Are You Ready for the Upcoming Homecoming?

It can be overwhelming to choose an outfit for a certain occasion. Various styles are specific for different events. Homecoming is also one of them that needs a suitable dress code to follow. Most girls can’t differentiate between a homecoming or a prom party dress. Plus, the homecoming event is less formal than the prom as it is held on school grounds. Are you ready for the upcoming homecoming? If not, then in this article, we will cover every aspect of a perfect homecoming dress. Let’s dive in.


What should you wear at the upcoming homecoming?

Sticking to the dress code:

The school still expects students to abide by certain rules in homecoming, like wearing skirts of a specific length or avoid wearing shoulderless dresses. Whether you agree with the rules or not, keep the dress code in mind before shopping for any homecoming outfit. Otherwise, getting sent home will put a real damper on the evening.

Define a budget:

Ask your parent about how much they are willing to give you for shopping. Calculate your savings for a special occasion. Here can also get perfect Homecoming dresses at an affordable price.

Choose an applauding color:

Choose a color that flatters your skin tone. If you have a dark skin tone, choose shades like fuchsia, coral, shock red, and white. If your skin tone is fair, then opt for golden, green, purple, and pink.

Choose the best material:

Your selected style is available in a wide range of materials. A comfortable material like chiffon and silk is considered to be the best for homecoming. Silk not only feels soft but also looks exceptionally luxurious. In contrast, chiffon is an ideal light in weight material.

Choose a style that shows your perfect assets and feels comfy:

Figure out a style. It might be glam, edgy, romantic, boho or mashup. Your style should be a smart option that shows your personality and promote your best features.

If you want to show your body curve, then choose a bodycon style. A skater dress also emphasizes your waist. In love with your arms, then choose any halter neck dress, one-shoulder style, strapless or sleeveless style. A backless and plunging style perfect for showing off your beautiful back. An A-line dress with wide straps is suitable for girls having athletic shoulders. Short girls look taller in empire-waist dresses as they have seemed beneath the bust. Avoid wearing too loose and too tight homecoming outfits.

Choose Accessories for your dress:

Accessories add an extra bit more glam to your homecoming outfit. Wear some jewelry with your plain dress. Otherwise, carry a clutch or a shoulder bag that looks lovely. You will look amazing with the right pair of high heels. Choose a light but classy wristlet that coordinates with your dress. Opt for makeup or a hairstyle that enhances your perfect features.

Things that you should avoid doing upcoming homecoming:

Avoid wearing dresses that are too long and too short. Homecoming is not a prom, so it looks silly to wear long barbie gowns. Plus, too short dresses can also be inappropriate to wear. Be careful. It’s just a school dance party Afterall.

Also, be wise to choose your dress material. A mesh fabric can cause a serious wardrobe malfunction. Perhaps a thick material can create overheating while dancing. Pay attention to your dress color. Lights color will show marks of sweating that can be embarrassing. Don’t be the girl who wear heels to get tall while dancing. High heels can puncture people’s feet.

To sum up:

girls prefer to wear short homecoming dresses as long dresses are reserved for prom parties. But the vital thing to remember is knowing your body type. Not every girl looks great in the same dress. Lastly, choose a comfortable dress as the dance last a couple of hours. Discuss your style with a friend and enjoy yourself.