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Fix Outlook Cannot Synchronize Subscribed Folders Error

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Would you facing Outlook cannot synchronize subscribed folders issues? This information will assist you to solve the issue. In the following paragraphs, we describe different ways to repair the mistake message together with various causes of the issue.

Microsoft Outlook is among the prominent email clients that provide exclusive features to the users. It will help these to manage multiple email options in one email client. Also, it offers features like calendars, contacts, tasks, occasions, etc. Each one of these characteristics of Microsoft Outlook result in the software incomparable.

While using the Microsoft Outlook, you might face several issues. One particular issue that lots of users face is synchronizing errors. You are able to resolve the issue by using various methods. Before learning individuals techniques, you’ll know the reason why for that problem.

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Why Outlook Stuck on Synchronizing Subscribed Folders?

The initial step to repair any difficulty is to discover the main reason for the problem. It can help you evaluate the mistake, and you will discover the perfect solution. The primary reasons Outlook cannot synchronize subscribed folders are highlighted below:

The mistake arises because Outlook synchronizes only headers elements and never the e-mail attachments. The headers represent the required information associated with the e-mail. Also, sometimes the firewall causes the synchronization error in Outlook.

One more reason is the fact that some background processes are disturbing Microsoft Outlook. So, they don’t permit the email client to do the required operations. It results in the mistake message appearing on screen.

Sometimes, the cannot synchronize subscribed folders Outlook 2010 error message seems on screen due to improper configuration settings. When the server isn’t configured to synchronize data, it’ll display error messages.

After researching the reason why for that error messages, let’s proceed to our next thing: Techniques to fix Outlook synchronizing folders issue.

How you can Fix Outlook Cannot Synchronize Subscribed Folders Error?

Anybody can deal with the problem by adopting various methods. You will find mainly two strategies to solve the issue. The very first technique is the manual method through which you’ll resolve the problem without needing additional software. The most crucial factor is you should produce a backup of the mailbox data which you can use if needed. You could think, ‘How lengthy will it take Outlook to synchronize folders?’ but all of the methods described here are fast and efficient to solve the synchronizing subscribed folders and permit you to use Outlook effectively.

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1. Take away the IMAP Account and Add it Again

The very first factor you can test to repair the Outlook cannot synchronize subscribed folders concern is to get rid of the e-mail account from Outlook and add it once more. It’ll delete all of the previous data and make new files for the mailbox products.

Take away the Email Account

Open Microsoft Outlook and then click the File button within the menu bar.

How do you fix synchronizing folders?

Choose Account Settings after which choose the Account Settings option in the list.

Account settings in MS Outlook

Choose the preferred email account and press the Remove button in the list.

Exactly why is my Outlook stuck on synchronizing subscribed folders?

It’ll delete all of the previous data associated with that email ID.

Add some IMAP Email Account

Start Microsoft Outlook and then click the File tab.

Press the Add Account button, along with a new window can get opened up.

Complete the required IMAP account details like current email address, password, outgoing and incoming server, etc.

Then, proceed further by pressing the following button.

It’ll set your email account to Outlook.

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2. Run Clean boot in Home windows

If users aren’t getting any improvements in the above method, they are able to execute a clean boot on home windows. It’s another way to solve the synchronization issue in Microsoft Outlook. This process is appropriate when some background processes are hindering the machine home windows. Consequently, Outlook cannot synchronize subscribed folders.

Stick to the steps below to operate Home windows in clean boot.

Start the machine as administrator and press Win R to spread out the run command dialogue box.

Type msconfig and then click the OK button. It’ll open the machine Configuration Wizard.

fix outlook folder issue by msconfig cmd

Click the Service tab and appearance to cover all Microsoft Services. Press the Disable all button.

Outlook cannot synchronize subscribed folders

Next, pick the Startup tab and then click outdoors Task Manager option.

Outlook cannot synchronize subscribed folders Cox

The Job Manager can get opened up. Choose the program that you would like to prevent and disable them.

Next, shut lower the machine and restart it again.

Install Microsoft Outlook again and hang your email account.

It’ll fix the Outlook Synchronize subscribed folder issue. When the problem persists after performing all of the above procedures, the main cause might be corrupt PST files. You can’t fix the problem by manual method once the Outlook documents get corrupted. You’ll need a professional means to fix repair the files and resolve the Outlook cannot synchronize subscribed folders.

Resolve Outlook Synchronizing Subscribed Folders Issue Instantly

Outlook PST Repair Tool is really a full-featured software that repairs broken and corrupted PST files effortlessly. The program offers various features to facilitate the procedure. You should use the program with no technical understanding since the Graphical user interface is straightforward. When the Outlook synchronizing subscribed folders issue arises due to corrupt PST files, miracle traffic bot may be the fast and efficient method to resolve the problem.

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The content explains the primary causes of the Outlook cannot synchronize subscribed folders cox error and the best way to repair the problem. You are able to adopt any method according to your requirement. However, when the issue arises due to the corrupted PST files, you need to use PST Repair software to correct the Outlook documents. Also, miracle traffic bot is definitely an outstanding tool that can help you recover the Outlook PST products. Thank you for studying your blog!

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