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How to Fix Outlook Security Certificate Error

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This information will show you regarding how to fix Outlook Security Certificate Error. Additionally, it explains the primary causes of the problem because, before resolving any error, you must understand its causes.

The safety error in Outlook arises when you’re trying to connect with an insecure email server. A note seems on screen showing the Outlook error the server you’re linked to is applying a burglar certificate that can’t be verified.

outlook certificate error

The mistake arises because of several causes. So, let’s learn all of them.

Causes Of Outlook Security Certificate Error

Probably the most prominent reason behind the mistake may be the invalid security certificate. The e-mail server must have a legitimate security certificate. Otherwise, whenever you attempt to connect Outlook to that particular server, the mistake message will appear on screen as well as your Outlook cannot connect with Network.

Incorrect time and date also make the security certificate error Outlook. Every security certificate comes with an expiry date. Once the date is wrong and exceeds the validity from the certificate, Outlook displays the mistake message.

Every server includes a particular certificate assigned because of its website name. When the Isp (ISP) changes the website name, they’ll also update it within the certificate. So, while using old website name also results in Outlook security certificate errors.

Another situation for that Outlook error message happens when one enters the incorrect hostname. While adding a brand new email account in Outlook, you can examine if the hostname is true or otherwise. The wrong hostname doesn’t let it set up a link between the server and email client.

How Do You Fix a burglar Certificate Error in Outlook

After understanding the reasons, become familiar with how you can disable security certificate warning in Outlook 2016. You are able to fix the mistake by utilizing various manual techniques. Although manual steps are simple and easy , effective, you’ll want the fundamental technical understanding to do them. You don’t need any extra software to repair the mistake message. Following would be the techniques to resolve the Outlook certificate issue or fix the Outlook error.

1. Verify the Certificate Name

The very first factor you could do is to check on whether the specific certificate and also the mail server is identical or otherwise. For creating an association between your mail server and email client, it’s important to possess the specific mail server around the security certificate.

Stick to the steps to ensure the name around the certificate.

Because the Outlook security certificate error seems, click View Certificate.

Choose the Issued to mention option and appearance if the name around the certificate is equivalent to the mail server.

If both won’t be the same, change it out after which restart the applying.

Note: In situation the certificate has multiple names, you can test every hostname one at a time. If not one of them is suitable, speak to your Isp for that correct mail server.

2. Use Website Name of the Hosting as Mail Server

The hosting providers host a lot of domains. Within the situation of shared web hosting, they offer exactly the same server for a number of domains. So, the safety issue arises since these website hosts don’t renew the SSL certificate for each domain. They merely expend the certificate for his or her website name.

So, it’s appropriate to make use of the website name of the webhost rather of the website name because the mail server.

For instance- “” rather of “”

3. Use Unsecure Port

In places like universities, colleges, companies, etc., they block many popular mail servers. They block POP 995, IMAP 993, and SMTP 465 for many security reasons. So, you should use the non-SSL ports since they’re not blocked. The non-secure ports are vulnerable to data thievery. However, they likewise have some security parameters. Listed here are the non-SSL ports.

POP 110

IMAP 143

SMTP 587

4. Alter the Outgoing SMTP Port

Due to spamming, some Isps block the SMTP port 25. Therefore, you have to alter the server from 25 with a other port. By doing this, you are able to fix the Outlook security certificate error. Stick to the steps below.

Open MS Outlook and then click the File option.

Pick the Info tab after which click the Account Settings icon.

outlook account settings

Next, choose the Account Settings option in the list.

account settings in Outlook

Select your email account and press Change.

Now, click the More Settings option and visit the Advanced tab.

change account settings in outlook

Alter the Outgoing SMTP port and click on Alright to save the modification.

smtp settings in outlook

Notes: If you’re installing a burglar certificate, choose merely a custom security certificate or perhaps a certificate assigned only for the mail server.

Sometimes, the safety certificate warning in Microsoft Outlook occurs because of corrupted PST files. You are able to repair documents using scanpst.exe, but it’s not really a reliable and permanent solution. It may only fix minor issues. So, you’ll want a sophisticated option to resolve the issue.

Automatic Approach to Fix the problem

The Outlook PST Repair Tool is really a comprehensive software for repairing broken and corrupted PST files. It may fix complicated issues within the Outlook computer file and resolve the Outlook security certificate errors. This process is definitely an automatic solution for that Outlook error, which is a quick and efficient method to fix the Outlook 2016 certificate error.

download PST Repair tool


Thank you for studying the entire article. Hopefully, it clarified all of your questions, and also you learned how you can fix the Outlook security certificate error. The manual steps are easy but don’t make sure the removal of the mistake. Also, when the error arises because of corrupt PST files, the manual technique can’t repair it. The easiest way is by using third-party software like Outlook PST Repair Tool a sophisticated means to fix repair the corrupted PST files and resolve different Outlook error messages. Thank you for studying this short article. For that latest Outlook realted updates visit this MSOutlook Help Blog regularly.

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