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3 Online Tests For Finding Your Enneagram Number

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What’s the Enneagram? And how do you find my number?

Fundamental essentials two questions I recieve requested most frequently after i tell people about my enthusiasm for that Enneagram-and appropriately so. Despite its acquired recognition recently and also the large number of books, social networking accounts, and podcasts speaking everything Enneagram, it’s still an abstract and curious system for a lot of.

Possibly it is because there’s nobody (right) strategy for finding your Enneagram number it required me several months to uncover mine. Despite taking all of the tests and studying numerous books, I had been never quite certain where I belonged.

I Then took in to some podcast interview by having an Enneagram 4, also it was as though my very own ideas appeared to be spoken aloud. Because the interviewee described their greatest desire (to belong and become understood) as well as their finest fear (insignificance), something clicked. That’s after i understood I’d found my number.

However I might have never orchestrated that moment. I needed to have patience and make use of a number of sources through the journey, and that’s why the Enneagram is not a 1-size-fits-all system. Many people find their number rapidly, while for other people, it’s really a sifting procedure that takes years. Only we all know what our greatest desires and fears are, so we must be truthful with ourselves and appear inward to locate our number. This involves a little bit of work, active participation, intentionality, and also the readiness to visit deep. However the reward is finding our number.

“The Enneagram is really a nine-point number system intended for self-understanding and internal growth.”

Prior to starting your trip, it’s useful to understand the Enneagram is and just what it’s not. To begin with, the Enneagram is not a free online personality test or perhaps a quick typing system. Neither could it be about mottos or memes, as fun as individuals might be-idiosyncrasies don’t reflect our internal wiring.

Rather, the Enneagram is really a nine-point number system (ennea is Greek for nine) intended for self-understanding and internal growth. The origins are debated among experts, but we all know it had been modernized and introduced towards the west by Claudio Naranjo within the 1960s. For the way the figures work (also known as “types”), most teachers believe we obtain our number during childhood which the main fear and need central to every type originate from our earliest encounters. Since the way you think, feel, and communicate with the planet is rooted during these core motivations, finding our type enables us to know ourselves yet others better, ultimately living more mindfully.

Prepared to find your number? To begin, here is a quick snapshot from the nine types using their correlating desire and fear. Make sure to find out more in-depth descriptions here, after which make use of the sources below for more support to find your number.

Type 1: The Reformer Wants to be great fears being defective

Type 2: The Assistant Wants to be loved fears being not worthy

Type 3: The Achiever Wants to be valued fears being useless

Type 4: The Individualist Wants to be understood fears insignificance

Type 5: The Investigator Wants to be capable fears incompetence

Type 6: The Loyalist Desires security fears abandonment

Type 7: The Enthusiast Desires contentment fears discomfort

Type 8: The Challenger Desires control fears being injured

Type 9: The Peacemaker Desires inner stability fears separation

-How To Locate Your Enneagram Number-

Online Enneagram Tests

Unlike other personality surveys and self-identifying tools, learning your Enneagram number isn’t as simple as taking a web-based test-but it’s really a useful place to start your trip. If means allow, I suggest taking several test to check results after which using individuals results like a launch point for more exploration and learning.


Cost Free – $12

Up to now, the Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator is easily the most popular Enneagram test online. With 144 questions, it requires roughly 40 minutes to accomplish using the results scoring your top three Enneagram figures.

There’s additionally a free form of this test. While it is not as comprehensive, it can benefit to suggest you within the right direction.



Cost $10

The Fundamental Enneagram Test is really a paragraph-based test by which users react to nine sentences, selecting those that resonate most. This is actually the online form of laptop computer offered in David Daniels’ book “The Essential Enneagram.” In an affordable cost point, it’s an excellent place to begin your Enneagram journey.



