Brazilian skateboarder Gui Khury, 11, lands 1080 on vert ramp

Not really Tony Hawk themself pulled that one off.

Graphical user interface Khury, an 11-year-old from South america, arrived a 1080 over the past weekend and published it to his Instagram.

Brazilian skateboarder Gui Khury

A 1080 – three complete revolutions in mid-air – is among the rarest moves in skateboarding, also it usually favors the youth. Tom Schaar grew to become the very first rider to land a 1080 this year at 12, but used a mega ramp, which enables riders to soar greater in mid-air and enables for additional time for you to complete the turns.

Khury, however, needed merely a standard vertical ramp to accomplish his task. He sent the recording to his favorite skaters, including Hawk.

Hawk, at 31, completed the very first 900 nearly 2 decades ago.

Khury’s father, Ricardo Khury Filho, told Reuters the coronavirus pandemic that closed schools in South america permitted him to concentrate more about skating, as his training facility continued to be open.

“He’s an chance to coach here, if he didn’t have (the skate facilities) … he’d be stuck in your own home like everybody else and not able to complete sport,” his father stated. “Therefore the isolation helped him focus.”

Skateboarding will debut in the Tokyo, japan Olympic games the coming year, although vert won’t be among the occasions the 2 groups is going to be street and park.