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Google DSAs and Landing pages with Google Optimize Query

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If you have spent a lot of time in the digital space promoting your products, then I am sure that you will know about the Google dynamic search ads and Landing pages with Optimize query. In case you do not know, you are in the right place! Here in this post, we will discuss it and let you know what all the chaos is about.

What are Dynamic search ads?

According to PPCexpo, dynamic search ads (DSAs) are the search ads that show ads based on the kind of content of your site. Google gets deep inside your site and closely matches all the terms that are closely related to the content of your website. From that point, the headline and the landing pages are dynamically generated to match the search term.

How do the dynamic search ads work?

In order to utilize the service of dynamic search ads, the PPC managers must first specify the group of URLs from their site that Google can afterward use as source content for your dynamic ad searches. As already told above, Google will scan these pages and also take into consideration the content that is being used whatever the user enters a search query.

During this scan, if any of the matches occur, Google will automatically select the page for the specific kind of query, and it will also generate a headline for the advertisement using the content from your web pages.

NOTE- As I have already said above, Google scans your website, its content, and pulls out all the ad content from the page, so make sure to add all the major keywords and phrases throughout the site to make the most out of the Google dynamic search ads.

Who should use Google Dynamic search ads?

If you have a wide variety of products to showcase and landing pages on your website, it is a great idea to use dynamic search ads. It is much better than creating ads manually for each and every product.

However, dynamic search engines are only great for big businesses where there are too many products to showcase. A smaller business with a static content Google Dynamic search is not needed. Having that said, Google dynamic search ads are always a great option in order to promote the brand, so it is something that you must give a try to.

Benefits of Google dynamic search ads

I am sure you must be curious what the benefits of Google dynamic search ads are? Here you go:

  • A dynamic search campaign can drive a huge amount of traffic to your site if you insert the right keywords in the content.
  • They end up saving up a lot of time.
  • It will help you display relevant ads to the user.
  • They display ads based on the URL.
  • They display ads based on your keywords and the content of the site in order to make you gain a huge amount of traffic.

What is Google Optimize?

It can be called a free software that will give you a demo of the fact that how effective are your landing pages and how much impact does it have on the user who is clicking on them. Now, you must be thinking, what exactly is the work of Google optimize? Well, it is a tool that is used to optimize the content of your site. This service is integrated along with Google Analytics and Ad words. It helps in testing the landing pages easier and also makes the entire process less time consuming.

If you want to increase the engagement and traffic on your website, then Google optimize is a must try.

Google optimize service enables you to:

  • Add and hide many of the changes made to various pages like visuals, texts, buttons, etc.
  • Compare various landing pages.
  • Test landing pages much quicker.

Why is Google optimize more effectively than other competitive analysis tools? 

Now you must be thinking about what the hype is and how it does a better job than others.

Here are they:

  • Google optimize offers the users to test the landing pages like A/B tests and free of cost.
  • The visual editor option of Google optimize allows you to create various altered variants of the landing pages by simply clicking the edit button.
  • It gives you a better and more personalized kind of experience with the customer. It is great indeed as it will lead to more engagement in your website.
  • It will allow you to see how the changes that you have made in the site work in or against your favor.
  • You can get a demo of various kinds of changes before you actually go for it. In other words, you can run different kinds of experiments.

How to test landing pages with Google optimize?

The team of certification globe has compiled the following points so that you can test the optimizing of the landing pages of Google:

  • Step 1: Create a Google Analytics account.
  • Step 2: Install the Google Analytics snippet to your site.
  • Step 3: Use the Chrome web browser in order to get access to the website of Google optimize.
  • Step 4: Create the required modification.
  • Step 5: Create the Google optimize account.

How to use Google optimize in a better way?

  • Target the pages that have a huge amount of traffic. There is no use to experiment on a page that has no traffic. So, try it out on most sites that are on the first page of Google as it has 80% traffic.
  • Test on the things that are of similar nature, but make sure to modify them to encourage the traffic to visit the website.
  • Please do not make any mid-test changes as it will not give a devastating result; you will not like it.


So, now you know all about Google dynamic search and optimization in order to increase the traffic on your website. So, what are you waiting for? Try these tools today. Good Luck!

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