Cost $60 (standard) $120 (pro)

The iEQ9 test has two test options: standard and pro. Both assessments measure your number, subtype, center, wing, and amounts of integration. (You’ll find out more about individuals terms while you join in.) However the pro option takes your results a couple of steps further by evaluating such things as your team tendencies, decision-making style, and training relationship. Both test versions are comprehensive and utilized by Enneagram practitioners all over the world.


Enneagram Books & Podcasts

Now that you’ve got your test results, listed here are a couple of suggested Enneagram books and podcasts for more learning. Comprehensive education is important to understanding your number, and so i encourage you to definitely find out about and pay attention to all nine types, not only those inside your test results. Researching all of the figures is important to discovery as it can certainly frequently be considered a procedure for elimination. Likewise, build relationships a number of books and podcasts, as every teacher may have different things to provide about this journey. Most significantly, attempt to stay open and curious.

Enneagram Coaches, Classes, & Teachers

If means allow, I suggest using a trained Enneagram expert, particularly if you are still battling to recognize your number despite tests and sources. An authorized teacher can show you through much deeper questions and reflection prompts, and they may also explain Enneagram terminology, like triads, wings, and stances.

You are able to use Enneagram teachers online or attend groups and workshops. Furthermore, many therapists are researching the Enneagram and starting to incorporate it to their practice, to even find your counselor is been trained in the work.

But when you are searching for somebody new, listed here are a couple of of my personal favorite Enneagram teachers offering online coaching and video sources:


Choices Type discovery sessions, online workshops, process groups

Through her business, Thin Space Collective, Chichi Agorom offers typing discovery sessions, group workshops, and five-month-lengthy process groups to have an even much deeper knowledge of the Enneagram. Chichi is been trained in The Narrative Enneagram tradition, which prioritizes story and felt encounters.


Choices Embodied Enneagram coaching, group workshops, typing interviews

Abi Robins (they/them) is really a trained yoga counselor and Enneagram teacher going for a holistic method of Enneagram coaching. Through their business, Conscious Enneagram, they provide free consultations and typing interviews additionally to ongoing coaching and group workshops.


Choices Type interviews, Enneagram connection sessions for BIWOC, online meditations, one-on-one coaching, workshops

Jessica Denis Dickson is really a Existence Empowerment Coach offering individual sessions, group training, and half- to full-day workshops. She also hosts Enneagram Connection Sessions for BIWOC, in addition to online meditations and video classes. I suggest beginning together with her Type Interview to assist with finding your Enneagram number.


Choices Pre-recorded online class

Reneé Rosario is really a core faculty person in The Narrative Enneagram, and her pre-recorded web based course features panel representatives from the nine Enneagram types. You will find four classes as a whole on Vimeo (watch a clip here).

Use code THEGOODTRADE for 50% off


Choices Individual coaching, classes on the web

Author of “The Enneagram and also you,” Gina Gomez is definitely an Enneagram coach and company dealing with women to uncover their core values and motivations. She offers coaching sessions, in addition to classes on the web. Also, don’t miss her Enneagram Couple’s Guide, filled with worksheets to higher promote closeness together with your partner.


Choices Type interviews, workshops and panels, coaching for people, couples, and families, corporate training

Evan Barbee believes the Enneagram is “best understood and explored poor a person’s own existence and experience.” After studying using the Enneagram Institute and also the Narrative Enneagram, she now functions as a coach, guiding individuals, couples, and families on their own discovery journeys. She’s even the founding father of ENNEALAB, a Nashville-based group offering panels and workshops to the local people.


Choices Intersectional Enneagram coaching, POC-centered workshops and retreats

An initial-generation Ghanaian lady, Leanette Pokuwaah is definitely an Enneagram author, coach, and teacher assisting to uplift the voices of individuals of color. She offers POC-centered Enneagram workshops, in addition to one-on-one intersectional coaching through Enneastories.


Choices Type discernment and training work

Annie Dimond is definitely an Enneagram teacher and coach residing in the United kingdom. She’s also been trained in The Narrative Enneagram tradition while offering workshops, retreats, and training through Enneagram For Wholeness.

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