your articles and blog posts. Never let your site die if Google is not ranking it. Build your audience through social media. You really can get tons of traffic through Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Medium and even Quora. There is over 100 such platform.

Choose a Good Web Hosting

New bloggers often choose cheap hosting when they start blogging. It is obvious too as most of us do not have that budget to afford the cost web hosting plans. But there are many leading globally renowned web hosting offering their entry-level plans on huge discount. As per, you have to choose those hosting providers only, where you can easily scale your plans without any hassle. Visit the best web hosting review site to find out multiple hosting options, read the reviews, and buy one for you.

For web hosting, Uptime and speed are the two most important factors to consider. If your hosting is down for most of the time, your visitors will suffer. Similarly, if the hosting will be slow, it will be a bad user experience.


Content Delivery Network improves your user experience but improving the speed of your pages. It simply creates multiple copies of the website on multiple servers across the globe which ultimately reduces the burden on your server. All users across the world are served pages from the server nearest to their locations, so the pages load quickly.

Ensure no Grammatical Mistakes

You don’t need to add heavyweight words, jargon and phrases etc, you should keep it simple to read and understand.

However, if the article is not grammatically correct, it will not be liked by the audience.

You can use free tools like Grammarly to check basic spelling mistakes and other grammatical errors

Proper Keyword Research

There are many keywords on which your article can rank. But few are low hanging fruits which we always need to check before writing content.

If you are using the keywords which are targeted by other big players and they are already ranking on it, you will find it really hard to compete with them.

For new blogs, it is important to check the competition level of every single keyword. Initially, target the keywords that are easy to rank. Semrush is the recommended tool by the team.

Write a detailed article on those keywords and promote them on all social media platforms.

Use – Semrush keyword research course for free.

Upgrade your content regularly

So, Google loves fresh and updated content. If you think that you have written the article today and it will keep on ranking for the rest of your life, it is a wrong thought process.

If your article is regularly updated and refreshed with the latest content and images etc, it will see ranking improvements.

Capture emails of visitors

The biggest mistake new bloggers make is that they never focus on capturing the emails of their visitors. All professional bloggers are smart, they ask for the emails of their visitors by simply offering some free tutorials, tools or E-books.

This way, they engage with them by sending continuous emails about offers and deals. This gives them a traffic boost and finally overall sales or advertisement revenue.

Use Mobile responsive lightweight themes and plugins

Always use lightweight themes as they are quick to load. If your themes are fast, it will be a great user experience for visitors.

Similarly plugins, if they are heavyweight, you will find slow page loads. Every plugin loads in the memory of hosting and slows down the processing.

Delete all the plugins which are not in use or you can simply avoid them.

GeneratePress is the recommended theme as it is one of the fastest and loads quickly.


These are the 10 tips every blogger must know before starting a blog. Tips mentioned above as suggested by are proven techniques to get better ranking in search engines.

Also, it is not only about ranking, it is also about finding a loyal audience and retaining them forever. We know now how we can generate good traffic through social media and with email capturing tools, how we can retain them.

Also, we now learned that how we can write the keyword optimize article to write content focused on easy keywords.

Make good use of all these tips.

I wish you good luck in your blogging career.

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