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Golden Bachelor Final 3 Contestants: Which of the Final 3 Contestants Will He Choose?

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Golden Bachelor Final 3 Contestants

If you’re a fan of reality dating shows and are curious about the latest happenings on “The Golden Bachelor,” you’re in for a treat. In this senior dating reality series, Gerry Turner, a 71-year-old widower, is on a quest to find love among a group of senior contestants. We’ll delve into the details and discover who could potentially win Gerry’s heart in this exciting journey.

The Final Three Contestants

In “The Golden Bachelor,” Gerry Turner had the difficult task of narrowing down his choices from six contestants to just three during episode five. The final three contestants who have made it this far are Leslie Fhima, Theresa Nist, and Faith Martin. These three women are about to embark on hometown dates with Gerry. However, it’s worth noting that Faith is expected to be eliminated before the finale.

This turn of events leaves us with Leslie and Theresa as the last two women vying for Gerry’s heart. As for who will ultimately win Gerry’s affection and if there will be an engagement, that remains uncertain. Even the well-known Bachelor spoiler, Reality Steve, hasn’t provided clear information on this. So, to find out how Gerry’s journey unfolds and who he chooses, viewers will have to tune in to the show.

“The Golden Bachelor” – A Unique Dating Experience

“The Golden Bachelor” is not your typical dating reality show. It made its debut on September 28, 2023, and is aired on ABC. What sets this series apart is that it’s a senior version of “The Bachelor.” The star of this show, Gerry Turner, is a 72-year-old man from Hudson, Indiana. He used to own a restaurant but is now enjoying his retirement. Sadly, Gerry lost his wife after being married for a long time.

Gerry’s quest for love takes center stage in this series. While it follows the classic dating reality show formula, it has a unique twist – all the contestants are seniors. This adds an interesting dynamic and a fresh perspective to the dating show landscape, making it an engaging watch for viewers of all ages.

The Grand Finale Date

Fans of “The Golden Bachelor” are eagerly awaiting the grand finale of the show. The anticipated date for the finale of “The Golden Bachelor” season 1 is November 16, 2023. The show features Gerry Turner, a widower who is on a journey to find love after losing his wife of over 40 years in 2017. While the exact date hasn’t been officially confirmed, it’s expected to air in mid-November.

In the lead-up to the finale, the remaining episodes of the season will air, following the pattern of previous Bachelor shows. Similar to other Bachelor season finales, “The Golden Bachelor” finale may also include a live special, adding extra excitement and anticipation for the show’s fans. Everyone is eager to see who Gerry will choose as his life partner and whether he can find lasting love after his profound loss.

Stay tuned for more updates and exciting developments as we get closer to the grand finale of “The Golden Bachelor.”

The Golden Bachelor Contestants




Faith Martin 61 Benton City, WA
Leslie Fhima 64 Golden Valley, MN
Theresa Nist 70 Shrewsbury, NJ
Ellen Goltzer 71 Delray Beach, FL
Sandra Mason 75 Doraville, GA
Susan Noles 66 Aston, PA
April Kirkwood 65 Port St. Lucie, FL
Kathy Swarts 70 Austin, TX
Nancy Hulkower 60 Alexandria, VA
Christina Kempton 73 Sierra Madre, CA
Edith Aguirre 60 Downey, CA
Joan Vassos 60 Rockville, MD
Jeanie Howard 65 Estill Springs, TN
Natascha Hardee 60 New York City, NY
Peggy Dercole 69 East Haven, CT
Marina Perera 60 Los Angeles, CA
Anna Zalk 61 Summit, NJ
Maria Trice 60 Teaneck, NJ
Pamela Burns 75 Aurora, IL
Patty James 70 Raleigh, NC
Renee Halverson-Wright 67 Middleton, WI
Sylvia Robledo 64 Los Angeles, CA


“The Golden Bachelor” has taken the dating reality show concept to new heights with its senior contestants and the heartwarming journey of Gerry Turner. The final three contestants have been revealed, and the race for Gerry’s heart is on. With the finale date approaching, fans of the show are buzzing with anticipation. Be sure to mark your calendars for November 16, 2023, and join in on the excitement as we discover who will capture Gerry’s heart and if there’s a happy ending in store.

Golden Bachelor Final 3 Contestants – FAQs

1. Who are the final three contestants on “The Golden Bachelor”?

The final three contestants are Leslie Fhima, Theresa Nist, and Faith Martin, though Faith is expected to be eliminated before the finale.

2. What is “The Golden Bachelor” Season 1 about?

“The Golden Bachelor” Season 1 is a dating reality show that follows Gerry Turner, a widower, in his quest to find love among a group of senior citizens.

3. Who is Gerry Turner?

Gerry Turner is a 72-year-old retired restauranteur and widower from Hudson, Indiana, who lost his wife after 40 years of marriage.

4. When does “The Golden Bachelor” Season 1 finale air?

The exact date of the finale has not been officially confirmed, but it is expected to air around November 16, 2023.

5. Will there be a live special for the “Golden Bachelor” finale?

It is likely that the “Golden Bachelor” Season 1 finale will include a live special, similar to the tradition of “The Bachelor” season finales.

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