Cong leader Sudhir Sharma accuses Centre of hiding the extent of Covid-19 spread

All India Congress Committee (AICC) secretary and former Himachal minister Sudhir Sharma on Saturday accused the Centre of misleading the general public on extent of Covid-19 spread.

Cong leader Sudhir Sharma accuses Centre

Sharma alleged that the Centre has been continuously denying that community spread had begun.

“However, the number of cases indicates the contrary. Government entities is peddling false aspire to the general public, ” Sharma said.

“With around1 and 74,000 cases and around 4,900 deaths in the united states, it can be inconceivable that there is no community spread,” he was quoted saying, adding which it was better to arrange for the worst and hope for the best.

He was quoted saying individuals were never going to trust government entities.

If the Union government had blueprint ready for tackling Covid-19 once the lockdown ends, the Congress leader asked.

He stated based on experts, both from India and abroad, the number of cases were rapidly increasing and could be needed to peak in July, meaning the curve was very likely to extend till September.

“And you have the chance of a 2nd wave in the winter,” he explained.

“As per these experts, in the course of early July (or even earlier) our overall health infrastructure will completely breakdown, which in simple terms mean hospitals in many cities and places will exhaust your beds to help remedy Covid-19 patients,” Sharma said.

Sharma said the four lockdowns, which lasted 69 days, neglected to combat the onslaught in the deadly virus.

He warned that no vaccines is going to be available till early the new year: “If our company is not prepared, we could lose this battle from the virus,” he said.


He demanded that MGNREGA be extended harvesting and other agricultural activities.

This can serve dual purpose-people who are away from jobs will get work and the farmers who definitely are struggling to find labour for harvesting will get help.

“The Union government should work on a national program which offers ration to each and every citizen without or with a ration card, for at least six months, which happens to be easily achievable given our ample stock of food grains,” Sharma said.

The Centre should prioritise activities that will allow the economy to recuperate. Allow freedom of motion for work including public transport but ban mass cultural, religious and social gatherings for the upcoming several months, he said.

“We understand that the virus spreads with or without a lockdown. But we cannot fight the Covid-19 virus before eating any breakfast,” he explained.