Asia Today: S. Korea reports 950 cases, biggest daily jump

Asia Today: S. Korea reports 950 cases, biggest daily jump

SEOUL, Columbia (AP) – Columbia has reported 950 new coronavirus cases, its largest daily increase since the emergence in the pandemic, as fears grow about overwhelmed hospitals inside the greater capital area.

The figures released Saturday introduced the country’s caseload to 41,736, after medical officials added more than 8,900 cases in the last 15 days alone. Six COVID-19 patients died formerly 24 hrs to produce the dying toll to 578.

Nearly 680 in the new cases originated in the densely populated Seoul metropolitan area, where health workers have battled to follow transmissions appearing from everywhere, including hospitals, extended-term care facilities, restaurants, saunas, schools and army units.

Infections were also reported in other major towns, including Busan, Gwangju, Daejeon, Ulsan and Daegu, a southeastern city that was the epicenter in the spring outbreak.

The us government had eased its social distancing limitations for the least expensive tier in October despite experts warning of a viral surge during cooler weather, when folks spend longer hrs inside.

Officials restored some limitations in recent days, for instance shutting nightclubs and allowing restaurants to provide only deliveries and takeouts after 9 p.m., and is built to clamp lower on business activities further.

Pm Chung Sye-kyun mentioned Columbia may need to elevate social distancing limitations for the finest level, having a ban on gatherings more than 10 people, school closures, a halt to to professional sports and requiring companies to own a lot of their workers work from home.

President Moon Jae-in in the Facebook message apologized for his government’s failure to support the outbreak despite several days of measures that hurt the economy. He pleaded for vigilance, saying the country was coping with its “last crisis before the look of vaccines and treatment.”

Medical officials may also be trying to increase testing and prevent herpes from being spread by people with mild or no signs and signs and symptoms.

From Monday, rapid antigen tests at emergency rooms, intensive care units and remote hospitals will probably be trained in national medical insurance, which might cost recipients 8,000 won ($7) each.

Antigen tests and yet another kind of rapid testing based on saliva samples can also be offered by designated sites inside the capital area free of charge and regardless whether folks are symptomatic.

The country might also deploy more than 800 police officials, troops and civil servants to assist contact tracing.

In other developments in the region:

Tokyo, japan, japan reported 621 new coronavirus cases Saturday, setting a completely new record inside the capital where not enough government measures triggered concerns of a surge during christmas. Nationwide, Japan reported as much as 174,000 cases, a couple of,500 deaths. Experts around the Tokyo, japan, japan metropolitan task pressure say serious cases are rising, putting burdens on hospitals and forcing many of them to reduce on take proper care of other patients. Japan issued a non-binding condition of emergency in the year and contains survived earlier infection peaks without any lockdown. The coronavirus task pressure on Friday requested the country’s government to think about tougher steps to slow social and economic activities, for instance suspension of out-of-town journeys and requesting shorter business hrs in locations that infections are accelerating. Latest data signifies that ongoing measures are actually ineffective as well as the situation could worsen during christmas.

– Nz as well as the Prepare Islands say they plan to experience a travel bubble in place early next season, that will permit visitors to fly forward and backward countries without entering quarantine. The arrangement would represent the initial travel bubble that Nz has made the decision to since closing its borders when the coronavirus first hit taken. Nz has moved cautiously on restarting worldwide travel after rubber rubber stamping out community spread in the virus. Australia is presently allowing many New Zealanders to achieve without entering quarantine however that arrangement isn’t yet reciprocal. The Prepare Islands, getting a population of virtually 10,000, is self-governing but has partners to Nz within free-association arrangement, which is economy depends upon Nz vacationers.