Afghanistan justifies its offensive actions against Taliban, because of the recent terrorist attacks

Afghanistan issued a statement saying that it has every legitimate right to take a defensive position against those who are responsible for the recent terrorist attacks in the country. The Afghan government stressed its responsibility to safeguard its people and to stop terrorist attacks here.

Afghanistan defends its offensive against Taliban

The Afghan government has defended its offensive counter terror operation against the Taliban, because of the recent terror attacks that took place in country, claiming 40 lives of innocent people. Afghanistan government issued a statement that it had every right to have a legitimate defensive position against those responsible to keep its people safe and stop terrorist attacks

An official statement said that “Recent terrorist attacks in Afghanistan have widely been condemned by Afghan people and the entire world. In order to keep its people secure and thwart such terrorist attacks, the Afghan government declared its legitimate defensive position against those who claim the responsibilities for such incidents.”

Afghanistan media reported that Russia has reacted to the decision made by Afghanistan government to restart offensive against Taliban. Russia thinks that this decision will halt the process of peace talks in Afghanistan.

The Special Presidential Envoy from Russia for Afghanistan and the Director of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Second Asia Department Zamir Kabulov told that President Ghani’s order to launch an offensive against the Taliban (outlawed in Russia) and the suspension of the release of Taliban prisoners will halt the process of launching intra-Afghan negotiations. Afghanistan has not agreed with Kabulov’s remark.

A statement issued by Afghanistan’s Ministry of Foreign Ministry reads “Undoubtedly, any country who would face such attacks ending with the martyrdom of infants and mothers, would take the same position. In fact, the Afghan government has made its best efforts for bringing sustainable peace and would continue its efforts.”

Another statement said that the Afghanistan government took an initiative and developed a peace plan. Ceasefire during the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, immediate commencement of intra-Afghan talks and prisoners release from both sides were clearly mentioned in the plan.

This proposal was shared by the Afghan government with the Taliban. It was also shared with its regional and international allies also. This proposal wa firmly endorsed by all neighbours and regional and international colleagues. But Taliban failed to give any positive response to this proposal. If Taliban would have given any positive response to this proposal, such terrorist attacks, who se ever did it, could have been definitely averted.

Russia and China and so many other countries have widely supported the peace process between America and the Taliban. Russia hopes to take a lead role in this peace process with the Taliban. It is to counter US influence in this region in future. Russia has hosted so many meetings with the Taliban and with the representative of Afghanistan government.

China is hopeful that peace in this region will bring a positive change and it will be able to serve its economic interests.

Indian Security expert believes that Pakistan has a deep connection with the Taliban. It also believes that Pakistan will use its connection with Taliban to minimise India’s influence in Afghanistan.